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Chapter 38

“I don’t think I can do this.”

I said collapsing on the cold floor, my feet giving up at last.

“You have just started dear.”

Ignacia smiled at me like I am a kid protesting against walking for the first time.

“But whatever I do, I can’t concentrate enough to bring the dark creatures.” I said whining.

Yes... That’s exactly what we are doing right now. Polishing my powers, at least that’s what Ryan said.

After settling all the emotions and eruptions, Ignacia excused us and took me further down to a basement through another set of hidden stairs.

I wonder how many floors are here.

The place was simply lit with lanterns and not even a single light could penetrate from outside. The basement was free from any furniture’s and pictures/paintings. It was much cooler down here, which I am not at all complaining. I am getting really hot nowadays.

She asked me to concentrate on communicating with the shifters, in which I am miserably failing.

“Just try to focus Atty.”

I sighed nodding and got back to my feet.

After closing my eyes and relaxing my hands, I focused on the green untidy creature.

My head started to pound like hell and I had the sudden sensation of drowning.

The more I focused the more I suffocated.

Knowing that I could hold no longer, I gave up.

This time Ignacia caught me before falling.

“Take some rest dear.” Concern etched in her voice. Why am I so weak?

I slowly sat down resting my head on her lap. The position was really comforting.

“I won’t be of any good if continued like this right?”

How will I be able to avenge my parents when I can’t even properly concentrate on one thing?

“You are good on your own kid.” She said massaging my head.

Silence stretched between us.

“You are not the only victim of Asmodius. You know that?”

Yes I know. After all an evil monster like him will not stop with few murders, but I did not voice my thought, instead responded with a nod.

I was tired even to speak.

“James’s was worst.”

That caught my attention.

“What happened to him?”

I sat straight now, long forgetting my tiredness. I had asked him once, but his response was really bad. So I guessed it was something terrible.

Of course it would be terrible; it’s Asmodius we are talking about.

“It’s not my place to tell. But I don’t think he’ll be ever able to narrate you the whole story. So I am taking this for granted.”

I moved closer to her.

Ignacia took a long breath...

“James was never like this before. He was the perfect gentleman one could ever find. But he was against the council and all, so got banished from our city along with his wife.”

“James is married?”

I never knew that. I haven’t seen a single picture of her’s in that whole house.

“He was. When your parents were forced to separate on that Halloween day, James and Carmen were the only citizens who were against the council’s order. And that brought quite a few attentions.

The council was furious and asked them to leave the city. They were more than happy to move out from there, reasoning themselves that it was better to live in a place where they valued love.

Carmen was soon pregnant with quadruplets. Vampires are slow in aging, so their carriage time is two years. The kids were real jewels. Three girls and a single boy. James and Carmen loved their children more than themselves.

Few years before your parents eloped, Asmodius found an interest in Carmen. He continuously communicated her through dreams. She didn’t say anything to James, afraid of his reaction.

Carmen knew that James would never last a chance against Asmodius. She tried to avoid him by giving up sleep. But it was impossible. Each time she doze off, Asmodius would appear threatening to kill James and the kids.

When she could take no more, Carmen attempted suicide by burning herself while James was away. She locked herself in a room away from the nursery. But the fire engulfed the whole house.

When James returned all he saw was ashes of his family. It broke his heart into million pieces.

Not even knowing how it happened he grieved for a whole month.

He thought it was the council and decided to encounter them. It resulted in a big fight between Ryan and James.

James lost the battle and knocked on my door one night covered in blood. Through my powers I was able to know what went wrong with Carmen.

James was hysterical after hearing everything. He tried to kill himself but was saved by Raphael, who saw him with a knife one day, in his burned house.

James blamed himself for letting Carmen suffer everything alone. He felt like a terrible father.

His depression was soon followed by hatred and vengeance. He waited all these years for a perfect opportunity to strike Asmodius. And this was the best. That’s why he built that hide out and offered help to Ryan.”

My breath came shaky after listening to her. I thought that my life was the worst but no, everyone has their own story. I at least have Ryan and his family but James?

He lost everything.

I suddenly felt sorry for being a bitch towards him. All his sarcastic answers were a facade to cover his vulnerable side.

And also it explains why he was angry when Asmodius communicated with me. I clearly remember him saying ‘he’s doing it again.’

And why Ryan had a problem with James at first.

Every puzzle is falling to its place.

I got up from my position and concentrated hard, balling my palm into a fist. I am not going to be weak. Not after knowing everything.

Poor kids... what wrong did they do....

How much Carmen has suffered.....

James is left alone with no one...

He turned me into an orphan.....

The angrier I got, the more i saw the dark creature’s eye. It was painfully staring back at me.

I didn’t give up this time.

My gaze pierced right through its eyes and the sinister filled pupils moved closer and closer until it emerged into me.

My body felt like it weighed a thousand ton. My heart hammering against my chest, soon it will break my rib cage.

“You....did it....”

Ignacia’s voice broke.

I opened my eyes to see a room filled with dark creatures, all kneeling down in front of me.

They no more looked scary to me.

Ignacia stood beside me and raised her palm to swipe my nose. There was blood on her finger.

“Don’t worry. It’s just the strain.

Congrats... you have successfully combined with them. Now they are your slaves.”

A wave of power rushed through my body.

Its show time...


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