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Chapter 45

"Are you sure about this Rosalie?"

"Eva, stop it. Rosalie, don't listen to her. Now off you go."

"Guys, I am scared... What if he rejects me?"

I hugged her, trying to improve her tensed state.

"You are too good to reject Rose. And I know Nathan. He has a soft spot for you. Believe me, I have seen it."

And I was true. Once I saw Nathan looking at Rosalie while she was cleaning. Then he asked about her many times to me. When I press the subject, he would blush and turn.
I mean, that strong werewolf blushing should be taken into account for something, right?

"I will do it tomorrow."

"No backing out, Rose. Now go."

She looked hesitant at first. But I think love overpowers your fears. Because once she saw Nathan cutting vegetables on the counter, she moved with no pressure.

"I think this is a terrible idea, Atty."
Eva and her doubts.

I avoided her negative ramblings and concentrated on Rosalie and Nathan.

She seems to be doing fine on her own. In fact, she was really good, but Nathan on the other hand was blushing furiously.

I took my I-Phone out, which was gifted to me by Adrian. Yes, he kept his promise. And I am the first one to have it before launching.

I snapped a picture of them and showed Eva. She muffled a giggle.

From Rosalie's Cheshire like grin, I am sure everything went well.

After giving a short yet loving hug to Nathan, she approached us and tackled both of us together.

"So everything good ha?"
I asked with her contagious smile.

"We are having a date this evening."

We three squealed like high school girls. Even Eva was so happy to see Rosalie progressing in her love life.

After agreeing to meet up one hour later for getting Rosalie ready, we parted our ways.

I went straight to Sid's room and opened the door, only to be welcomed by a heavy make-out session.

"Oh my God... my poor virgin eyes."

Helena pushed Sid hard, causing him to fall from the couch.

"What was that for Atty?"

He groaned while massaging his head.

I joined Helena on the couch, and we giggled at Sid.

"Just for fun bro"

He got up from the floor and settled in between me and Helena.

I zoned out while the lovey doves continued their job.

"Spit it out, Atty."

I turned my head to see my friends staring at me.

"You have something on your mind. What is it?"
Helena said smirking.

Am I that easy to read? Anyway...

"It's Ryan's birthday tomorrow and Elizabeth has arranged for a big party. I am sure you have all bought gifts for him."

From their looks, I know it was a yes.

"You have bought nothing. Have you?"

Sid asked, now facing me completely.

I shook my head, disappointed.

I spent two nights thinking about what I should give him. That stubborn man has everything he wants.

"Do you have any idea about the gift?"

I shook my head again.
"But I want it to be special."

Helena held both my hands and looked at me, smiling.

"I am sure your gift will be the most special to Ryan even if it's just a 'Happy birthday."

I smiled back at her and thanked them for their support. What are friends for, after all?
I spent half an hour with them discussing on every stupid thing one could come across. But I must say, most of them seem to be really thoughtful.

Like if Bats lay upside down then their organs should be in their mouth by now, right?

Or if we wear 3D glasses and sleep, then will our dreams be shown in 3D?

See? They are really thoughtful.

Exactly after one hour, we all joined Rosalie and Eva. Marg brought a beautiful green gown of her's.
Rose was reluctant at first for using her employer's dress, but Marg told her that she was more like a friend.

Helena did her hair while makeup was done by Eva.
Me and Nami were simply sitting and commenting like a pro, with a bag full of skittles.

After all the laughing and lame jokes at Rosalie, she was ready for her first date. And dude, she looked gorgeous.

Nathan is going to face a serious issue tonight.

And I was right. Nathan was beyond shocked to see Rosalie like that. He spluttered several times before saying, 'You are beautiful".

Dinner was a mess as we decided to prepare ourselves for something edible. But let's just say it was far away from edible. Only Eva knew what she was doing, and the rest of us concentrated more on food fight.

Tired after so much fun, we headed to our respective rooms. It was already late at night.

Ryan was lying on my bed with closed eyes.
Let's just say it has become a habit of his to sleep in my bed. But when I wake up, he will be nowhere to be seen.

"Had a great day?"
He asked, not opening his eyes.

"Epic. How was yours?"

"Usual. Council meetings, debates, blah blah blah."

"I wish I could help you."
I really did.

"You can."
His exhausted eyes met mine.
Ryan moved a little, emphasizing his point.

I shook my head giggling and got inside the covers with him.
Warm hands engulfed me into a tight hug. He rested his head on the crook of my neck. Hot breath fanned my skin, tingling it.

I stroked his soft silky hair and played with its lock.

"You know it's my birthday tomorrow. Right?"

"Hm hmm"

"Got a gift?"

He raised his head and looked at me expectantly. At that moment, I knew exactly what to gift him.

I can't wait for tomorrow...

I couldn't sleep that night. So at 4.00 in the morning I got up and barged into Marg's room. Wow, that rhymes.
Thank God she doesn't lock her door.

"Marg.. get up... get up..."

"What the hell, Atty? Go to sleep."

Who is she kidding? I got on top of her and started hitting her with pillows.

"It's an emergency."

She opened her sleepy eyes.

"Are you breathing?"


"Are you pregnant?"

"What? No...."
Why is she asking this?
How can I be?

"Then it's no emergency. Whatever it is, it can wait."

"Marg please..."

She pushed herself up and pinned me down with vampire speed.

"You have one minute, young lady, before I break all your bones."

But after I explained my plan to her, she was the one who's breaking bones by jumping up and down, and let's not forget the squealing part.

"Oh, my God... We have lots of work to do. Why are you still lying, get up you lazy cow."


"Call Helena and others now, like right now."

And we all held a meeting in the garden. Everyone was equally excited as me.

Sid and Adrian would distract Ryan while the girls manage all decorations. Nathan was busy with the food, so we couldn't involve him in anything. And Nami will do the ultimate distraction when the plan is ready to be performed.

Me and James went for the most important thing.

"How is this one?"

I said, trying not to pop the 'p' but failing miserably.

"What about this one?"

"No. Too heavy."

"Don't tell me you didn't like this one."

"You are right. I hate it."

"This one's fantastic."

"You may buy it. But not for me."

He sighed slightly, getting angry.
"We don't have all day Atty."

After another half an hour James started chatting with the shop keeper, finally giving up on me.

"Guys I found it."

James looked surprised. Drama queen.

"Pack this one and James, please give your card. I forgot mine."

"Are you kidding me?"

"When have I ever?"
With a smirk I took the packet and left the shop after thanking the 'patient shop keeper'.

Returning home, we decided to ask Elizabeth and Ebenezer for their permission.

Happy was an understatement for them.
They were jumping with joy.

"Oh, he's so lucky to have you Atty."
Lisa hugged me tightly.

"No. I am so lucky to have him Lisa."

Everything's settled, now it's time for some action.

Sid and Adrian soon joined us.

The garden was illuminated with lights, and soft music filled the place.
Round tables and chairs decorated the garden with so many guests.
The birthday celebration acted as a pact between vampires and werewolves. So everyone was invited. But Cole joined us while I and James were returning from the shop. I had already called him and filled in the details.

I wore my gown, which was selected by Marg. It was a beige floor-length gown with a dark red pattern. And I loved it... Ryan's friends were also a part of our mini adventure. Now they were getting Ryan ready, which is a hectic job considering how much he hates to doll up. Nami came running like a little girl. Of course she's a little girl.

"He's in the garden."

All the warning signs in my head started beeping.

"Don't worry, Atty. We'll join you there."
Cole gave me a side hug and left with the others.


Ryan's point of view...

Everyone wished me and congratulated for our victory.
Even Cole greeted me, but I never saw the one I wanted to see from morning.

Usually I used to ditch her before she woke up, but today.... everything was different.

Whenever I ask someone about her, they professionally changed the topic. As if it was already planned.

I know something's going on here, but not seeing her is driving me crazy.

"Hey Sid?"


"Where's Atty?"

"She's getting ready."
He was looking everywhere but at me. Something's not right.

"Sid I swear if......"

"Sorry bro.. Gotta go."

He didn't just do that.

I was about to fish him but got stopped by someone else.


"Hello to you too Ryan."

Who the hell invited him?

"Your father." He said not sounding offended.

"I am sorry for being rude and for thinking out loud. You are always welcomed here, but only with obvious intentions."

I pressed the last words, conveying a warning to him.

"Of course, Ryan. I am a changed man. Thanks to James and your mate... .
Speaking of her, where's Atarah?"

I wanted to tell him 'I don't know' but that might not be a good idea.

I fidgeted with my fingers thinking of an answer when Marg's voice echoed the place.

"Greetings everyone."

She was standing in the center holding a mic acting all MC.

"First of all, I thank everyone for attending this fantabulous party of my brother's birthday. It's a real pleasure seeing everyone in one piece. Lol.. that was a lame joke. Anyway...
We all have gone through so much during our past, but I think we can forgive and forget everything.

I know it's difficult, but that's what life is all about. Let this day unite all of us and let's hope that our children will not have to live within boundaries.
Werewolves, vampires, humans, fairies, dragons and the others cheers for a better tomorrow."


My sister has grown.
Everyone raised their wine glasses, shouting cheers. Sid wiped an imaginary tear, smiling like a maniac.

But where was she?
I looked for her when all lights zeroed to the center.

There my beautiful mate stood with a loving smile. Her eyes were dancing with excitement.

Everyone was focused on her beauty, including me. That gown was really complimenting her looks today.

I didn't even notice Nami holding my hands and guiding me towards her.

The group split into two, clearing a way for us.
Helena giggled when I reached her and mouthed an 'all the best'.

What's everyone up to?

After reaching the center, Nami left us and joined the crowd.

"What's all this?"

"Don't spoil the fun and keep quiet now."
He shushed with a playful glare.

"When I first came here, I had the urge to kill you for kidnapping me. Even knowing that you are a vampire didn't change my mind. But as time flew, something attracted me towards you.

The day I found I was your mate was the day I found a part of me. You were there for me, in all my ups and downs. I know you are a stubborn brat, but I think I could manage you."

Giggles were heard from here and there, but my focus was on this angelic voice.

"I want to grow old and have six children with you. I know it's too many, but hey I am the one who's carrying. I want to spend the rest of my life fighting with you, loving you and caring you."

She raised her gown a little and kneeled down like a gentleman.

"Ryan O Donnels, Lord of the Vampires, will you please marry me for the sake of 'your' heart?"

She extended two beautiful silver bands with a diamond. God... what did I do to deserve her.

"You know it's my job, right?"

"Yeah. But I wanted to select my ring, and I didn't know what other present would actually surprise you.

So is it a yes? My knee caps are already paining."

"What if I say No?"

"I am sure there are other bachelors out there..."

I didn't allow her to finish the sentence as I pulled her up and kissed her like there's no tomorrow.

If she gave fireworks to me before, this was an explosion of them.

Because of the lack of air supply, we parted our lips but pressed our foreheads together.

"That.... was... Epic."
She said through broken words.
Cheers and claps surrounded us.

"Be mine."

"That's what I asked."
Atty said, trying to catch her breath.

I slipped the ring on her finger and she did the same to mine.

Now she's officially mine.

"So six kids, Huh?"

She blushed, and her face resembled a tomato.

"You are not going to leave that. Are you?"


I kissed her again, and I could continue this till the world ends.


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