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Chapter 5

“Hmm ok, now it’s your chance”

“My chance for what?”

He asked, mystified.

“Your chance to tell me about you.”

He was abruptly uncomfortable.

“You wouldn’t want to know that.”

My spirits fell very quickly

“I told you about me, it’s only fair if you do the same.”

He was still tense. Why should he be concerned so much?

“Why are you nervous?”

He gazed at me in alarmed.

“You can see my facial expressions?”

Is he teasing me? Please tell me he’s teasing me.

“For what reason do you at any point ask that? It is apparent from your face.”

He bounced up from the floor and headed towards the mirror, making me open my mouth wide. He inspected his face over and over, his tongue, nose, eyes. Fulfilled, he turned to me.

“You just guessed it, right?”

What the hell is wrong with him?

“Dude, are you even serious? Why should I guess it when I can see for myself?”

He narrowed his eyes as if I am a bug.

“Tell me what I am doing now?”

“You are triple apprehensive and somewhat irritated.”

He suddenly started to panic.

“Why are you overreacting? Is something wrong?”

I got up from my position and was currently confronting him.


“Pardon me? It’ll be advantageous if you communicate in English”.

“I’m communicating in English and I asked how could you see my facial looks?”

And the award for the best question of the year goes to this particular one.

“Since I have eyes and don’t holler at me.” I raged at him, there’s no requirement for him to yell.

He loosened up a bit, then peered at me with a face that I can’t quite describe.

“Look, no one can see my expressions. According to others, I am always serious even when I am sad or happy.”

Alright... I believe it’s my signal to call a psychological establishment, if they have one that is.

“I know you don’t believe me, but that’s the truth. I have a curse and it says that others won’t be able to see my emotions.”

I gawked at him for some time, waiting for laughter or a ‘heyy that was an April fool’. But nothing, he was still there looking at me just like before.

“You are correct, I don’t trust you.”

I chose to stroll back, however his crushed face didn’t permit my appendages to move away from him.

He sat on the lounge chair and sunk his face with solid arms.

“You know what vampires suck, now tell me about this hell of a curse.”

“Will you trust me if I say?”
Should I lie to him?

“I don’t know. Let’s try.”

He sighed.

“Do you believe in witches?”

“Yeah, if vampires can exist, then why can’t witches too?”

He gave me a little grin.

“Good, because the person who cursed me is a witch”

“What did you do to it?”

He smirked slightly.

“It’s ‘her’ not it. The reason was quite stupid actually, but it took a great toll on me.”

I inclined nearer to him, guaranteeing that I need to hear everything.

“It’s not a fairy tale you know”

I just shrugged.

“Okay then. Few centuries back...”

I gasped,

“Centuries? How Old Are You?”

I am literally screaming right now.

“I’m 700 years of age yet only 18 by looks.”

He said as though we are talking about the climate today. Definitely, the climate’s lovely. How could it not be the point at which I am really conversing with somebody who is 681 years more seasoned than me?

“Holy shit!”

“Oh, come on, you want to hear the story or what?”

I was still in shock but really want to hear this.

“I am listening great great great great great great grandpa”

He rolled his eyes at me before continuing.

“I was a normal vampire before, or rather a bit more normal. I was known for my looks and charming smile....”

“Showw offfff.”

He got up from his bed and was going to leave when I intruded.

“Okay, sorry, sorry. Please carry on.”

He sighed, defeated, and came back to his seat.

“Don’t even dare to open that big mouth of yours, young lady. Or else I am done with it.”

I gestured dutifully.

“So many girls were attracted to me, and as I got many choices, I gave them all a chance. Equality, you see.”

Charm, no one but he can make a playboy sound so honest.

“There was one girl named Helena. Unlike others, she didn’t have much interest in me, which touched my pride. If others can fall for me, then why can’t she. I started to stalk her and all. Everyone told me it’s a bad idea as she’s a witch; they really have great anger issues. But I being the moron didn’t pay any attention. After continuous meetings and letters, I finally won. She fell deeply in love with me. But after few months I gave someone else the chance. Helena didn’t like the charity work as I do. We had a huge fight after.

She was really stubborn and cursed me to go all serious on others so that my looks can no longer deceive someone else. When you saw my emotion, I thought the curse has lifted. Only Ryan could see me before, now you too.”

I shook my head up and down, processing everything he said right now.

Its soooooo complicated.

The whole story ought to be distributed as some fantasy, and still the perusers would be befuddled.

“The story’s great and what can I say you deserved it. You were playing with women’s feeling”.

“I know, but after that I changed to a good boy. I accept only those who wish to take risk. No stalking, no meeting, nothing. And it’s pretty hard to date someone when his emotion is always serious.”

He mumbled the last sentence. In spite of the fact that he got what he requested, I actually had sympathy for him.

“Who’s Ryan?”

Decent name there.

“Oh, he’s the guy who just told me you won’t need a company.”

So Mr. Perfect’s name is Ryan.

“What’s his full name?”

Why should I even ask that? My mind is talking all by itself.
He smirked,

“Ryan ‘O’ Donnels”.


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