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Chapter 40

Judging by the view from window there’s little more time for sunrise.

The hut house is still the same, with just a simple chair decorating the whole room.

I watched Ryan unlocking the doors and a fresh set of panic waved through me.

“What are you doing? It’s dangerous outside.”

But my warnings were mere nuisance for him. Ryan continued his job till he yanked the door wide open.

“Do you believe me?”

This time i know he’s serious and there’s no room for jokes.

“You do know i trust you. Then why ask all these.”

I said gripping hands on my hips.

“Because you are acting like you don’t.”

His eyes narrowed a bit confirming his serious mode.

I know our future trust is completely relied on my comeback.

Whatever power i have he always wanted to be my knight in shining armour. He loves to be my protector and wanted me to trust him completely. I could have answered him ‘that i trust him but not on this’. Knowing Ryan it would feel terrible for him.

And i cannot just let that happen. Though he never shows any emotions, Ryan’s a living thing too, with blood and bones and hormones. He may never publicise it but he do feel everything just like others.

I know he loves me so much then why should i protest. He will even risk his life for saving me. And moreover am not the old, weak Atarah anymore. I have power, my own army and a family who cares for me. It’s time to lock up my fears and cross them from my bucket list.

“Are you planning a world war?”

I raised my head and saw a smirking Ryan.

Him and his mood swings...

“No i was planning something more dangerous.”

I moved forward and stood near the entrance, then placed my foot outside the door and ‘the transparent whatever intangible liquid’ paved way for us.

I don’t know how long i have to give Ignacia a standing ovation for this genius idea. It was that brilliant.

Ryan had a smile on his face, acknowledging my answer for his previous question.

“And what’s it so dangerous?”

I leaned closer to him, narrowing my eyes into slits and in the process mingling our breaths.

Stupid stupid butterflies.....

“Murdering you. Tadaaaa.....”

This time i gave him a smirk and started to walk.

“I hope you are following me.”

I said without turning, surely knowing what expression he has now... amusement.

And of course he was behind me.

After reaching the banks i hugged myself. Thanks to early hours and the cold wind..

“Where to?”


I thought it was a surprise. Not anymore i guess.

“But it’s a long way. Are you going to carry me?”

He shook his head.

“No you are going to run with me.”

I laughed at his inexperienced joke. Atleast he is trying.

“There’s nothing to laugh at Atarah. You are not just a human. You have vampire traits just like us.”

“I know. But i am not having the running quality. Otherwise i would have known it before.”

“You are a late bloomer. Remember.”

“But still....”

“Atleast give it a try.”

I sighed. I will not loose anything trying right.

Taking my sigh as a confirmation he pointed at the mountain we have to get to. It was the highest among them.

Thank God Ignacia is my trainer instead of him. Otherwise i would have been dead already.

He ran at a normal human pace and still i was dying to be near him. Wow that sounded cliche.

Anyway i gave up at last and sat on the floor, cross legged inhaling oxygen selfishly.

“We haven’t even reached the base.....” Blah blah blah.

I am not interested in his speech right now but to concentrate on my breathing.

“Are you even listening to me?”

He asked shaking me.

I gave a mocking smile.

“What do you think?” I said wiggling my eye brows.

“I am going to regret this but you left me no option.”

“What do...”

But before finishing my sentence he snatched my necklace and ran.

My mind didn’t even register what was happening but my legs did i guess. Because right now i was running like a maniac. And am sure it was more than my normal speed.

Within minutes i reached Ryan’s side but still a few feet back. Trees passed in a blur behind me but there was no time to notice its beauty.

“Time to change the gear.”

Was all i heard before witnessing Ryan vanish into thin air.

I wanted to stop my legs but it was impossible due to high speed. And my sudden break made me fall very badly.

Sitting in a really weird position i scratched my head and took in my surrounding.

Astonishment would be a mere emotion to describe, considering what i am feeling now.

The sun just showed up a little like a shy girl but radiating a mixture of grey and light orange throughout the sky. There was a table with two chairs and an umbrella on top. Illuminated lights flooded all around the table with necessary food for two.

I wanted to cry, i wanted to do a happy dance, i wanted to hug the life out of Ryan and i wanted to do more and more ’i wanted to’s.

He is really making me a mad person.

A tender touch caught my attention. Very delicately Ryan placed the necklace around my neck and secured it biting the lock which happened to get a little loose after his snatching episode.

About that, i whirled around swiftly, forgetting the tingling effect on my neck, and slapped him hard on the chest. Seeing that he’s not stopping i did it again and again until he caught both my hands and pulled me towards him.

“I was expecting this but you know it was necessary. ”

Though he’s right am never going to admit it, atleast not in front of him. I gave one more push and faced the scenery.

“And may i ask what’s the meaning of all this.”

He came forward and stood beside me.

“What do you think?”

“Well it almost looks like some sort of date to me.”

“And you gussed it right.”

He moved the chair creating enough space for me to sit.

“But why? It’s not like we need to know about each other or anything.” I said sitting and maintaining a doubtful expression.

He also took his seat and seemed uncomfortable answering my questions. After all he’s not used to all these interrogations.

Sensing my eyes on him he sighed.

“Honestly i don’t know ok. First i planned only the running thing but then the view from here was so beautiful and i thought why not arrange a peaceful meeting aka date here. If you are so uncomfortable here then we may leave. Its your choice Atarah.”

He sipped the wine a little and looked at me blankly.

And that was enough for me to throw my head backwards and laugh hysterically. I have never heard Ryan rambling before, shit he never even spoke a whole sentence without necessity.

And there he was rambling like hell and that too because of me.

A sudden warmth spread from my head to toe.

Ryan was more than unhappy now. And i was going to add salt to the wound.

“Awww is the Vampire Prince nervous?”

He made an inhuman sound at the back of his throat and am really loving it.


He started to get up from his chair but with my newly found speed i pushed him back.

“Wo this is cool. And Mr. Ryan ‘O’ Donnels i love this date just like i love you. Now be a good boy and serve the dishes for your beautiful mate.”

He gave me a full smile while i went back to my seat. The food was splendid. I wonder how he arrranged all this in the middle of nowhere. Whom am i kidding? He is Ryan for heavens sake.

Just after i placed my fork on the empty plate with a full blown smile, hundreds of sinister looking vampires surrounded us.

Everything happened so fast. It was like as if they were watching us all the time and waiting for a perfect entry.

Even Ryan looked a little shook.

Oh my God this is not going to be good.

They split into two when a figure whom i remember well through my dreams entered holding a weak Helena. Shit.

Where’s everyone else?

What if they are?....

No don’t go there Atty. Atleast not yet.

“I hope you enjoyed your date. Its time for business.”

Asmodius said clutching Helena’s hair harder. How much i hate that sound and hearing it for the first time directly took me back to my horrible dreams.

Ryan jumped from his seat. But before he could make the next move, Asmodius produced a dagger from his jacket and stabbed hard on Helena’s stomach. A loud scream filled the place and she stumbled to the ground, unconscious.

And just like that my beautiful life shattered into million peaces.



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