How to Love a Blind yet Faithful Submissive

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The moment I brought in my “disaster” of a gown for this Isaiah kid to repair was when I knew that he had to be the one for me. He was definitely a beauty to behold already: a slender yet muscular build; smooth, kissable lips and a firm cheekbones; and light-chocolate skin that easily complemented my light caramel. And that luscious ass alone! Man, I would give anything to rim his tight hole. But the most decadent and desirable part of him was his eyes that denied the poor boy of his sight and yet mesmerized me in a new light. It’s the right shade of brown- the shade similar to the setting sun mixed in with a bit of rose gold or copper. I felt attracted to the boy just by hearing him rattle off his immediate and take-no-prisoners voice that had the same kind of richness of an Ozark native- slow yet seductive when calm but fast and harsh yet scared or angry.

And I knew that he’d be the perfect kind of boy to be my husband and my submissive. And he’d be perfect for my fashion line Reverb and wok alongside my brother, Jarvis, and myself for the House of Suez formal line.

“You’ll be the head designer of the House of Suez formal line and work alongside myself for my men’s underwear/swimwear/sleepwear line known as Reverb, if and ONLY if you agree to be my submissive,” I had said to the poor boy, who immediately dropped his portfolio at the statement.

“What?” he breathed out.

I slowly paced around the room, trying to add a hint of dominance that I emanated back in my private playroom with my one-night stands. “I mean it, kid. You’ll have the job opportunities of a lifetime right here and now if you agree to be my future husband and submissive,” I said. “As you can tell, I’m a very demanding young man who expects nothing but the best out of my workers and can get pretty brutal when things can’t get done. But the same applies for my submissives.”

“Wait,” Isaiah said. “You’re into the BDSM scene? Like the kind of role-play that I was forced to read in those godawful novels by E.L James?! I never thought that those kinks existed in real life. Does your family know about this?”

I nodded. “Of course,” I said. “My brother and I are dominants and we’re very much into full-time domination over the submissives we’ve chosen. We also got a few male cousins who are into the kind of thing, but they-along with my brother Armand- have their permanent submissives as husbands. My majordomo and I are still the only ones playing the field and I believe that you might be the one for me.”

“So, you’re telling me that you’ll offer me the job, but I’ve also have to marry you and be your sex slave?!” Isaiah said, his voice slightly rising in indignation. “Sir, that’s pretty sick, if you ask me. I mean, I have goals to set as a rising designer and I usually keep romance out of the workforce. There could be disastrous results when you mix work and pleasure, you know.”

I smirked, walking towards the leather sofa the cute boy was sitting on and lowered myself to his level. “But there could be magic between the two of us,” I said seductively before lowering my mouth to his face and kissing him on the lips. Soft and pillowy, that’s how I describe those luscious lips that I was savoring as I heard the boy moan softly, which allowed me to deepen the kiss further. I took in his essences of peppermint and orange juice, wanting to make this moment last forever but deciding to break away instead so that he could catch his breath. “Yep,” I growled. “You definitely fit the bill for me.”

Isaiah gulped, holding up a finger to say that he needed a moment to gather his wits while taking a few deep breaths. I bet that I made his heart race. “I-I’m afraid that I don’t come in thirty-two flavors, Mr. Saint Croix said after a few minutes.

“Call me Salim,” I said.

Isaiah furrowed his brows and raised his head up high as if to size me up. “Mr. Saint Croix-“

“Salim,” I insisted, “and my word is always final.”

“All right, then. Let me first say that the kiss was totally inappropriate between a candidate for a job position and the owner of the company. And secondly, I really can’t imagine letting myself dive into unknown territory since I came from a bad break-up with an ex. He wanted sex while I wanted to wait. That’s why I don’t do work-based relationships. They can get real ugly in the end. I heard some horror stories about them and I want to keep my nose clean and do my part.”

“Well, I can show you how to surrender yourself to me in all aspects,” I said, sitting beside the young man, which made him shudder. “Besides, being a submissive usually means surrendering yourself to your dominant. It means letting go your worries or choices and letting your dominant help you in life. There’s punishments to correct unruliness and rewards for good works; but the main thing is enjoying both the pleasure and pain in the sexual encounters.”

I turned to him, watch him gulp as he closed his eyes. His neck looked so enticing for me to mark him with hickeys and a collar. “Salim, I really-“

“Whether you know it or not, Isaiah,” I said as I went back to my desk and reached for the contract that would bound him to me as my employee, fiancée, and submissive, “I have all the cards in my hand as of now. This is only a one-day deal that would go to some other designer who would kill to be in your shoes. My parents and friends all want you to reach beyond the stars and they see that you got the gift. All that I ask is that you surrender yourself to me. The choice is yours: you can walk out of here-jobless, or take this contract and embrace your destiny. But once you make your final decision, there is no going back at all.”



“The choice is yours: you either walk out of here-jobless, or sign this contract to embrace your destiny. But once you make your final decision, there’s no going back at all,” I heard Salim say in a seductive yet demanding tone that had a tide of goosebumps rush though my body as I was still mentally reeling from that kiss he gave me. Part of me wanted to slap the man to the next century for that kiss. I mean, I was here for a job interview, not be a candidate to be his sex slave or whatever. But then again, his molten voice rally had me pulling in for more from him. Just who is Salim Saint Croix, I wanted to know. I knew that he was still in his twenties- around twenty-eight or so- and that he was as athletic and handsome as I imagined, from his deep Arabic/Hindi skin that was warm yet cool to his powerful upper body that fitted his black T-shirt like a glove. And his lower body that was slightly slender yet powerful? He could be a swimmer if he wanted to.

I do think that he’d be the one after my ex-boyfriend had let me go when he was forced by his unknown cousin.

And as for the job offer? Boy, Shadie was going to be pissed off as would Marcus, Natasha, and the crew at the restaurant if I passed this up. I mean, not too many young designers would say that they get to be the head designer for two brands at one company. And who knows? Maybe this gig might help me expand my repertoire and how I’d design.

What would Mama say?

“Child, you only get one shot for moments like this,” she warned me inside my mind as I saw her in a kitchen cooking some fried catfish and grits. “Like Gretzky says, you miss one-hundred percent of the shots you don’t take. And that boy is cute, reminds me of your father. You better take that deal before I smack you with my spatula…”

I smiled inwardly. Yes, Mama, thought.

Well, in cases like this, there’s only one thing left to do. I took a deep breath and extended my hand for a pen as I felt Salim’s smile light up the room as he handed me a fountain pen and the contract so I could seal my fate.

“I knew that you’d say yes,” Salim drawled.

Signing and dating the contract, I handed it back to him before standing up and reaching for my contract. “You know, you’re very cheeky,” I said in a formal tone. “And you have this air of arrogance that can scare away a herd of cats. But, I do admit that you’re sexy as hell.”

Salim chuckled lowly as he took my hand and pulled me closer to him and his dominating aura that had me lost in a sea of crimson and burnt orange. “Aren’t we all?” he drawled. “Now, let’s go back and tell everyone the news.”

Oh, how I can only imagine how the crew will react!

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