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Chapter 6

I was processing his name over and over, ’Ryan ‘O’ Donnels’. For what reason does it sound so similar, so near my heart? That came out cliché. Whatever!

“Hey Sid, assuming nobody can see your feeling, then why can I and that Ryan guy see you?”

From his looks, I can comprehend he was thinking the same thing. So it’s a mystery.

“Just leave it; we’ll dive into the details later.”

I waved him a farewell, went to my room and dozed off like a dead individual; all things considered, I am a specialist in it. How I wish there was a competition on this field.

I woke up and felt somebody stroking my cheek. I bounced from my bed and wildly looked here and there. The room was vacant except for the furnitures and me. It might be a dream. But that was one real dream. I touched my cheek; which felt so warm, despite the cool weather. Whatever this fantasy is, it’s giving me peculiar feelings, feelings that I can’t exactly communicate. Sparks or tingles or I don’t know...... Once more I ensured the safety of my room and went back to my best friend. Sleep.

Wake up, someone’s knocking...

Wake up, Atty...

Wake up...

Stupid inner voice. I got out of my covers and harshly opened the door.

“What the heck do you need?”

Because of the LED light from the chandelier that was hung on the corridor, I was unable to see who stood on the opposite side.

“Halloo, I asked you a question. Why aren’t you responding?”

Still no reaction, Is the individual hard of hearing? I peered down and blinked my eyes few times, now better.

First, I saw polished black shoes, then grey balloon fit pants, black round neck t-shirt (hmm nice torso there). At last I met with the jet-black eyes. They were staring at me and, as always, furious.

Is he also cursed by a witch?

“Why are you looking at me like this, again?”

He analyzed me briefly, trailed by his smooth voice.

“Since you are drooling over me, again”.

I remained there like a kid being caught for stealing.

“What do you want?”

I asked embarrassment filled in my sound. He smirked.

I repeat folks he smirked. Either he’s not cursed or I can see his actual side as well. I would prefer the former alternative however.

“I’m here to take you.”

“You guys took me already and that is the reason I am here.”

I said it with a duh tone which irritated him. Ha, he doesn’t know how much I am good at it.

“I am here to take you to meet my family.”

He sounded bored, bored of me. Ah ah, not so soon.

“Why should I meet your family? Do you allow this concession to all your victims?”

That was a challenging move from my part. After the words were out, he stepped his foot and closed the distance between us. I attempted to move back yet proved unable. My psyche’s shouting,

‘Mission Abort’

‘Mission Abort.’

But unfortunately, my legs appear to be tied, tied by his look.

He inclined forward till his minty breath fanned my ear, which sent a shudder down to my spinal cord. Why am I behaving like this? It’s like my body is functioning on its own. I waited for him to do something but he just whispered,

“You will accompany me. No more inquiries. Alright?”

He looked at me hopefully.


With that, I hammered the entryway shut. God, what did I just do????

I shut the door before him.....

I, in a real sense, just shut the door before him.

What the hell is wrong with me? From where did I get such guts...

How did I...........


My chain of musings shook to an unexpected end, as I turned to face the origin of that sound. Rather than my wooden door, I found an unfilled space and an angry yet quiet looking Mr. Perfect.

Did he just? No, he didn’t.


Who the hell is he to interrupt my privacy? I was going to yell at him, however halted when I saw him strolling towards me.

I shouted, hollered, ran, however just in my mind. According to him, I was standing straight, dumbstruck. You are going to face the consequence, Atty.

He was strolling like a hunter going to assault his prey and unfortunately I am his prey.

Indeed, even amidst this pressure, I didn’t neglect to see how attractive he looks in his shirt.

God, he’s making me insane.

Focus Atty focus.

He was inches away from my face and leaned further. There goes the fireworks in me. He impeded me by placing both his hands on either side of the wall. Oh my, my poor heart is going to detonate.

“I said come with me.”

I blinked my eyes once, twice; he was no longer there.

“Was it a fantasy?”

“I don’t have the entire day.”

How might it be a fantasy when my life itself is a bad dream? There he is directly in front of my door less room.

I can’t cope up with just him then how am I going to endure his entire family.

Before taking an off-base move, I followed him quietly. This time he won, but not for long. I have caught wind of pin drop silence, yet this was more than that. I could literally hear my heart stammering and from his smirking face he could as well.

We walked down a long passageway and stopped before a colossal entryway. It’s so large, showing the room’s importance.

Anything that’s on the opposite side is truly not going to be something beneficial for me.

Either they are going to eat me alive or drain me or everything that I thought would happen when I was kidnapped in the first place.

“Be in your best conduct even though I know it’s hard for you.”

I was about to correct him, but the gigantic door moved apart and I followed him inside.

This place is AMAZING. The whole place is glass, even the floor. Outside the glass are flowers, plants and trees.

Who created such a place? It’s a masterpiece.


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