How to Love a Blind yet Faithful Submissive

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“Talk about a day of craziness,” Natasha drawled bitterly as she, Jocelyn, Salim, and I finally headed back to our condo and made our way to the entertainment room where we crashed into various chairs and sofas. “And I had hoped for a peaceful farewell party that would kick off for your new job at House of Suez.”

“Tell me about it,” I muttered as Salim pulled me into his lap as he sat back into the chaise lounge. “I feel so empty and so done with everything. You guys, I am so scared for each of us and-“

“Don’t,” Salim growled. “You got too much potential to let that whore win, habibi. And if Armand were here with us and heard you saying that, he and I would happily take turns whipping you with a riding crop and sucking all the self-loathing out of you.”

I gasped, my blood running cold with fever and lust at the candid speech. “Salim, I-“

“Oh, boy,” Jocelyn mumbled. “I can smell the sexual tension from here and I’m as straight as an arrow.”

“I’ll say,” Natasha assented as I heard her stand up from the reclining chair. “And as much as I prefer those two to wait until they reach the altar, I’m implementing the Emergency Passion Clause.”

“Wait, Emergency Passion Clause?” Salim said, confusion in his voice.

I heard my friend sigh in exasperation. “I’ve been reading Dr. DuSable’s latest Wattpad novel and I know that in circumstances like this, the seme and the uke always get caught in some whirlwind of passion when danger and scandal is always imminent and the two boys screw each other like bunnies in heat. Now I’m still holding you in my probationary period, Salim, since I know that you can easily turn bad on my friend like my blasted cousin did. But in cases like this, you’re proving yourself to be a good guy. And so, I’ve had one of the maids make an EPC kit when the time comes and I can’t think of a good time as any for you to-“

“Oh, Lord,” I groaned as Salim started to laugh in my ear, his strong hands caressing my shoulders. “You’re not saying that you’re actually giving him-“

If Natasha was playing a cruel prank on me, I’ll be designing her an ugly bridesmaid dress in a horrible shade of pink, complete with fluffy skirts and hideous bows. Not even Barbie would want to wear it.

But if she wasn’t kidding…then I’d be losing my virginity in a heartbeat tonight. I can only imagine my mother’s reaction…

“Child, just make sure that you use protection and lube,” she cackled as I saw her in the living room watching her favorite soap opera. “And don’t worry. If he does go bad, I’ll be haunting him from the grave. Now have fun, but not too much fun for your sake.”

Thanks a lot, Mama.

“Yep, I’m giving you two some privacy tonight,” Natasha said, confirming my suspicions. “And I’ll be wearing headphones while you’ll be getting sticky.”

“Ditto,” Jocelyn muttered as Salim helped me to stand before picking me up in a fireman’s carry. “I guess I can join Jocelyn in her room for a sleepover. And I’ll have Marcia and Clarissa over as well.”

“Ladies,” Salim said as he carried me out of the room and up the stairs where my night with him was about to begin. In my ear, “We are going to have so much fun tonight, baby boy. I’ve been playing nice and holding out for as long as I could. But I can no longer wait and I bet that you can’t, either. Tonight is the night, my love. By morning, you’ll wake up a new man and in a whole new world.”

And judging from my racing heart, I believed him.


Salim’s bedroom had this rich and dark aura that had me feeling the same vibes that I had imagined when I painted the piece: Deep crimson meets copper-orange, molten-lava gold, and midnight black. My nose picked up the scents of fresh strawberries and melted chocolate alongside a faint smell of peppermint as I heard Salim take off his clothes in a swift yet casual motion.

Salim pulled me closer to him, a tide of goose flesh rushing right through my body as I felt his bare skin. “Feel me,” he purred. “Describe my body using only your fingers and your words.”

Holy hellfire and burning brimstone, I was in front of an Apollo incarnate. If I thought that initial version of him when I first kissed him in his office that day was amazing, then his now brief-clad body was definitely a sight to behold. Taking a deep breath, I felt Salim loosen his grasp as I slowly circled around his powerful frame and traced his body, like I was working my way around Michelangelo’s David statue. “It’s like I’m touching marble,” I murmured, my fingers gliding on his defined chest and powerful abs. “You take excellent care of yourself. And your muscles are not Arnold-big, but the right kind of big- lean yet toned. You have a Porsche of a body.”

Salim laughed lowly at that. “So I’ve been told,” he drawled, pushing my hand down to his- hello, Madonna and Beyoncé! “What bout here?”


I steady my breathing, needing to make my next choice of words as less explicit as I could. “You’re- oh, crackers,- well-endowed,” I stammered. “And- oh, jeez. I can say that your ass is so perfect.”

Now Salim laughed out loud. “Baby boy, I can tell that you’re blushing like a virgin,” he guffawed, “but don’t you worry, though. Tonight, I plan to really have you in a new world and have you feeling new things than before. Callaway is missing out on you. And I can tell you this: he can NEVER, EVER, top what I have in store for you.”

With that, he started to unbutton my shirt, taking his sweet time as he snuck in a few deep kisses that left me moaning and groaning and my knees nearly collapsing. Tossing my shirt and undershirt aside, he started to take off my belt and slacks until I was down to my black boxer briefs. Without warning, he swooped me off the floor and onto the bed where he took off my shoes and socks before climbing on top of me, his hair lightly tickling me as he slowly used his head to caress over my flat stomach and chest before I sensed that we were face to face, his breath smelling of cinnamon, champagne, and iced tea before he leaned in for a kiss that went from light and hesitant to passionate and more fervent as we deepened the kiss further.

Suddenly, the bedroom door swung open as I smelled Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Taylor in the mix. Floriana and Dr. DuSable?!

“Yes! That’s what I am talking about,” I heard the therapist cackle as I heard a faint whirring from a camcorder. “This is so going to be the inspiration for my next book!”

“And I thought that I was going to be disgusted,” I heard Floriana’s thick exotic voice say through a mouthful of popcorn. “This is hot as-“

“Okay, Mary, it’s time for us to leave!” I heard Evita Mateo say as she hurriedly herded both protesting women out of the room. “Don’t hurt him, Salim!”

“Missing a good show,” I heard DuSable complain from the hallway alongside a few protests, mostly from Clarissa and Natasha. If I could blush, I would as Salim chuckled deeply in my ear.

“They really want a good show,” he said before turning me over on my stomach. “Ah, baby boy, I cannot wait for this moment to begin.”

“Salim, please,” I whimpered as I felt his fingers glide down my back before reaching the waistband of my underwear and slowly pulling them off of me as if he was unwrapping his birthday present. “Please, Daddy, fuck me.”

And at that, I felt the temperature in the room rise as I heard him drop his underwear before reaching for the bottle of peppermint lube on the nightstand. “As you wish,” he growled in my ear. “This is going to be so much fun.”



The air cracked in anticipation as Salim started to lubricate his fingers before gently sliding one of his digits into the boy’s tight hole, making the boy silently moan in pleasure and arch his back in bliss. “Stay still,” he ordered. “Don’t make a sound.

Isaiah quietly obeyed, not wanting to make his new master mad, gripping the silk bedspread for support as he felt Salim’s finger lightly brush against the magic spot. He took in a giant breath as another finger entered inside and repeated the same process of going in and out.

“Feel that, Isaiah,” Salim said in a teasing voice, the liquid fire in his eyes. “How I wish you can see me in my Dominant aura. You think this is something now? Wait until I have you in my playroom. How I want to have you begging for mercy, you being strapped on the Saint Andrews cross as I spank your perfect ass with a flogger. Or maybe even on my private piano as we only wear spandex briefs as I tease your body with Tantric sex.

Isaiah nodded silently, biting his lip from crying out in passion as a third finger entered into his hole.

“I can only imagine what’s going on in your marvelous mind, love,” Salim continued on as he used his right hand to caress the boy’s weeping cock. “Can you count to ten to calm your racing mind for me? Let yourself enter into calm and ease your worries away.”

Isaiah slowly counted backwards from ten, taking a deep breath in between each number as he felt Salim’s fingers slowly go in and out in a teasing yet tortuous manner. “Okay,” he breathed. “I’m feeling a bit much better.”

“Good, Salim growled as he removed his fingers and sheathed himself before hovering his hardening cock over the boy’s ass as he gripped the boy’s legs over his shoulders before slowly easing himself in. “Now, relax. Tonight is all about you and me. Caylee Amerson will get her justice and you’ll begin your new job tomorrow. But tonight is all about making sweet love to you until the final stroke of midnight and I might not even stop there.”

With one swift thrust, Salim entered inside the boy, making him cry out in slight pain that was replaced with pleasure. Caramel met chocolate as Salim let Isaiah rest his boy to accommodate his massive hardness- fingers intertwining with one another as they slowly kissed with fervent passion as if to welcome one another home.


In each other’s eyes they saw the massive snowstorm that intermingled with the falling rose petals that caressed each other’s naked frames with the essences of each other’s scents: the dominant’s cinnamon from Mexico and India with the finest champagne from France and the submissives fresh honey made from the bees of Savannah and the peppermints made in Germany.

The night birds sing alongside the fairies hidden in the cypress trees of Lebanon “Come away, come away with me to a land of passion and mercy” while the young lovers drank from each other’s rivers of passion and bliss, caressing and thrusting into each other’s warm bodies while kissing without remorse or abandon.

Who knew that heaven for these two can be something so real yet scorned by the bride of Babylon who threatens their lives in an act of vengeance? She who dresses like a harlot can never have something that they or anyone else can forge in the fires of their hearts, her waging a losing war on something that can never be duplicated by her merry brood of venomous soldiers bought by her hand.

“Please,” the young nymph cries out in ecstasy as his paramour continues to make his way inside his garden of love. “I never want you to leave. I’m yours, my love.”

“As I am yours as well,” his guardian of Arabia replies as he let out a guttural moan of lust, sealing their bond of glory as the final rose petal falls on his masculine back and kisses the boy with a final blaze of glory.

And tears of joy leave the blinded slave’s eyes before darkness crashes over them both…


“Beautiful,” Salim murmured in Isaiah’s ear as they came from their sexual high after two hours of lovemaking, he caressing the boy’s flat chest. “You made me feel more of a man and I can never thank you enough for entering into my life.”

“Salim…god-like…well-endowed,” the younger boy murmured sleepily, his mind in subspace. “My dominant…silk…passion…molten-gold.”

Salim laughed lowly. “You are so out of it, baby boy,” he said as he slowly pulled out of the boy and went to the side of the bed before tucking themselves into bed. “I love you, Isaiah Van Blackwell. You may not know it now, but I love you.”

And as if for a brief moment, he heard Isaiah reply, “I love you too, Salim Saint Croix. Please don’t break my heart. I can’t bear anymore heartbreak.”

“Never,” Salim whispered as he kissed the boy’s temple. “You are mine as much as I am yours. Forever.”

And that was a promise he intended to keep, even if death did they part. And Salim knew what he had to do as he made a mental note to make a visit to Tiffany and Company to get the perfect ring. And also talk to the a certain queen and two certain friends. And his family.

As far as he was concerned, he found his forever Sub and Isaiah found his eternal Dominant, together until never.

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