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"What about Susan?" Sid suggested while digging in his packet of lays.

"That's my grandmother's name, idiot." Helena smacked his head and grabbed the chips packet from him.

She lovingly handed it to their only son, Arnold.

"Thank you mommy. I will never let Daddy steal my chips again."

Arnold pouted while his three-year-old face flushed with anger.

"Serioulsy Sid, a father should be giving food to his child, not the other way round."
Adrian said while Eva supported him.
It's still a surprise how Adrian finally dared to propose Eva after crushing on her for almost his entire life. And also the part that he managed to keep it a secret from us.
They really make an impressive pair. Eva being the serious one, while Adrian.... well-being Adrian himself.
Nathan and Rosalie also married and are soon expecting their second child.

Natasha came in with a tray of tea cups. She was all smiley lovey as always, followed by Cole with a plate of biscuits. Natasha is my sister-in-law as she married Cole soon after me and Ryan married. Nat was the head of female werewolf army. And boy, was she good? She even once pinned Cole to the ground with her tiger like tactics. She really is a lioness.

They are not expecting a child anytime soon as it will affect Nat's profession. Maybe a couple of years and then I will be having nieces and nephews prancing around.

The doorbell rang, and I volunteered to open it.
The sight of James and Marg together painted a grin on my face. They have been together now for a couple of months. Marg was never serious about anyone. Her crush used to jump like a monkey from one guy to another. But it never left once James asked her out.

Marg knew everything about his wife and children, and I guess that's what attached her more to James. I mean, he's a keeper.

Marg hugged me carefully, not wanting to press against my pregnant belly. And I must say it's huge... carrying triplets is not at all easy.

When one decides to stop kicking, the other one starts his action.
But the feeling's not new to me. It was even worse when I was carrying five children at a time. Yup, you read it right.

Five at a time. And now they are three years old.
Merlin, Stacy, Audrey, Peter and Ignacia are a bundle of crackers.

I named Ignacia for my youngest child because she was like a fire when she came out. Unlike others she had red hair and facial features resembling Ignacia herself. Maybe it's her power that's inside me caused for the change. Though I am happy for it.
I wished for six children, but damn I got eight.

Right now we are discussing the names for triplets who's due date is next week. The doctor said that it's two boys and a girl. I decided to call one boy Henry, which everyone accepted, much to my surprise.

I slowly opened the door to the kid's bedroom where my children along with Sid's and Nathan's were playing. They make a great team. And now three more will join them, and of course Rosalie's baby boy too.

Audrey was chasing Stacy for a color book which Nami brought them for their first birthday.
After all the problems are solved, Nami was allowed to go back to her parent's. But she still keeps in touch with me and calls me almost every day to fill in the details of her school life.

She has this super-duper crush on Kyle who's oblivious of course.
Nyle and Kyle have really become my brothers ever since I called them for my wedding. Grandma and Grandpa still know nothing about our relationship, but they seem to like me even then.

The house phone rang, and I immediately went to attend it. It might be Elizabeth.
She and Ebenezer decided to have a brief vacation in Hawaii. They will be back before my delivery. But just like an exceptional mother she is, she calls me every day to check on my health and conditions.

"Hello Atarah Donnels here."

"Hi Atarah."

Asmodeus.... Why is he calling now? Sure we are on a very good terms after the incident but he has never called me before.

"Atarah are you there?"

"Yes Asmodeus. Just surprised."
He chuckled in a friendly manner, which I am used to.

"Yeah, I can sense that. Anyway, I have called you to say that it's my daughter's first birthday this Saturday. I know your state right now, but if you could make it, I'll be glad."

"Oh... that's lovely Asmodeus. I will be there if my minions cooperate with me." I said rubbing on my belly.

Asmodeus after a lot of support from his newly gained friends decided to marry Neha, as in Ryan's friend Neha. Though it was more like an arranged marriage, they both soon fell in love and now are inseparable.
Arrival of little Veronica just doubled their bond. And now she's going to be one. I just can't wait to see her.

"Thought so. Is Ryan there? I would like to ask him too."

"He's dow...."

"Right here..."
I jumped a little, hearing his velvety voice near my ear.
Was he here all the time? Stupid stalker. And how come I am so unobservant?

Ignoring my glares, Ryan took the phone and spoke to Asmodeus, all the while nuzzling his head on my hair. Such a teenage boy...

He ended the call saying good byes and hugged me carefully.

"Were you eavesdropping, Ryan?"

"No... not at all. Why should I? I was just following my wife, ensuring that she's fine."

"Now that you know, leave me for heaven's sake." I said muttering but still hugging him. God... I am so bipolar.
And why is this man even after all these years still giving me butterflies???

"I know it's your hormones talking."

He breathed, hugging me even more.

I remained silent enjoying his warmth though our friends are waiting downstairs.

"Decided yet?" He asked, leaning himself on the nearest wall and supporting me.

"What? Whether to divorce you? I think I'll go for a yes."

He chuckled, and I was back to high school.

"You know you can never leave me even if you want to. I'll never let you."
He whispered near my earlobe.

And let the butterflies be free...

"Good thing because I don't plan to leave you anytime in the future." I whispered back huskily.
Two can play this game, you know.

"Hmm.... so decided the names yet?"


"And care to share it with your husband."

"Do you have any suggestion?"
My voice sounded nervous even to my own ears. And why am I nervous again? Oh yeah, pregnancy hormones.

"I have, but let's hear yours first."

I bit my lip and looked down, avoiding his loving gaze.
"Raphael, Lillian and Henry...... If it's ok with you that is"

Instead of 'yes' or 'no' Ryan kissed me, drizzling all the passion in it.

"You just read my mind, baby..."

I breathed a sigh of relief and hugged him again.
A harsh kick separated both of us.

"Geez, whoever that is, you are going to be a skilled football player."
Ryan said placing a soft kiss on where the kid just kicked.

Peter ran and jumped into Ryan's welcoming hands.

"What is it, my Peter Pan?"

"Can I marry Anna?"
We were dumbfounded hearing that our son wanted to marry Nathan's daughter.
Ryan searched for words, but Peter wasn't finished.

"I asked Anna about it and she told me that I should get permission from our parents. So do you agree?"

Ryan's shoulder shook with controlled laughs.
"Why don't you go and ask Uncle Nathan first."

As if on cue, Peter grabbed Anna's hand, who was shyly waiting behind the pillar, and ran downstairs.

We followed right behind them.

The baby Draculas as I like to call them sat on the empty spaces while Peter tackled Nathan.

"Uncle, will you grant me permission to marry Anna?"

Wow... is my son three or twenty-three??

Nathan was beyond speechless, but Rosalie chuckled.
"Does Anna agree to marry you?"

"Yup she even said she loved me."
Peter was all excited as well as proud.

"Is that true Anna?" Nathan asked, giving Anna a stern look. And if I was not pregnant, I would have clutched my stomach and rolled on the floor with laughter seeing his 'protective father's face.

Anna blushed furiously and nodded a yes.

The entire living room was watching Peter as he looked at Nathan expectantly.

"If that's the case, then I will agree for your marriage."

Peter punched the air like a pro. Man, my kid is growing fast.
"But if you break her heart, I am going to have certain words with you, young man. And you will definitely not like it."

I can sense the humor in his words. But Peter stood straight and saluted at Nathan. "Yes, sir. I'll protect her with my life."

From where the hell did he learn that?

"Bro... your son is whipped..."
Sid yelled at Ryan while everyone burst into laughter.

Once settled, Ryan kissed me on the forehead.

"I think our children are growing too fast." Ryan said, pressing his nose on my cheek.

"Thought the same, but from where did he get those words."

Ryan looked at me, offended.
"Where do you think?"

I laughed, seeing him pout.

"Of course you are my protective husband."

"I am and I always will be..."
He kissed again and embraced me tightly.

I am definitely stuck with my vampire mate, but there's no other place I would rather like to be....


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