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Chapter 42

I feel like i have slept for ages and still my eyelids wouldn’t move. Maybe it’s the fear of what they would witness once opened. Though it’s inevitable.

With much effort they obeyed my request, only to see a white plain roof. Where am i?

Lifting my head i took in the room am captured. It was more than just plain. Everything in here was white - from the floor to the bed, which happened to be the only furniture decorating this big room. I suddenly felt like am in a mental assylum and it’s so claustrophobic.

A door, which could only be seen if looked properly due to the similar colour, caught my attention. Using my newly found vampire speed i fled towards it and touched the knob.

Should i open it?

It’s probably going to be locked.

But much to my surprise the door yanked open and led to a long corridor with chandeliers on top. The decoration was totally contrary to the room i was in. Caramel and red paint covered the walls. And the golden light illuminated the paintings hung on the wall.

Very slowly i made my way towards each one of them. Unrecognizable faces stared at me, much to my dismay.

What was i expecting anyway? Pictures of film stars?

“Ma’am you are awake.”

I jerked my hand away from the portrait i was about to touch.

“Oh am sorry Ma’am. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s fine.”

I replied to the genuinely smiling lady. She looked in her late 20′s and definitely a human. She held a tray with closed food and water, suddenly my throat dried reminding me how thirsty i was.

“Can i please have that Miss?” I asked pointing at the glass of water.

“It’s for you Ma’am. And my name is Althea.”

She held out the tray for me and i happily gulped the whole glass, savouring the taste.

“Thank you Althea.”

She smiled at me sympathetically.

“Shall i serve the food in your room Ma’am.”

The thought of going back to that white hell itself made me feel suffocated.

“No, i think i’ll pass.”

“But we have strict orders from Lord Asmodius to feed you Ma’am.”

On the mention of his name, terrible memories filled my mind.

“Tell him to rot in hell.”

I yelled, tears threatening to fall down.

“That i will Atarah.”

Both of us got startled hearing his voice.

Asmodius slowly walked towards me and in a flash snapped Althea’s head.

Before i could even blink she was lying on the floor with detached head.

“I gave her a single job and she failed it. Irresponsible bitch.” He seethed through clenched teeth.

I was shaking like a leaf when he started to guide me towards the end of the corridor.

That poor girl died because of me. Only if i had eaten that food, she might have been alive. Guilt and the pain in my heart was eating me alive. Why is this bastard still alive? How can he be so heartless?

My mind didn’t register where we were going till he opened a long wooden door.

The first thing i noticed was the bright blue walls and toys filled floor. One can easily recognize it to be a nursery.

He pulled me towards a golden king sized bed. And in the middle, covered with thick blankets laid a fragile looking boy. He looked not an year older than six. The bed was more like engulfing him into it, as his presence was barely noticeable with all the covers.


My mind spoke out loud. I was expecting a cruel looking kid, instead he was so weak and calm. He was anything but cruel.....

“Isn’t my son gorgeous?”

Without responding i studied Henry’s delicate facial features. He had his father’s nose and lips. Even the hair was a copy of Asmodius’s.

“Though he looks like me, Henry inherited Ella’s character. Shy and introverted. Am a proud father you know.”

I have never heard Asmodius speak like this before. His voice held so much emotions - love, care, affection. He really loved his son.

“Carmen resembled Ella a lot. Not by character but by looks. That’s what attracted me towards her.”

Carmen? As in James’s wife? Definitely yes.

I remained silent still looking at the child.

“She was a fiesty one. I just wanted her to be mine. I never thought that she would kill herself and the kids. James was devastated, not that i care.”

I wished to kill him that instant but suppressed the urge. Everything has a proper time.

“When are you planning to kill me?” I looked straight at his eyes.

“Actually am having a second thought about that.”

His smirk and response accelerated my heart beat. This is not good.

“I like you.”

If i have not caught the bed post, i would have fallen by now. Unlike Ryan’s romantic revelation, this was sinister full. And fear crawled upon my spine hearing him laugh.

“Are you scared baby? Don’t worry. Am going to kill you. My son is more important than my love interest, you know.”

I never thought that my death would sound so good. It was way better than sharing my life with him.

“At the strike of 2 tonight, i will have your heart Atarah. And my son will come back to life. Marcus.”

A tall vampire emerged from the doors and caught my wrist. Weak to protest, i followed him outside but only after hearing Asmodius laugh. The same laugh which haunted me several nights.

This time they spared me a normal room. Once being alone i tried to communicate with the dark creatures. Though i used my full concentration and power they could never be reached. Maybe this palace is also protected by his shield. There was no window in the room, blocking me from the outside world.

Due to all the straining and mental conflicts, i slowly drifted to an endless sleep.


“Ma’am. Get up.”

Slowly opening my eyes, i found three maids dressed in identical uniforms, standing around my bed. They all held a face of guilt.

Sitting up, i scratched my head.

“Is it time?”

Knowing their answer very well, i got out of the bed and went to take a long shower.

When the warm water hit my body, i wished to be in that place forever. Knowing very well that it’s never going to be fulfilled.

After half an hour the maids did my hair and face. I didn’t know what was the use for all this, when he is just going to slit my throat. Yet i didn’t protest. Because last time i declined his order, a poor girl was brutally killed.

They made me wear a simple black gown with greyish white bottom.

I felt like everything was happening so fast and final.

After giving one last glance at myself in the mirror, i was escorted towards somewhere else. The maids were replaced by vampire gaurds now.

We stopped at the sight of a massive wooden door. It creaked open and allowed me the view of what was beyond it. And the sight made me gasp.

It was a very wide ground with the floor of snake and ladders. In the middle was a raised platform with two beds. One was already occupied by Henry and the other was obviously for me.

The whole place was circled by thousands of people in blood red dress, they had a black mask covering their eyes.

The mass split into two paving way for me to the centre. A numbness filled my mind and i moved robotically.

Everyone was chanting something and didn’t pay any attention to me. The roof was covered with kerosene lamps and smoke.

As i made each step, all the familiar faces crossed my mind. Grandma, grandpa, Nyle, Kyle, Cole, Sid, Adrian, Nathan, Namrita, Ebenezer, Elizabeth, Margaret, Rosley, Eva, James, Ignacia, Helena and the final face made me let out a sob.

Ryan. My love.


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