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Chapter 8

It was like they were screaming ‘power’. Their authorial face was enough for anyone to read.


And I am not planning to do so anytime in my life. Only if I knew then. Ryan got up from his seat and gave each one of them a small hug. After their short greeting they all acknowledged elder ones in the room.


I couldn’t say whether it’s the correct method to call a vampire, anyway she looked at me.

“You want to know who they are.”

Woo, ‘I didn’t know Marg could read minds.’

“Dumbo I got it from your face.”

Oops, did I say that out loud. I waved my head slightly and looked at her as if she was Google.

“They are Ryan’s friends. Let me refresh that ‘Hell of friends’. They may look tough but believe me when I say Ryan’s the toughest but these guys intimidate us a lot, a lot means a lotttt.”

I nodded my head in understanding.

“That Blondie with long hair is Neha. Then short one is Alice and the brunette one is Rose. That leather jacket guy is Edmund, and the handsome one is Jeril. Isn’t he a cuteee?”

They might have heard her because all heads turned to us, including Ryan’s.

Then the Edmund guy spoke, much to my dismay

“You..... come here.”

I was welcoming my own demise by strolling towards them. All thanks to Marg and her squealing. Ryan had a smirk plastered on his face, which irritated me like hell, while Sid was tensed. Adrian too held a face of hopelessness.

Oh oh guess I am really going to die. I was shivering by the time I reached there and to increase my tension all eyes were on me.

“So you are that girl.”

It was that short-haired girl. What was her name? Yeah Alice.

“Doesn’t look she’s worth it”

What ‘it’? I wanted to ask her, but kept silent. Haven’t you heard curiosity killed the cat? Well, I have heard it a lot.

“She’s just a mere human”.

It was Rose this time. Who gave her the right to talk about humans like that?

“And to complete it she’s a girl, scratch it, a pretty girl who’s useless.”

Jeril was smirking while he pointed at me. Only if they knew my actual character

I glanced at Sid pleadingly, but he looked down. Guess I am on my own now.

“Hey pretty useless girl, do you know how to sing?”

Edmund raised his head, waiting for an answer.

I shook my head, murmuring ‘no’. I felt like a college girl being ragged by a group of bullies.

“Come on, we know you sing from your voice and you have won several singing competitions back in school. Haven’t you? So sing for us like a good girl if you want to stay alive.”

This time Alice’s expression changed to a serious one. What have I gotten myself into? And how the hell did they get my school records? Was I not a random pick?

“Sing”, was all Ryan said, but from his voice I know he’s dead serious.

I do not have any choice other than to sing. I sighed, gaining some confidence.

It’s a song they want and a song will they get. I started to sing ‘Pretty Girls’..

(Please listen to the song above.)

I sang confidently. Each time the verse ‘am not just a pretty girl’ came I looked at them smirking. Mere human ha? They don’t know whom they are dealing with.

After completing, I had the face of a child winning teddy bear after a tough game.

I didn’t expect an embrace, but that was exactly what I got. It was from Neha. She was silent all this while, unlike others she didn’t infuriate or insult me.

“I knew you were brave and special.”

There goes the special thing again. I thought the others were going to snap at me, but nothing happened. To the contrary, they were smiling. Are vampires mad? I guess so. I turned to see Ryan, who had a proud face. Is he proud of ‘me’? That’s typical.

Rest of the day was uneventful other than Marg constantly nagging me to teach her the song.

I hit the sack ahead of schedule as I was exhausted from my adventure today. And also tomorrow I am going to get answers for why I am here. I am planning to ask Elizabeth as I have a special liking towards her.

‘Knock’ ‘Knock’.

Is it morning already? It seemed like I have only slept for two hours. I checked the clock and cursed. I actually slept only for one and a half hour and not even two.

Who has the guts to wake me up in the middle of a night? I am going to kill whoever it is. I opened my door (which was already fixed when I came one and a half hour before) and found Mr. Perfect himself. He was wearing a simple black jeans and a blue t-shirt. His hair looked messy, confirming he was sleeping.

“Why do you always have to drool at me?”

I wanted to say

‘because you always look awesome’

but just shrugged.

He nodded, thinking about something, and entered my room. Doesn’t he know the meaning of personal space? I stood near the door expecting an answer for barging into my room in the middle of the night, but he just kept roaming around.

After completing a full circle he sat on my bed, then laid on it as if he owns it (of course he owns it, but right now it’s mine.) I cleared my throat - no move; I coughed- nothing; I said hello. This time he looked at me, irritated.

Excuse me, but I should be having that face now.

“Will you please get out of my room, so that I can sleep”

“You are ordering me to get out of my own room?”

He was surprised at first, but immediately covered it.

“I guess so?”

It came out more like an inquiry than an assertion.

He smirked

“Make me.”

With that, he shut his eyes.

Oh, I will...... Big mistake Ryan really big mistake. No one mess with me, neither a human nor a vampire. You are going to pay for this. I will make you run to your room.


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