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Chapter 43

“Join me mi señora.”

I looked at Asmodius’s extended hand and brushed it off immediately. How dare he call me his lady.

“la violencia no te sienta hermosa...”

(Any mistakes in spanish, feel free to blame Google Translate.)

Why the hell is he suddenly interested in spanish? Without responding i made my pace towards the empty bed.

Despite my hesitation he took my hand in his, and guided me onto the centre. Everyone stopped chanting and looked at me with.....

‘pure hatred’.

Great. Now what did i do to them?

“Mis amigos de confianza ... nuestro día finalmente ha llegado. Mi hijo estará despierto de su largo sueño.”

The crowd cheered violently. Suddenly i felt like a deer in the middle of predators, only if i could prance away...

“Su corazón y su poder nos harán indestructibles. Dominaremos este mundo sin piedad y mataremos a todos los que se crucen en nuestro camino. A la victoria.”

Everyone was literally jumping up and down shouting profanities, emphasizing the point of them being wild.

“Shall we, beautiful?”

I looked at him again with disgust and lied down on the bed that was covered with red silk.

Henry was also placed on a similar bed. Though he looks peaceful i know that once he’s awake, evil will soon take over the world. Poor humans doesn’t even know what’s awaiting them.

I restricted my vision to focus only on the kerosene lamps and smoke above.

Shadows passed all around me. As time drifted the voice of chantings increased to an unbearable volume. I wanted to scream and beat the hell out of everyone who’s causing me a headache now.

I mean doesn’t they know the meaning of peaceful death?

“KILL THAT BITCH..” Someone shouted at the top of his lungs.

And that answered my previous question.

All the sounds faded once a man covered in black cloak stood right above me. It was not the hideous mask that scared me, but the long dagger that he held between his closed palms.

It’s really happening. I am going to die. Tears were on the verge of getting free but i shut them, or atleast tried to. Few of them escaped on their own.

My hands rose to wipe them, but they were outrun by someone else’s. And that mere touch erupted sparks all around my stomach and heart. The ones which i thought, will never be experienced again.

I clutched his hands with full force, as if my life depended on it. And more tears fell but only because of happiness.

He is here. For me. God... how much i love this man...

Ryan moved away his hand once Asmodius returned from Henry’s bed. I couldn’t help but smile at his evil face.

“Your smile won’t last long Atarah.”

He said coming near me, but i no longer scared him.

“We will see.” I was astonished hearing my own voice. It was bold and full of confidence. My mate is really my spine.

“There’s nothing to see dear.


He ordered his executioner aka my mate. Ryan raised his dagger and the crowd roared. I wonder if they even know me to hate me this much.

“matar... matar... matar”

They were chanting like a rhyme in unison.

But before the dagger could touch my neck, with lightning speed Ryan captured Henry and placed the weapon on his neck.

The combat later followed happened in slow motion. Asmodius was beyond shocked and he stood frozen, watching Henry being helplessly held by Ryan. Few of the masked people joined Ryan. I could see a glimpse of Adrian’s eyes in somewhere between them. Everyone indeed was here.

Asmodius croaked a “How?” in between heavy breaths. He was clearly not expecting the twist.

“Traitors exist between your group too stupid.” Sid out of nowhere came and stood near me.

When did i stand up? Whatever...

Something tugged in my heart seeing Sid without Helena. I wanted to console him, but in front of a huge battle won’t be a good idea, i guess.

A loud growl brought me back to reality.

Asmodius marched towards Ryan but he was fast enough to duck the punch. I must say it was impressive seeing Ryan fighting efficiently even with a kid in his hands. I would have been dead already.

The battle turned into a war when the main door opened and there stood a large army leaded by Ebenezer and James.

But it was the person near James who made me sprint towards them and hug the hell out her.

“I thought i was free from you.”

I cried and tightened my grip around her.

“How unlucky. Because i am not leaving you.” Helena said and mirrored my gesture.

Is this a dream? If it is, i never want to be awaken.

Happiness would be a mere word to use right now. My best friend is back. I would give my life to God for returning her.

“I saw him stab you.”

I stared at her eyes. Oh my God i want to look at them my whole life.

Wait... that sounds like a lesbian. Whatever. I love my witch friend.

“That’s a long story Atty. I will tell you everything once that ‘son of a bitch’ is killed.”

Now that seems very convincing.

“Ok. But promise me you will not get yourself stabbed again.” Concern etched in my voice.

“I can’t let you and Sid live happily, you know.”

She gave me her cheeky smile.


I was very much engaged in the battle. While all the others were really fighting i was just saving myself. Pushing and kicking were the only bold moves i did. Almost all the time someone covered me, getting themselves killed in the process.

My black and white gown soon turned into blood red. I would have thrown up, but these fools are not even giving me a chance.

I looked out for Ryan but he was nowhere to be seen. Screams and metal shattering sounds filled the ground. I hope this nightmare ends soon. But earlier i said that i never want to be woken up. Ok i am officially insane.

As i made my way someone caught me from behind.

“estás muerto, estúpido.

todos dejen sus armas.”

But no one seem to be listening to him.

“Dije, deja tus armas.”

That gained attention. My ears felt like bleeding hearing him yell.

Pushing past some vampires Ryan and others stepped forward. Henry was still being held captive.

“Leave her...” Ryan was literally fuming.

“Give me my son back.”

“Atarah first.”

“No Henry.”

Great time for childs play. Doesn’t they know what negotiation is?

I spaced out for some time while the two powerful creatures (which includes one good for nothing stupid moron) played ‘Who first?’.

But i was brought back by a slight pain on my chest.

When i looked down Asmodius was already increasing the pressure on the knife handle, which unfortunately happened to be pressed on my left chest.

I searched for Ryan’s face and when i found him he was fidgeting with his neck chain.

He pulled the chain two or three times. I questioned him silently.

What is he trying to communicate? Neck chain.... pulling out...

Shit..... why am i so stupid?

Knowing exactly what Ryan meant, turning around i grabbed Asmodius’s chain.

Before he could react i snatched it and threw it on the floor roughly.

The breaking of glass and Asmodius’s scream filled the room in unison.

I remember Ignacia saying once that the evil’s shield is protected around his neck. And now i just broke that shield.

Dark creatures, its time for your entrance. Now show them who’s mommy.


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