How to Love a Blind yet Faithful Submissive

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“First off, it’s a privilege to meet you, Mr. Saint Croix,” I began as I circled around the monstrosity of a nightmare dress. “And I assume that you’re intending this to make this the showstopper for the spring/summer fashion show?”

“Pleasure’s all mine, and yes I am,” Salim said in a teasing drawl. “So, show me what you got, kid. Make me believe that you belong here.”

“Okay, what was the last thing you put on your model?” I asked, softly feeling the young brunette model and touching the dress.

“The bow,” Salim answered confidently. “To me, it’s-“

“Take it off,” I demanded. “Too much and the decorations on it alone are way too gaudy.”

I heard a collective gasp. “Is he nuts?!” I heard Shadie ask in horror.

“Alright, and about the bow in the back? Dash that as well,” I said. It already has a zipper in the back and the V-backline is stunning enough, though it might be better if it was a corset backline. And the top alone is not in the right fabric, man. I can see the suede as for a winter collection, but I think that something alongside satin or maybe linen could be better. Now, about the skirt-“

“I think that I pulled it off,” Salim said. Ugh, cocky much?

“No, sir. The giant skirt idea is good, but the curtain-fabric bit is too heavy. If you want to make it look like it’s billowing, go with something lighter so that the wind could cause the skirt to actually make the lady above float on air.” To the model, “Are you wearing any jewelry?”

“No,” the young woman said.

“Good thing, but it might look better with something alongside diamonds. And I’m feeling Audrey Hepburn from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s,’ so maybe add in a solitaire diamond ring on the right finger and a collier necklace- maybe with rubies or garnets. And for the earrings, stick with studs. Clean and easy. Is your hair in a bun or ponytail?”

“No,” the model said.

“Good, keep it down. You’ll only need to wear it in an up do for your wedding,” I commented. “And for makeup? Less is more, never forget that. A hint of color and some shadow for the cheeks- go with something light and playful, for your case- and a bit of pink for the lips, and you’re good to go.”

I sat back down in my seat, all exhausted from the diagnosis and repair on…that. And judging from the silence, I think that I’m doomed. Me and my big mouth.

“Damn,” Salim murmured, heading to where I was and hovering over my ear. “You got big balls to call out my work, especially when it took me days to design it. Still, you said it much better than me. I approve.”

There was a giant college sigh of relief from everyone as Evita started to applaud wildly. “Told your ass that several times,” she sassed. To me, “Honey, I’d never imagined you to have the gift. Can you help my momma out with her wardrobe?”

“Do my sister, please?!” Coco pleaded. “She’s the worst dresser in history!”

“Man, one of my assistants need your help for a wedding,” Mr. Daniel Frazier piped up.

I was floored. I passed?! I made my mark in one go?! Well, fuck! I got a feeling that there’s got to be more than what’s at stake.

And all through the morning and afternoon, my ragtag team and I were given the tour of the House of Suez by the Saint Croix family and a few of the drag queens, stopping here and there for my input on some of the concept pieces we paused by (“Make that shade of green a bit brighter,” I commented on an elegant mermaid-styled gown before spotting a yellow swimsuit in the wrong cut and design). We met a few other workers who immediately freaked out over my sense of style and easily fixing mistakes using just my nose and my hands.

“And with that, I must speak to Mr. Van Blackwell alone,” Salim said to us as we headed back to the dining area. “But feel free to stay around for some lunch and we’ll be back to join you.”

“Okay, but I’ll be joining you,” Natasha said as she clutched my hand. “You may be the prince of the company, but Izzy’s my best friend and I don’t want anyone to manipulate him.”

I heard Salim sigh in exasperation, feeling the frustration off him in waves. “I prefer to speak with him in private,” he replied. “This offer I have for him is meant for his ears alone.”

Natasha huffed. “Fine, but my friend will give me the details,” she countered. “Knowing you, you might renege him on this and make him feel useless.”

“Au contraire,” Salim said, feigning offense. “I’d never-“

“Knowing you, you’d do it,” Evita drawled.

Salim sighed, holding onto my hand like I was his life raft. “All right,” he conceded. “He’ll tell only you and your other guests. But you’ll need to sign a NDA, understood?”

“Gladly,” my team said in unison.

Salim tugged at my arm. “We’ll talk in my office,” he purred in my ear as he led me back into the building.

As we made several turns and headed down hallways, my mind was racing a mile a minute. What on earth does he have in mind for me that had to be discussed alone? Oh, God. He’s not planning on giving me the job at all and he’ll just throw me out himself.

We arrived in his spacious office, which gave me an ominous feeling that piled onto my worries like a dump truck piling more garbage on the other rotting garbage. I heard no type of music and the only comfort I felt was the faint smell of chocolate lingering in the air.

“Sit,” Salim said, leading me to a leather sofa that felt way too new.

I did so quickly, taking a deep and calming breath. “Mr. Saint Croix-“ I began.

He cut me off. “First, call me Salim,” he began. “And secondly, I’m prepared to make you a better offer, one that will give you your dream career of designing…and more. It’s one offer that you’ll dare not refuse.”

Oh, boy. I feel like I’m in “The Godfather” and its sequels. “And that is?” I asked, not too sure on where this was going.

I felt the room grow more chilly with Salim’s smirk. “You’ll be my head designer at House of Suez and my men’s underwear/sleepwear/swimwear line Reverb,” he began, “if and ONLY if you also agree to be my husband and submissive.”

I dropped my portfolio. WHAT?!

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