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Chapter 7

I heard a snicker and identified the owner to be a young lady of my age (despite the fact that she might be 1000 years).

She discovered me taking a gander at her and halted in a flash.

“Oh, I am sorry. I was just... I mean your mouth was...”

What’s the problem with my mouth. When I checked, it was hanging in such a way that it can easily take in a whole chicken (I know... exaggeration).

I muttered an ‘oh’ and closed my mouth.

When I looked around, I saw numerous vampires gazing at me.

So this is his family. I am going to have a lot of fun.... or at least they are.....

I was caught up thinking about my death that I didn’t hear my name being called.

“Pardon me?”

It was that same girl.

“Do you generally stare off into space this way?”

I looked awkwardly at her. Really? Daydreaming? I was imagining various probabilities of how they are planning to kill me. So I kept mute.

“Ryan, why don’t you start introducing us to her?”

The owner of that manly voice was a vampire who looks in his early 40s.

If young looking Sid is 700 years old, then how old will he be? God, is he the first human on earth? Stop thinking too much.

“Is she always like this?”

I heard that girl’s voice again. Whom is she talking about?

“I don’t have the foggiest idea. But I guess so.”

It’s the Ryan guy who spoke, and I turned to face him.


He looked bothered at this point.

“‘Pardon me’, ‘Sorry’. If you don’t mind, kindly quit wasting time and focus on what’s going on around you.”

I wanted to hit his face so hard but remained silent.

“That’s enough Ryan we’ll do the introduction part.”

This time it was a woman. She looked around 35 or 40. Her voice was so consoling and loaded with inspiration. Her little grin itself sent warmth all through my body. Naturally, my lips spread into a half grin. Great, now she also has an effect on me. Earlier it was just Mr. Perfect.

“Hello there dear, my name is Elizabeth ‘O’ Donnels and I am Ryan’s mother.”

She reached out her hands to me. Would it be advisable for me to take it? Obviously you ought to.

I warmly greeted her. Despite the fact that her palm was cold, it felt great holding. We both released our hands and looked at each other.

“Hi, I am Ebenezer ‘O’ Donnels, and I happen to be Ryan’s father.”

It’s the owner of that manly voice. He also shook hands with me. I don’t know why, but I suddenly felt like I am home. I wonder what happened there. Are they searching for me? Who knows? I even doubt my grandparents complaining about my missing and that too only if they return from their glorious trips.

“There goes her power again.”

It was the similar young lady.

“Who are you?”

I asked, still having a smile (thanks to his mom).

“At last..... I’m Margaret O Donnels, but you can call me Marg and Ryan is my sibling.”

I thought she was also going to shake hands but surprised me by pulling me into a cold yet warm hug. Finally, when she released the hold, Elizabeth walked towards me and said with a genuine smile.

“Welcome to our family, Atarah Davidson”.

I mumbled a little thank you and went to meet the rest of his family. Why am I even meeting them? Is it generally like this prior to murdering somebody? I wonder......

I met two of his uncles Robert, Alex and their spouses: Patricia, Laura. They all were so pleasant to me. Although the thought of a sudden attack lingered in my mind, it soon faded after talking to three fourth of the vampires. How ironic.

In the corner I saw Adrian, that sick man didn’t die yet, my bad.

I saw someone with Adrian, oh it’s Sid. I jogged towards him slowly. He didn’t see me coming as he was facing Adrian. I thought he was going to tell Sid about my entry but didn’t even divert his gaze.

Guess Mr. Serious likes some fun. Hey, I am getting good in picking nicknames.

I slowly reached his back and,


His expression was priceless as he was scared to death. I laughed like a mad person, giggled and made fun of him to no extent.

“Good gracious, did you see his face.. Hahaha, I would kick the bucket to see it once more.”

“You can see his reaction?”

When I looked around, I found everyone in shock except Ryan, who was smirking. Why was he smirking? Suddenly it clicked. Sid said only me and Ryan could see his features. How can I forget it? I am such a fool.....

“Sorry, but I can”.

Marg’s face was loaded up with confusion, but Elizabeth changed her stunned demeanor to comprehension. She knows something, so I asked inquisitively,

“Do you know anything about it?”

She looked at me mischievously, then shook her head

“None at all.”

I know that she’s lying, but why should she?

“Everyone food is served.”

As soon as Ebenezer announced it, the glass separating us from the greenery parted and everyone started moving towards it. I didn’t know whether to follow them or stay there because honestly; I don’t want to drink blood.

Wait food...... Am I the food? Are they going to kill me? Oh, my death is near and I didn’t even see Spider man Homecoming.

“You are not our meal.”

Relief flooded over me. I was going to say thank you, but he continued

“You are mine.”

With that, Mr. Perfect followed the others. I stood like a statue. I wanted to think that he meant I am his food, but something inside me tells there’s more to it. Ryan stopped near the glass door and turned to me.

“You are coming or not?”

Without another word, I began moving.....

The long feasting table was set in a forest, it seems. The sight is wonderful and the whole place generates a positive radiance.

I moved on to the corner seat that is scarcely perceptible, wishing to sit alone.

When was the last time luck was on my side? Because Margaret or rather Marg came and sat right next to me.

Food was served. When I said food, I meant the real one, not blood or human bones. I literally thanked my birth stars when I saw duck roast with freshly baked bread.

Everyone chattered among themselves and none of them diverted their attention to me, which I am really happy about.

Suddenly the glass door opened and in came five good looking vampires, three ladies and two men.


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