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Chapter 41

“Make a wrong move Ryan and your next friend will be drop dead.”

Dead... That was all i heard. Helena’s scream resonated in my ears. My best friend’s dead.

When she thought that her life was perfect, she’s dead? After everything she suffered God is yet cruel to her?

Why blame God when all the wrong doings was done by him, Asmodius.

My vision blurred due to the unknown tears that escaped without my consent. Still i managed to see him, now holding Adrian. How?

“I never sketched you for a cry baby, Princess.” His voice was more irritating when heard in person.

And Princess? After everything he’s calling me a Princess? That son of a bitch.

“Leave him Asmodius.”

Ryan was gritting his teeth and clenching his palms into fists.

“Of course i will leave him. I have no use with this trash after all.”

Adrian groaned and spat at Asmodius.

“I’d rather be a trash that being used by you, Bastard.”

Now that’s my Adrian.

But Asmodius seemed to not hear him as his gaze was fixed on me.

“I will free all your friends Ryan but i want her.”

“NO...” Ryan’s voice was final and determined.

“You leave me no choice.”

Asmodius once again raised his dagger but before he could harm Adrian, my mind called out to the dark creatures and within moments five of them appeared and tied Asmodius, finally freeing Adrian.

He ran to us and stood by Ryan’s side. Then i mentally ordered them to carry Helena and place her on the chair.

After everything i looked at Asmodius who had a very shocked face. He wasn’t expecting this, was he?

One of his group member tried to stab my creature but in vain. Did i say my creature? Yes i definitely did.

As a next episode hundreds of my creatures surrounded each one of them, taking them off gaurd.

There was no way Asmodius could win this war, not when i have more immortal army members.

Now it was my turn to smirk. Ryan and Adrian also reciprocated my expression. For the first time i felt really proud of myself.

“I can see that you are changed into a more powerful woman.”

Asmodius said kneeling down. Why do i get a bad feeling about his sudden submission?

“And that’s exactly what i want.”

His words and actions came out together. I don’t know what he did but a circle of transparent yet glowing bubble encircled him, shutting out my creatures.

This man is way more powerful than i thought.

Adrian cursed loudly while Ryan still maintained his posture, except the smirk. He was angry, more than just angry.

“You underestimated me Princess. I am much better than that.”

Asmodius moved towards me with confident strides.

“I must say Ignacia was very smart in her hiding plans. I searched her for months and yet she was undiscoverable. I knew you would find her.”

He was now circling me like a predator.

“I was always behind you Atarah. And when you spotted her i asked my men to give you some time. You might want to know everything, your past i mean. And she’s a best story teller, isn’t she?

I actually thought of attacking you yesterday night but then i saw this poor lover boy’s preparation for his date. So i again waited. See Princess am a generous person.

Now am here for what belongs to me. And that’s you my Princess or i should specifically say ‘your heart’.”

“Don’t. Don’t call me Princess.”

Wow.... after everything he said to me, i am referring to the nick name he gave. Really bold Atarah.

“Why Princess? You didn’t like it.”

“Where’s everyone?”

Ryan asked throwing a protective hand over my shoulders. And oh boy did that feel good.

“Hmm... i can see that you are possessive over your girlfriend Ryan. Nice.....”

His eyes lingered on me for a moment and i felt sick to my throat.

“And about your friends.. Sam.”

A tall guy, probably Sam joined us, following him were my friends. Ignacia was the last to arrive. They all held a helpless face, a face of failure. And it made me feel defeated already.

After taking in everything Sid’s eyes finally landed on Helena. And the way it changed his expression from hopelessness to shocked and finally to misery, broke my heart into million pieces.

“Helena....” He ran to where she laid and scooped her in his arms. She looked fragile and... lifeless.

“Please.. please.. don’t leave me. Please. Open your eyes baby. You can’t leave me. Not when i have just got you. Please.... I love you Helena. I want you to be my wife. Don’t you want that dear. For heaven’s sake come back... I love you.”

“He is crying.” Adrian stated next to me.


I don’t know why he said that when everyone else was trying not to be hysterical.


“Did you guess it?”

I don’t know if Adrian heard me as he was so engrossed looking Sid.

“No. I can see him. I think the curse is lifted.”

Helena changed him back to normal? When?

I felt like screaming. She loves him for Christ’s sake. I want to cut Asmodius into pieces and feed them to stray dogs till their stomach’s full.

“All these drama’s quite enjoyable, right Princess?”

I turned and hit Asmodius hard but the result was only that my hand broke due to the transparent shield. Well i guess, because it hurts like shit.

“Stop messing with my family you son of a bitch.”

He smirked.

“They are your family now? I thought it was that worthless old bags.”

“Stop talking.” I gritted, trying hard not to disturb the mourning group. Even Ryan looked shattered seeing Helena like that.

“Oh i will Princess, but only if you join me.”

“In your dreams.” Ignoring the burning pain in my hand, i folded it helping my spine to be straight.

“Believe me Atarah in my dreams you are more than just a prisoner...

I can see why Ryan is so captured by you. Your beauty is really bewitching.”

He brought his hand out of the shield and touched my cheek. This time i was really going to be sick.

“Take off your hands.”

Ryan stood right next to me and from his looks Asmodius was not going to stand even a minute against him, without the shield of course.

Sensing this Asmodius immediately withdrew his hands back inside the safety bubble.

“I was just having a small chat with my Princess.”

“You are going to pay for everything you coward brat.”

Ryan spat wih much venom in his voice.

“Then add this to your list.”

All of a sudden Asmodius pulled me into his bubble and i felt suffocated with invisible ropes around me. I couldn’t move my body.

Ryan looked shocked at first but then he started to bang on the shield hard.

Me, on the other hand shifted to a calm mode. All my emergency cells got shut down together.

I looked unemotionally at Ryan, who’ll probably loose his sanity anytime soon.

“Hope you’ll come to rescue your girlfriend soon Ryan.”

Before blacking out all i could see was the smiling face of Helena.


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