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Chapter 44

“You bitch...”

I was expecting a slap but Asmodius was held back by my dark creatures. I was never more happy to see them than today.

Ryan threw a protective hand across my waist and pulled me tightly towards him, while the other held Henry.

Warmth bubbled in my heart. I belong here, right beside him.

“Any last words Asmodius.”

He looked defeated, but there was something else glinting in his eyes. And am damn sure it’s not a good thing.

“Yes, tell ‘Hi’ to your parents for me.”

With that he threw the dagger he was clutching all the time at me.

As if on cue, Ryan did a 180° turn and i was on his left side, trying hard to breathe. My brain felt like shaking after the fastest spin i have ever taken.

A small whimper was heard followed by Asmodius’s scream.

After holding my head tightly to gain balance, i moved away from Ryan to see him carrying a blood covered Henry.

The dagger pierced his fragile chest and ran straight to his heart.

Though Heney was danger to the world, i still found myself crying. He was a small kid after all. None of the things he did was his fault.

Asmodius on the other hand was hysterical.

“You bastard. You made me kill my own son. My only family.”

Somehow i felt a little pity for him. Killing your own blood knowingly or unknowingly was so much to take in.

“Karma is a bitch Asmodius. You have killed so many people and made many families suffer for your own pleasure. Atarah’s parents, James’s family, Ignacia...”

I snapped my head at Ryan hearing her name. Ignacia is dead? Sure i didn’t see her till now, but she’s dead?

Sensing my shocked eyes on him Ryan gave a stiff nod confirming his statement.

Tears flowed from my eyes uncontrollably. I loved her like my mother, even though we met only for a few days. She was becoming a part of my life. And now, she’s also gone.

“You have to pay a price for cruelty Asmodius. And unfortunately it was your son. Your children are the ones who suffer for your mistakes.”

Asmodius kneeled down still having dark creatures around him. The whole ground was silent, everyone staring at one person.

“Kill me.”

Though Asmodius said it low, am sure everyone with vampire ears heard it. His voice was desperate and filled with sorrow.


Ebenezer came and joined us.

“We are not allowed to kill a Royal.”

Asmodius is a Royal? Ofcourse he is.

“But we are.”

Cole out of nowhere along with Alex and others stood in front of the raised ground.

I looked at him with tearful eyes and he gave me a small smile in return.

Alex’s eyes trailed between me and Ryan, and the way he was holding me.

After a minute a small sigh escaped his lips and eventually smiled at us. He has finally approved our relation. And i think i can consider him now as my Grandfather.

My eyes suddenly darted to the long sword held by Cole. He was slowly closing towards Asmodius, whose head was as low that one would doubt if he has a neck.

I shut my eyes forcefully not wanting to witness another murder again.

What surprised me though was that no one in the room stopped Cole. Not even his so called followers. Some even managed to escape without being noticed.

Did no one care for him?

“I think we should give him a chance.”

All eyes turned to see James leaning on the roofless pillar.

His eyes were solely focused on Asmodius.

My jaw bone dropped to the ground, not willing to mask the shock.

Out of all the people James is giving Amodius a chance? If anything he should be the one to tear Asmodius’s heart apart.


Sid asked looking utterly confused, which was a reflection of everyone’s, including Asmodius’s.

“Because i know his pain.”

Was all James said before marching out of the wooden doors.

Everyone was dumbstruck. Even Ryan opened and closed his mouth several times like a goldfish.

“He is the reincarnation of evil himself. But still i think i will go with James’s suggestion.”

Now it was time for all to look at me. Ryan literally burned holes through my head. Atleast he’s out of the daze.

“What? I just voiced out my thoughts.”

I looked at Cole in a pleading manner. His sword was stuck high up in the air, not knowing where to land after James’s sudden declaration.

“I know he did many cruelties but if James and i could forgive him then why can’t you guys? It was terrible loosing my parents and i still want to kill him for that but now he also knows the pain. He is alone in the world just like me and James.”

“You are not alone.”

Ryan’s angry eyes reformed to sympathy.

“But he is. I know this is too much but all we ask is to give him a chance. A chance to correct his mistakes. Please.”

Pin drop silence followed my statement.

I averted my eyes from Ryan’s after hearing the clatter of metal. Cole has thrown his sword to the floor.

But no one moved except Asmodius. He looked at me with grieving eyes and mouthed

“I am sorry. I am sorry for everything.”

I suddenly felt like the most happiest person on Earth.

“And i am sorry for your loss.”

I mouthed him back. And i really meant what i said.

A ray of sunlight divided the room, indicating the beginning of a new day for everyone.


We stayed at Asmodius’s palace for two days burying every individual who lost their lives, including Henry.

I couldn’t sleep three whole nights thinking how peaceful Ignacia looked while being cremated (for she is the fire goddess).

On the way to our castle Ryan told me that Ignacia gave her life to bring back Helena. I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad after hearing that. Ofcourse only Ignacia would do such a stupid thing. But death of Helena would also have affected us so much. The emotion i felt was bipolar. I was glad for getting my best friend back but giving up my mendor and life saver was hard.

As she gave me her power of fire, only the life was transferred to Helena.

Sid said that Helena was hysterical after knowing how she regained her life. She even tried to reverse the spell but it was in vain considering Ignacia was much powerful. But somewhere deep inside i felt a little revealed that the reverse spell did not work.

Was i being selfish?

I groaned into the pillow of my bed, muffling my sounds.

Elizabeth was so happy seeing us all in one piece. Can’t blame her there though. Marg tackled me to the floor giving me bear hugs. Eva and Roslie was always with me while Nami didn’t leave my side even at night. Nathan was more than happy to see me and surprised everyone by carrying me from the floor and hugging me like am his child.

I felt relieved coming back to home. Yes home. This is my home. This is where i should be.

But Ignacia’s death somehow created a hole in me.

I was startled when someone knocked on the door.


“Can i come in?”

Ofcourse the velvety voice is always welcomed to the room. But i did not dare say it out loud.

“Yeah sure.”

Disheveled hair greeted me followed by tired jet black eyes.

He has been busy for the past whole week and the occasions we meet were rare.

He had to break down the huge walls and minimize the gaurds to only for requirement.

After all, there’s nothing to be scared of anymore.

The dark creatures are all being good boys and helping Ryan through everything. I have learned a few words of their ‘God knows what’ language, though it is not at all necessary. Our mind link is pretty good on its own.


Ryan joined me on my bed, where i was sitting cross legged leaning on the head board.

“Hey to you too. How was your day?”

I enquired while ruffling his hair.

“Hectic as usual. But i think i managed to settle almost.”

“Really? So no more MIA.”

Ryan chuckled to that and shook his head, yawning in the process.

“When have you last slept properly Ryan?”

Dark circles and bags were visible around his eyes.

He seems to be thinking while yawning again. Is he being serious?

“I don’t remember.”

I sighed at him and patted my lap.

“Care to join?”

“But i have little more to do.”

“That can wait until you get your beauty sleep. Now come on.”

He thought for a second but gave up too soon. Like an obedient child, he placed his head on my lap and covered himself under the duvet.

I massaged his scalp and within seconds his eye lids started to become heavy.

“Atty?” His sleepy voice filled the room. And God is it hot?


“I love you.”

Ryan’s breathing steadied shortly after giving me a flutter in my stomach.

“I love you too Ry.”

All gaps in my heart filled with love towards him. Everything was for good. Ignacia’s body may have left us but her soul is always within me, as i am continuing her legacy.


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