How to Love a Blind yet Faithful Submissive

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Gently being laid down on the bed on my back, I as swiftly cuffed to the bed with my arms handcuffed and placed behind my hand and my ankles bound to the cuffs at the ends of bedposts. Finally, I was blindfolded, hindering my limited sight even more before I heard the built-in speakers of Beyoncé softly emanate throughout the room. The air crackled with anticipation with the liquid fire running through my veins.

My skin prickled in slight fear and anticipation, holding back a cry of shock as I felt a cold spoon running up and down my chest and stomach in a slow and tantalizing motion before I heard a lid pop before I was greeted by the faint dairy smell of whipped cream as the confection was starting to be placed up and down my bare legs, my genital area (my raging boner that was restrained by a cock ring included), my stomach, chest and arms. I took in a sharp deep breath, keeping myself still.

“So pretty for me,” I heard Salim purr in my ear, his voice deep with desire. “And you hold still perfectly for me. I just need to add in the finishing touches to my chocolate treat.”

Chocolate treat?! Me?! Sweet Mother of Michael Kors and Father of Ferragamo, I think that I’m going to blow, I thought as I felt the warm drizzle of chocolate and caramel syrups cascade down on my body, me taking continuously deep breaths and counting backwards from thirty. And then, the roasted nuts. And finally, a maraschino cherry that was delicately placed on my whipped-cream-drenched navel. And in an instant, I realized in what he made me into- I’m a fucking Isaiah sundae!

“Ah, my dessert is complete,” I heard my fiancé boast proudly as I heard him drop his pants and sheathed a condom on my cock. “And you look so damn good to me! I’m going to have fun enjoying this!

“Are you going to devour me, sir?” I asked him, my voice trembling in want.

“But of course,” he replied as I felt the bed dip slightly and him climbing on top of me. “I prefer to save the best for last, but tonight I’m going for the finale first!”

Fucking hell, I will never be able to look at a chocolate sundae the same way again!



NATASHA: It’s happening, girls!

FLORIANA: And I’m missing it due to this stomach bug!

SHADIE: Y’all make sure to send me a video! Doing a show at Mariah’s with Zsa-Zsa and Crowne!

CROWNE: Ooh, bitch! Izzy boy is going to be one sore child by tomorrow morning!

ZOE: Getting popcorn, coming with Cassie and Catalina! Shadie, I got you covered!

NATASHA: DuSable, you are one freaky therapist! Out on a double-date with a hot guy and Jocelyn and her man! See you all later!



I smirked happily as I finished licking off the last remains of the Reddi Whip whipped cream and chocolate syrup off my baby’s chest, hearing him chant my name softly after I had completely wrecked and tortured my baby- sucking him off, licking his clean-shaven legs, torturing his sensitive stomach, and playing with his nipples. And now, the REAL fun was about to begin as I got off of him and reached for my main materials: A lit freesia-scented candle, a glass full of ice cubes, a pair of velvet gloves, and my trusted flogger. Sighing a content sigh, I got back on the bed and began to gently rub the boy’s stomach, making the boy shudder in anticipation. “Such a pretty baby,” I cooed, lying beside him. “You’re such a delicious boy to behold with a slim yet sensual body, though you’re way underweight. Still, I would have you dressed in the finest clothes that fit you like a glove.”

Reaching for the glass full of ice cubes, I took one out and languidly and slowly dropped it on Isaiah’s chest that made the boy inhale sharply at the cold yet remaining perfectly still. “Always loyal to your friends, you had their backs and made sure that they’re taken care of,” I continued on as I took the cube and made slow circles on his body, which had him quietly moan out my name. “And you’re a trailblazer, too. Never letting your blindness diminish your dreams, holding on to them and riding them like a bull at a rodeo and never letting go of the horns.”

“Salim,” he said. “God, I love you, I love you, I love you.”

“And I love you,” I replied huskily as I took the candle and slowly drizzled the melted wax on his lower stomach, making him slightly arch at the faint pain. “Careful, pet. Now, while my brother had six lovers who weren’t the perfect submissive for him and never the right husband-material before finding Jarvis; I had only nine of them who were all one-nighters until I had met you. And they can never hold a candle to the way that you worked your grace. And you know what? If I had the chance to meet you all over again, I’d never change a thing.”

And then, I grabbed the flogger and began to drop the stinging-yet gentle lashes on the boy’s legs and thighs, not wanting to go into full Dominant and hurting him.

“Salim,” Isaiah breathed.

“Ah, baby boy, the way you are right now makes me want to fully devour you until you are in complete bliss,” I growled, using the flogger in one hand and gently rubbing the lightly-reddening skin with my other using my glove. “And after what we went trough with that witch of a woman, I never want to let you out of my sight, even when we’re doing showing of our creations or simply out on dates. You are my beacon of life in the perfect storm that has brought us together. And I’m your dark horse that’s ready for you to ride. Will you be my forever Sub? Will you, my love, surrender all of your passions and thoughts, fears and secrets, hopes and dreams to me? Will you be my everything as I am yours?”

“Yes, sir,” he said as he buckled under the stinging sensations of my flogger, tears rolling down his face. “Make me yours! Please, Salim, fuck me until I can’t move!”

The look I gave him was pure feral. “With pleasure,” I growled as I tossed away my gloves and flogger before sheathing myself and lubing the boy’s hole. “So fucking tight for me, Isaiah. Relax, baby boy, so I can really have you shouting my name.”

Five tortuous minutes later, I was in hog heaven while slowly and tantalizingly riding my love and making him cry out my name. “So good for me, Isaiah,” I grunted in between thrusts, my cock hitting against the sweet spot as I took my hands and stroked his cock that has threatening to spill with his seed. “Savor the pain, baby boy. Imagine the immense pleasure that you’ll feel when I let you come.”

“Salim, Salim, Salim,” Isaiah chanted over and over as the playroom doors swung open and the therapist herself and Mama Mariah stormed inside, the latter with an awed look on her face as she was filming the entire thing while the latter was munching away on the popcorn. I gave them a teasing grin as I continued to ride my fiancée like I was at the rodeo.

“Hot damn it all to hell! Shadie is going to love every moment of this,” Dr. DuSable crowed! “And this is something I have to get my Cameron to try.”

“Honey, you weren’t kidding,” Mama Mariah said in between bites of popcorn. “Don’t worry, Salim and Isaiah, we won’t tell!”

Marcus cam bustling in, immediately gagging as he and his girlfriend Shanice (one of the hair washers at the salon he and Shadie owned) grabbed the protesting women and herded them away. “Sorry, man, they’ll wait for you downstairs,” he said. “Man, I’m never eating a sundae ever again!”

“Speak for yourself,” his girlfriend hollered after him before whapping him on the back of his head. “Why can’t you be more adventurous in bed like them?”

“Oh my God,” I heard Isaiah moan in mortification as I laughed. “I’ll never-ah, Salim! More! I want more!”

“I’m almost there, my love,” I grunted, feeling my cock ready to blow. “Can you suffer for me a little longer? Can you wait a bit before feeling the ecstasy?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” He chanted under me I came inside him, letting out a few more thrusts before taking off the cock ring off him before letting him come into my mouth. “SALIM!”

Hell to the yes, I thought happily as I swallowed his latex-covered cock whole. And damn it to hell if he didn’t love every single moment.


“Such a good boy,” I murmured in his ear, rinsing the last of the body wash off him as we stood in the shower, him lost in the bliss of subspace as I worked on his hair using the cinnamon-scented shampoo.

“Sundae…chocolate syrup…need more…make me yours,” he murmured as I lathered the shampoo/conditioner mix in his cropped hair. “Such pretty eyes…whipped cream…blast that therapist for being a voyeur…”

I laughed heartily at that statement as I rinsed his hair before carrying him out of the shower and drying him off. Minutes later, we were in my bedroom and dressed in matching black pajama bottoms, ready for bed. “Sleep well, my blind submissive,” I cooed softly in his ear. “I love you.”

“I love you too. Salim Saint Croix,” he murmured as sleep took him under. “Caramel syrup…Zoe will wear a horrible grooms-maid dress for this…taffeta…pink bows…Caylee the Wicked Witch of Hollywood…farmhouse squashing her flat…”

Man, he is out of it. But I wouldn’t have it any other way!


And as the boys slept on, Zoe DuSable was finishing her cup of tea while reading the messages from her circle of girls and queens after posting the video. The responses were immediate.

NATASHA: DAMN! I wish I had a man like that. The buzzkill before me is a total wreck. Jocelyn’s not happy with her man, either. Too sports-brained! Ugh!

ARIA: Drinking my glass of Moet and I want more! Salim is riding the hell out of that boy!

CROWNE ROYALE: Halleloo! Zsa-Zsa is cackling up a storm and she’s demanding more! DuSable, you are one fujoshi of a therapist!

SHADIE: My brother’s going to have nightmares for a month after this! He swearing off ice cream for at least two while Shanice is furious! Why can’t my brother be more like that, I’ll never know.

Zoe giggled, dropping her teacup on her waiting mini-saucer before writing a reply.

ZOE: Hey, I got it like that! Gotta run, Cammy’s on his way home and I’ll see you ladies later.

She pressed SEND and smiled, sitting back on the headboard of the bed and grabbing one more chocolate chip cookie while saving the rest for her husband, who was waiting for her with champagne and roses in hand…alongside a familiar light blue box.



Three months later…

“Well, we did it,” I said, gushing over my blushing groom before landing a light kiss on his cheek. “We’re finally married and I finally found you as my forever Sub.”

“Together until never, right?” he murmured, accepting a warm note of congratulations from pop star Macy Landrake (who had commissioned him to design her evening gown for next year’s Met Gala the week before the wedding) before turning his attention back to me. “And I can truly say that Catalina Perez can pull a wedding off.”

Sure enough the London in Winter theme was all that we ever imagined, from the amazing color scheme that my baby imagined in his mind to the tuxedoes that he and Jarvis designed (white and molten-gold for me and white and smoky mauve for him) to the London skyline that was the background behind the altar where Mr. Daniel Frazier officiated the wedding and the food that Mama Mariah and Miss Laura was providing for everyone (and even made sure to sneak bites of food for my baby beforehand). But the wedding cakes? Man, Jarvis’ family and my baby really pulled off the three cakes for everyone- the chocolate and raspberry sponge cakes covered with either European fondant in the color schemes or the Frazier-famous original buttercream frosting. And there was a simple two-tiered blood-orange pound cake with chocolate icing. Just in the way that his late mother (according to Isaiah, by the way- and that’s uncanny how he imagines her, by the way) had with his father.

“Isaiah, come with me for a second,” Natasha said as she whisked him out of my arms and was ushered by her, Shadie, and a large man with a quiet-yet-gushing teenager to a private room just as Armand (dressed in all-black) came along with Dominic following suit. “And so, my little brother has his love in the same way that I found my Jarvis,” he teased, snickering at me while our majordomo hid a smile behind the iPad he was glancing down at. “Who would’ve thought that we’d find our forever Subs using our many ways?”

“Well, you two had a lot of work,” Dominic replied. “Armand saved the now-famous Firenze Bakery, which is now opening across the world, as well as finally taking down Bernice and the Reece mother/daughter broads. While you, Salim, mainly got the kid by making him an offer of a lifetime. How the hell you two pulled it off is beyond me. But I got something else in mine as soon as I reel my interest in.”

“Oh, is he here?” I asked, looking around. “Who is he and where?”

Dominic gestured us to look at the meat station, pointing at a young Hispanic man dressed in a simple red dress shirt and black dress slacks. His face was blank, but his eyes spoke of longing and bitterness. “That, my friends, is none other than Malachi Bermudez-Quitman, novelist of erotica and my boy that keeps slipping away. But I plan to never turn him loose.”

“We’ll bet,” Armand laughed. “Anyway, think that you two will marry by Valentine’s Day?”

“Oh, hell yeah,” Dominic drawled. “He’ll be mine and we Dominant Dragons will have our Submissive Phoenixes by our side.”

“Eternal Dominants, Forever Submissives, you mean,” I corrected him,” but still, we’ll be together until never.”

And I was sure of it.



“Mr. Alandale, thank you so much for coming,” I said to the gigantic man, giving him and his teenage daughter Allie a giant hug. “I never thought to see you again after Miss Laynie passed away. It’s been so long.”

“Yeah,” I heard Mr. Alandale say in a soft yet rumbling voice, squeezing his daughter’s shoulder lightly. “But we’re mainly here because my wife told me to give you this for an occasion such as this. This belonged to your mother, who was a good friend of my wife’s.”

I felt a lump in my throat as I was given a silver wedding band, lightly caressing the solitaire-cut wedding band. “This is my mother’s wedding ring,” I whispered in a hoarse tone. “How did you-“

“One of Evita’s contacts did some digging and she told me that she found the ring in a pawn shop in Jefferson City,” Natasha replied, handing me a tissue. “And so, Mr. Alandale here decided to get the ring back to you and make sure that remained in your family. It’s our wedding present to you as it was your mom’s. She would’ve wanted you to have it.”

I nodded, letting the tears fall as I saw my mother and father sitting on the front porch, enjoying the fresh summer air- he dressed in his Navy blues and my mother dressed in her trademark sundress…

Baby, we’re so proud of you,” she said as she gave me a pleased look, oblivious to the tears that were running down her face. “You had to overcome a lot of things-personally and publicly, but you did it nonetheless. There will be some times to shed a few tears, but never ever let anyone make you feel worthless.”

“Damn right,” my father, taking off his hat to reveal his cropped blonde hair, added as he sipped on his glass of tea. “Your mother and I never intended to leave you alone to fend for yourself, boy. But you got a lot of people by your side with you and you got one hell of a man to keep you on the right path. But I won’t hesitate to haunt him if he treats you wrong. Same goes for your mother here.”

Ah, how I miss them both.

We have to let you grow up, baby boy,” Mama said softly as the vision fades, “but we’ll always be right here in your heart and mind when you need to talk to us. We love you…”

I smiled faintly, letting the comforting arms of my husband/Dominant and my friends surround me in a web of love. “I love you too, Mama and Daddy,” I said happily, thankful for my new circle of friends. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.



Ryan Callaway saw his ex-boyfriend being caught in a giant group hug with his friends, husband, and circle of drag queens alongside his in-laws. Smiling faintly, he knew that Isaiah was in the right hands and deserved a lot better. And he had hoped that Isaiah would find some newfound joy in his relationship.

As for him, he earned the trust of his parents again, but was very wary about finding his own love. He had done some rotten things to Isaiah before being given a taste of reality while being engaged to Caylee. Now, he was more circumspect on who to trust nowadays but still hoped to find someone to love someday.

His cell rang. It was him. “Yeah,” he answered on the second ring while sipping on his glass of vodka.

“I got an offer for you,” a sensual yet firm voice said. “You’re still at the wedding?”

“Yep, but I might leave soon, if the girls and Mama Mariah don’t hand me a ton of leftovers to take home.” He chuckled sheepishly at the last part.

“Well, I’m on my way, and I’ll have some myself,” the other voice said in a teasing tone. “See you in thirty, Callaway. My offer is one that you can’t refuse.”

“On it,” Ryan said as he hung up. Taking a deep breath, he felt the teasing eyes of the therapist, he turning around to meet her stare as she nodded as if she knew about his secret paramour. Sighing heavily, he made his way towards the exit out of the wedding hall and accepting five to-go plates from Taffy and Mariah before heading out.

This was going to be one memorable night, he thought as he saw the awaiting limousine. I’m sure of it.


Dominic stared at the young writer with interest, watching from afar as Malachi Bermudez-Quitman was chatting away with Jarvis and Isaiah over some music-related topic. He knew that it would be his turn to find someone to dominate in bed and in life, being the hard-core Dominant that he was.

He was tired of letting Malachi reject him with a few choice words or a slap on the face. And as he said to Salim before the race to save Isaiah’s life, he planned to never take ‘no’ for an answer.

Watching Isaiah and Jarvis leave the young man to his plate of desserts, he made his move, swiftly crossing the dance floor and weaving through crowded tables until he reached the now-frowning young man who was standing up to leave. And he said the words that would be the game-changer:

“I’ve been letting you get away for too long, Quitman. This time, I will win you over and make you mine.”

And with that, he headed back to his corner of the room, leaving the young man stunned before being greeted with the dour look on Miss Evita’s face. “Having fun?” he drawled.

And he was greeted by an uppercut to the jaw, making him fall flat on his back. “Stay away from Malachi,” the Latin drag queen spat as she left to see about her friend.

“Ah, fuck,” he muttered, standing up to his feet. “Now it’s more interesting. But I love a good challenge. Let the games begin!”

To be continued in… “How to win the Heart of a Jaded Romantic!”

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