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Chapter 37

I was blank. I wanted to ask so many questions about my parents, yet I was speechless.

Someone wiped the tears on my face that rolled on its own. I didn’t bother to look who it was.

All this while I thought my parents died in an accident and now... I was the reason for their death?

If it was not for me then they would have been still living happily. I know that there’s no point in blaming me but the sudden information was more than I could take. Past is past they say, but the most painful thing for humans is remembering the past again. Only if I had the ability to reverse the clock I would have sacrificed myself for them to be together. It was better if I was never born.

“It’s ok.” Cole whispered rubbing circles on my palm. It did not give me any comfort at all as my mind burned with too many what ifs? What wrong did they do other than loving me?

As I was young I have asked my parents the reason for why they left me. I blamed them for not driving carefully and leaving me behind. Only if I knew? Only if someone told me?

When I looked around everyone had teary eyes including Ryan. He was unable to look at me straight which made me guiltier. Does the flashback change everything between us? Will he avoid me thinking that I am the reason for his favorite people’s death?

And moreover I missed them. I wanted to at least see them for once. Now that I knew I had two loving parents, it’s making me crave for their presence. I am ready to give up anything if I could get a moment with them. Just to say that I am thankful for gifting me my life and to tell that I love them and I miss them.

I excused myself and went directly to the washroom. Without bothering to lock the door I sat on the floor and let out everything I was holding for eighteen years. I have cried hysterically before but they are nothing compared to how am crying now.

Though I covered my mouth with both palms, sobs and little hiccups were still heard.

I crawled up on the floor until someone held me tightly. The familiar cologne and warmth bought a little soothing feeling inside.

“I am sorry. I am... so sorry.”

I know Ryan was sad dig upping the past but why was he apologizing to me. Shouldn’t I be doing that?

“I know you hate me now.”

Wait.... what??

“I should have broken the door before. I should have tried my maximum to help them. I am sorry for being a useless.”

I let out another sob, this time thanking my stars for giving him.

“I couldn’t even look at your face scared of how much hatred I have to witness in them. The guilt is really killing me Atty. only if I could.....”

I closed his mouth with my wet palms and stared directly into his eyes. And it broke my heart seeing how much he is suffering, just like me.

“I love you.” Was all I could say?

I don’t think I have said this to him before and his face confirmed my doubt.

All his sorrows were transformed into surprise.

“Are you serious? After everything I have done to you?”

“Yes after everything you have done to me, this is the least I can do for you. You are not to be blamed Ryan. That was fate.

I miss them. But whatever happened, happened for a reason. Who are we change the past? Everything’s decided and we are no one to alter our future.”

The words were not only meant for him but for me also. And I was right. Everything happened for a reason.

“I love you.” Ryan hugged me till I went breathless. Not that I complain. In fact what I really wanted now was this. I have never experienced what love is, but now I know I will, for the rest of my life.

After some time we exited the washroom and saw everyone in their place except Sid and Helena.

As if sensing my curious eyes James smiled “you are not the only person to learn the truth.”

Shit... how can I forget.

Sid... him loving Helena.... the stupid rule.

Everything crossed my mind.

“All okay?”

“Never better” Cole said and side hugged me like a protective brother.

I mouthed a ‘thank you’ to him. To which he responded with a nod. He knew what I meant.

“I understood the Future Fire Goddess part but Dark shape shifters are still confusion.”

How the hell can I forget that...?

Guess James’s more interested in my life than me.

“Oh that was a mistake. Her power had problems coping up with mine. And when both of it emerged, the dark creatures started to take form. I didn’t know until Ryan told that Atty was surrounded with green smoke. I knew instantly what it was and regretted for not knowing it before.

As Atty grew stronger each day after her heart being injured, the creatures started to take shapes.

I used my best spells to keep them away from Atty, but it only lasts till she becomes eighteen. As Ryan happened to be her mate, he could control them but cannot lead them.”

She turned to look at me with complete seriousness.

“All these years you were unknown about your own purpose of living but now I guess you know how important you are. We have limited time Atty. but within this period I want you to master your powers. You should immediately start learning to control the Shape Shifters. They are going to be our great asset while fighting Asmodius. We have to kill him and his son.”

If it was before I would have started to think negatively but right now my blood was boiling.... to avenge my parents.... And I will destroy this Asmodius no matter what.


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