How to Love a Blind yet Faithful Submissive

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“Man, I bet that Isaiah is going to be one lucky kid when he sees that ring,” Dominic exclaimed, whistling lowly at the sight of the ring I had chosen- a beautiful platinum band that was topped by two solitaire-cut jewels (an emerald for my baby’s birth month and an exquisite diamond with each jewel surrounded by miniature sapphires. “And I assumed that you told your family about all of this?”

I nodded. “Mom and Dad already knew that I was going to formally pop the question during the silence between Amerson’s reign of terror,” I replied.

The two of us were at Firenze Bakery over a bit of lunch after we handled a bit of businesses while my love and his trusty friend were already the talk of the designing world with Isaiah already fixing fashion flaws and working on his own pieces when not helping me on my Reverb line (we agreed to have a fashion show that paired the women’s formalwear and evening gown line with the men’s underwear and swimwear line to showcase the balance of masculinity and femininity) and helping out with working on the Midnight Phoenix line. And yes, I heard that he was given countless offers for lunch dates and even a chance to work behind the scenes for Tony Walton’s newest sci-fi line. My baby was going to be as huge as Jarvis was in the cooking world. And speaking of which, “You heard when Jarvis and Armand were returning?”

“They had to attend an emergency meeting over at the Boston office,” Dominic explained. “And good thing too, because Armand’s been really horny with Jarvis. Those two are like sugar on the hoof. And from the look on your face, so are you.”

“Hey, it won’t be long until the time for you to start finding your lover,” I teased as Mama Mauretta set two plates of the panini special. “And don’t be surprised when your mom will start asking questions alongside everyone else at my wedding.”

Dominic smirked, playing with a stray French fry. “I actually started seeing someone, who’s actually my god-brother thanks to my mom and his mom being close friends themselves,” he replied. “Problem is, though, he’s always turning me down and giving me a cold look. I heard that he’s a prominent writer in the erotic romance world and he can write things that would make even Zoe blush in embarrassment. How can someone who writes romance reject the idea of falling in love himself?”

“Well, maybe you’ll continue your quest for his heart once all of this is over,” I pointed out, sipping on my glass of Coke.

“Believe me, after seeing you and Armand find your lover I plan to go after mine and you know that no one ever says ‘no’ to Dominic Telfair.”

“I heard that. Anyway-“ my phone rang, cutting me off. Irritated, I answered the call after the second ring. “What?” I hissed.

“It’s Miss Laura from Mama Sophie’s,” I heard her say in a panicked tone. “And there was a blackout where Isaiah and Natasha were having lunch with Cassie and Catalina. The four of them got kidnapped and I believe that I have a good-“

My eyes widened in terror and anger. “I know who kidnapped him,” I growled. “Are the police and Daniel-“

“They’re already here alongside the Blue Bayou queens and the queens from Mariah’s alongside the main three. Floriana’s on the way alongside Marcia and the Franklin siblings and a few other intel. We’re waiting on you and Dominic. And Evita is NOT happy at all!”

“I’m on my way,” I said, disconnecting the phone. To Dominic, “That was Miss Laura. Isaiah, Natasha, Cassie, and Catalina have been kidnapped by none other than-“

“Caylee Amerson,” I heard Natalie and Mama Mauretta say as they had their bags in hand and looks of fury in their eyes.

“You two are coming? What about the shop?”

“Hezekiah and a few other hands are handling things. The two of us are working alongside Saigon Tiara and she immediately called us about the situation,” Natalie replied firmly. “Plus, we’re helping out Miss Laura in the kitchen to provide the food since she’s short-staffed. Let’s go, child and get Isaiah back from the nasty heffa!”

She didn’t have to tell me twice. I followed the storming women who were on the warpath. And to be honest with you, so was I.


“I contacted one of my intel teams who’s at the California Bureau of Investigation and she told me that one of the neighbors saw a large man grab Jocelyn, who was putting up a hell of fight,” Saigon said as she and Floriana were glancing at their iPads, she dressed in her femme-fatale tweed-and-linen glory, complete with sunglasses and her signature wide-brimmed hat. “Sadly, she was knocked out by a female kidnapper and was then hog-tied and gagged.”

“Also, Ryan Callaway was sadly kidnapped, last time I heard from his parents,” Evita, wearing a black cocktail dress a la Audrey Hepburn, added. “And they, alongside Amerson’s grandfather are casting out nets and questioning everyone who follows the tramp on social media, asking them to let them know where she’s taken them.”

Everyone- my parents and Isaiah’s barbershop buddies and the Vinsons included- were currently camped out at the large diner, with Mama Natalie, Mama Mauretta, Mama Mariah, and the other chefs providing food for the policemen and federal agents who were securing the area and redirecting the other customers to either Firenze or Mariah’s.

“This can’t be happening,” Marcus said, pacing around and looking quite frustrated while Shadie Layne (looking like the Black Widow with her flowing red wig and dressed in a black bodysuit) was hurriedly distributing fresh coffee and cakes to a grateful policewoman who was talking to Coco and Samara. “Man, that hoe better not have laid a hand on Isaiah and Natasha. She’s lucky that I’m not there to killer her ass!”

“Marcus, honey, calm down,” Mariah said as she came to her just as the HR manage from Vibe Streetwear came in with two young designers following suit.

“Mr. Saint Croix, this is Dan’Yetta Lanier and Tyler Carvick who knew Isaiah briefly and witness Amerson at the interview that day when she and Isaiah were vying for the job,” Mr. Sayers introduced himself as he and the two designers took their seats. “And we just got word that Amerson’s on the warpath against us as well, her band of goons trashing up my workrooms and burning my prototypes for the fall/winter line.”

The woman named Dan’Yetta wiped away a stray tear as she patted her braids. “Isaiah’s a really good kid when Tyler and I first met him,” she said in a croaked tone from crying. “And I cant let-“

“What she means, Mr. Saint Croix, is that we saw way too many physically and mentally disabled people get tossed to the side or even harassed by the narrow-minded folks. Back home in Tennessee, I saw this really sweet girl with Down Syndrome get beaten up by these thugs when she was shopping because she wouldn’t accept a date with one of them. She was gunned down by the leader not too long afterwards, but her hateful parents had her buried by the state because they thought that she broke the family when she was born. From last I heard, that family’s still partying over her demise.”

Dan’Yetta nodded. “And this boy with autism was repeatedly beaten up by his own brother and father because his mind acted more different than theirs. They wanted him to ‘be normal’ and vowed to beat him every day until he did. I was his classmate back in seventh grade,” she said. “I wanted to help him, but he said that they’d never loved him unless they beat him once or twice a day. Well, one day-“

“No, Miss Lanier,” Mr. Sayers said to her in a gentle voice.

“No, I need to say this,” the woman said. “Anyway, one day it was his older brother’s birthday and my friend decided to make him and his dad a special dinner. And he could really cook in the kitchen- but not as good as Isaiah could. He made them chicken and rice with some lima beans. Those two did like the dinner…and three days later, I was consoling his devastated mother and grandparents as he was buried. The father and son had ‘loved’ the kid to death after raping him.”

“That’s sick,” Shadie breathed.

“Sadly, they got away with it, but I made a vow to made sure that kids like him and Isaiah wouldn’t get treated like that,” Dan’Yetta said, giving me a firm look. “And I had a feeling that Isaiah would meet you one of these days. And I found out that you’re marrying him so I’m telling you now this- you let Isaiah get killed by that broad, I’ll have my grandmamma kill you herself.”

“Ditto,” Tyler said, giving me a nasty glare. “And you know that my mama’s a big fan of your brother-in-law along with her church group. And they’ve got guns to take you down.”

“And don’t get me started with my wife,” Mr. Sayers said. “And you know how these drag queens are when they had a friend they’ve taken under their wing get caught in danger. They can get nasty.”

“Preach,” Shadie said.

I nodded just as my cell phone rang. Shadie snatched it out of my grasp and put it on speakerphone. “Hello,” I said.

“Ah, Salim Saint Croix,” I heard the teasing Valley Girl say over the phone in a menacing tone. “I believe that I have your fiancée and his little clique of buddies all in my grasp. And I also have the faggot of my ex-fiancé as well.”

“What do you want?” I asked, keeping my voice calm and leveled.

“Simple, really,” she said. “I merely want to be the queen of all LA and be the true diva of the fashion world. I know that you’re swinging for the same team you’re on, so you’ll be off limits. But what I really want is money and fame. Have the police wire me one BILLION dollars to me by midnight alongside a private jet to the South Pacific by sundown. Succeed, and you’ll have your babe and friends safe and sound. Fail, and you’ll need to get your black suit ready because I’ll be shedding blood and burning the whole city down. In either case, I win and you all lose.”

The line disconnected, my anger on high levels. “There’s no way in hell I’m going to-“ I began.

“I know where she is,” I heard her grandfather say, his eyes beady with pride.

“What?!” we all exclaimed in unison.

The older man smiled. “Judging from the phone call, I know where she has your friends and where she is,” he drawled. “Do you trust me, Mr. Saint Croix.”

I nodded.

“Then get me a limo and have two briefcases filled with the ransom money ready,” he boomed. “My granddaughter wanted to be the queen? Then she’ll wear her crown.”

“What are you going to do?” I wanted to know, confused on where this was going.

“It’s not what I’m going to do but what someone else is going to do. And I have someone at the ready that will put an end to her reign once and for all. I just called him up and he’ll meet you at the location. Now, you and Shadie get that boy and his friends back.”

I smiled. “Sir, yes sir,” I replied. Time to rescue my baby.



“Mr. Frazier-Saint Croix, it’s so good to have you back in America,” the prison warden said as he and the Attorney General shook hands with Jarvis and Armand after the duo stepped off the plane. “I wished that we could’ve met under better circumstances, but I believe hat you heard about your sister’s suicide.”

The caramel-skinned teenager nodded, grateful that his husband was by his side. “I just got the news two days ago. We had to make a quick stop to Boston to settle some affairs at the Boston office before coming here.”

“All well and fine, but before your sister died, she told me that she was called by her friend Caylee Amerson that she was going to kidnap your future brother-in-law alongside his ex-boyfriend, his friends Natasha Allman, Miss Catalina Perez, the personal shopper of the Saint Croix, and Caylee’s half-sister Jocelyn Camden. She also has Clarissa MacNeil, a close friend of yours.”

“Oh my goodness,” Armand breathed. “And I take it that she succeeded?”

“Sadly, yes,” the Attorney General, a stout middle-aged man said in a somber tone. “And we needed to let you know that-“

“Say no more,” Jarvis said, a firm look in his eyes. To Armand, “Have the chauffer bring my special bag and tell him to have my contact- her grandfather- to let him know that I’ll be on my way to where his granddaughter is at and where’s she holding them hostage.”

“What are you going to do?” the warden said.

“Mr. Daniels, sir, Caylee’s grandfather warned me that she was unstable as my sister and her cronies were when they attacked me and my family,” Jarvis said, sipping on his cup of tea. “And he told me that I’d be the one to honor his request and rid him and Isaiah of the girl once and for all. And I intend to do just that.”

“Are you sure that you can handle this?” The A.G said, eyes lit in worry as he looked up and down at the lithe and clean-dressed young man as his husband handed him a small black carry-on duffel bag.”

“Sir, you obviously don’t know my husband well,” Armand said with a proud look in his face. “Since that fateful day, my baby’s been taking self-defense classes and he’s not as fragile and mentally broken as he once was. He can handle his own.”

“And so I will,” Jarvis replied. “Babe, I’ll need to change into my outfit and then, I’ll be off. Time to kill the big bad wolf and set the lambs free.”

With that, Jarvis Frazier-Saint Croix headed back to the plane, his mind set on one thing- to recuse Isaiah Van Blackwell and take down Caylee Amerson per request once and for all.

“Mr. Saint Croix, you really are one lucky bastard,” the warden commented.

Armand grinned wildly. “You have no idea,” he replied.

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