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Chapter 9

I thought of pouring an entire bucket of water over him but changed my plan as soon as it came. After all its old fashion, I want to make him pay for disturbing my beautiful sleep. I looked around the room till my eyes settled on the pillow. I always wanted to hit him. Now is the chance.

But just a hit will not suffice.

Let me mix the old and new method.

I sauntered to ‘my’ bed and grabbed the pillow with my right hand and a container brimming with ice water (as I am fond of it) with the left.

I ‘psst’ called him. As expected, no response. So I purged the entire jug on him. He bounced up from the bed but prior to understanding what’s going on I hit him with the cushion hard on face.

His feet lost equilibrium and fell on the bed with a crash. His expression was priceless, like a child not knowing what to do; he took a gander at me with disarray.

Before he could respond, I ran towards the washroom and bolted the entryway.

In spite of the fact that the wet one was him, it was me who’s shuddering. It was not out of dread but absolutely of energy. I liked it, and I liked it so much.

My grin went to a Cheshire smile when I heard him snarl, loaded with outrage. He was cursing out loud and I know that I am going to die but enjoyed doing it and if got the chance, I would do it once more.

Mad right... He stomped out of the room and I heard the door shut.

As my pulse went to its typical speed, I placed my ear close to the door, confirming that not a single sound was heard from the room. I slowly opened the bathroom door and peeked through it, affirming again that it was safe. I got out of the washroom and found my sheets thrown out of bed.

God, he was truly irate, however he welcomed it on himself. Suddenly I saw a shadow moving behind the curtains. I strolled over yonder and moved the blinds with shaking hands.

There’s a balcony? I never knew that. I opened the glass door and fresh air hit my face. I remained close to the edge of the iron rails and appreciated the view as the place was breath-taking even in the night.

“Revenge time...“, was all I heard before loosing my balance and falling from the balcony. I prayed for the last time waiting to hit the floor, instead I was met with icy cold water.

I really need a ‘How to breathe’ book now because I literally forgot to breathe. I kicked my leg and sprang to the surface like a cork. I discovered that the stranded place was a swimming pool.

Great... But who pushed me? I looked above and found ‘him’ grinning. So it was him. I hate this guy.

“Told you its revenge time”

I cursed under my breath. I will make him pay for this, not afterwards but now, right now.

I calculated a whole script in my mind that instant. This should work. I covered my grinning face with a crushed one and gradually swam towards the steps. He was keeping a close eye on me, and that is exactly what I want. I reached there and tried to climb, however impersonated, like something got between my legs. I kicked my foot as if to remove something. Then all of a sudden I submerged into the water with a loud splash as if someone pulled me, then jumped up and down trying to release my fanciful captivator.


Oh, I got him... He screamed my name twice, then I heard someone jumping into the water. Haha... The fish’s caught in the net.

When I swam to the surface after two or three minutes, I found him looking frantically for me. His eyes were full of fear. Is he seriously afraid of me being drowned? After all, he brought me here to slaughter. I cleared my throat, smirking, and he turned immediately. Relief washed over his face, but soon it was supplanted with outrage. This made me feel more content.

“I told you not to mess...”

He didn’t permit me to finish the sentence as he slapped my face.

Before I could even register the pain, he pulled me to his perfectly sculptured body, embraced me like his life relied upon it.

I was too stunned to even consider saying anything.

The firework inside me was going crazy. I have never felt anything like this before. I felt protected...

It resembled somebody reciting, ‘You belong here, with him’ in my head.

His breath was sporadic. Even after two minutes, Ryan didn’t lose his grip on me. Instead, he hugged me tighter.

“I thought you left me again.”

He mumbled subsequent to loosening up a bit.

Again? But I have never left him. I haven’t even seen him before. Then what did he mean by ‘leave him again?’ So many questions came rushing to my head.

He released me slowly but placed both his hands on my shoulder.

“Never do that again. Do you get it? Never under any circumstance.”

He whispered, looking straight to my face. His eyes held heaps of feelings: despondency, distress, dejection, love.

Wait, love? Maybe I am wrong...

Looking at him made me want to go back to his arms, under his protection.

We both separated after sometime unwillingly and he accompanied me back to my room. He watched me close the door with so much pain, as if he didn’t want me to leave.

After closing I felt empty, like I have forgotten something.

Without thinking, I opened my door and ran to him. Fortunately, he was strolling in typical human speed. He was amazed seeing me, yet didn’t attempt to cover it. I grabbed both his arms all of a sudden, which startled him, and his muscles tensed under my touch.

“I am sorry”

He didn’t say anything at first, but a slow twitch formed on his lips.

“This would do for now.”

Without responding I went back to my room leaving him there.

I feel happy....


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