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"I'd catch you every time" he said 25 year old Chleo Liseho Smith. A short young woman that can brighten anyone's day. Born and raised in the West Coast of South Africa. Chleo gets the opportunity of a lifetime. But it means moving away from her family. Kai Russo 29 year old American-Italian thats quite the opposite of her. How will she cope working with a boss that is as cold as the Antarctica and have walls as high as Mount Kilimanjaro .

Romance / Drama
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Chaper 1

Chleo's POV

Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep beep. my phone vibrating on my night stand indicating that I have new notifications coming through.

"Leave me alone don't you people know its too early to be on social media" talking to myself in bed with my eyes closed, afraid to open them then I'd be wide awake.

Pushing myself up against the headboard and reaching for my phone on the nightstand. Unlocking it to find 20 something Facebook notifications and 75 Whatsapp notifications. Rolling my eyes cause 52 of those messages are from my younger siblings we have a Whatsapp group "the sibling group" as the two of them call it for us to communicate around our parents in peace while in their presence. Reading from my notification bar without opening any apps :

"Did you guys feel that"

"Whoa I got so scared my whole bed was shaking"

"I was crying😱😭😭"

"Feel what? What's going on" I asked myself as I started to panic I unlock my phone to read what's going on. Seeing warning signs on weather pages and people sharing them and a notification on facebook to mark yourself safe. Turns out I slept right through a minor earthquake. It would be judgement day and I'll probably sleep right through it. Finally getting out of bed I walked to my bathroom to do my morning routine and heading downstairs to see what's for breakfast when I heard weird noises coming from my stomach.

With her back facing me I find my mom in the kitchen as she just about finished preparing breakfast.

"Môre CeeCee,"(Morning CeeCee) my mom greeted me. My mother is a beautiful Coloured woman and would most of the time speak Afrikaans with me and the twins and English with my Dad which was from a Sotho tribe and speak isiSotho. He has been with my mom since she was four months pregnant with me, seven years later they had the twins. She looked beautiful in her sundress with her natural curls hanging loose around her face complimenting her olive shade skin.

"Môre Mammie, wat ruik so lekker?" (Morning mom what smells so nice?). I greeted and asked her.

"I made some bacon, eggs and toast there's some granola and yogurt if you want. Your brother and sister have been talking non stop about this minor earthquake but I know you my child you probably felt nothing" she says while dishing up for me, which is too much.

"Yeah I saw all the posts, its all over social media and the news. I think some of these posts are exaggerating. Where are the twins and Papa? " I asked taking the plate from her before she can add more food to it. "You're father had an early appointment and those two went out for a jog just before you came in. When are you leaving for Cape Town?". Dad is a therapist in our National Defense Force and had been leaving early in the morning the entire week since some troops returned and some was in need of counseling.

As much as my parents support me with my career they really hate the fact that I'm always on the road from Cape Town to Langebaan where I grew up and vice versa. A little tourist town. I used to find it boring but working in the city made me appreciate it more and I'm home way more then I should be despite having an appartment in Cape Town.

"The day after tomorrow Mr Russo is only returning tomorrow so he gave me the day off. Lucky me" grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Tsk tsk lui kind" (Lazy child). Grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl laughing at my mom as I head back to my room. Guess I'll Netflix and chill all day long.

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