How to Love a Blind yet Faithful Submissive

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I sipped on my chocolate milkshake thoughtfully, my mind all serene and clear.

I don’t know about this, Izzy,” Natasha said uneasily as she dipped a French fry in the chipotle ranch dressing. “This sounds like some sort of game that he’s playing.”

“Girl, at this point Isaiah can’t turn back now,” Shadie replied as she munched on a chicken slider. “But this does sound a bit more than he can handle.”

After Salim and I left his office, e told everyone that I had not only accepted the job offer but also his offer of marriage. While everyone was elated that I had gotten the job, some people (Shadie, Marcus, and Natasha alongside a few drag queens) were a bit uneasy about the stipulation of me being his fiancée and his “forever submissive.” And now, here the four of us were at Mariah’s Bar and Grill alongside Mariah, Mark, and Va’Shawn discussing the matters at hand and what’s on everyone’s mind.

“Well, it was either I accept the offer or leave without a job at all,” I replied. “But I can’t imagine what’s going to haunt my mind tonight after the kiss-“

“Kiss?!” All the ladies and drag queens said, Natasha’s eyes as wide as saucers.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Va’Shawn said, holding up his hands to pause me. “Salim Saint Croix kissed you on the lips?”

I nodded, reaching for my glass of milkshake to drink a few sips before answering. “And it wasn’t the chaste kind, either,” I replied. “It was the kind of Hollywood-romance, hold-me-tight-before-I-faint, sensual kind of kiss. And boy, as much as I wanted to slap him for it, a major part of me wanted more.”

“Child, that just proves that most of the guys here swing on the same team,” Mariah piped up as she signaled Gerald the chef to send in another plate of food for me. “Baby, this could be the start of something big for you. So, when’s the wedding?”

“Oh, you have to let me handle all the floral arrangements,” Mark added. “I have a cousin who does amazing arrangements over in Pasadena.”

“Will you let Salim design your tuxedo?” Shadie asked. “Or can he do the girls’ grooms maid dresses?”

“I’ll be glad to find a good caterer to handle the cake,” Marcus said.

I held up a hand to cut everyone off from their chatter. “Guys, let’s not get too hasty,” I said. “I haven’t even started my job just yet, let alone moved into his place.”

“So when do you start sweeping floors the rich?” I heard the dreadful voice of Caylee said as I heard cameras clicking around her. Instantly, my mind was swirling in a sea of nauseating pinks and my nose was clogged with too much Britney Spears Circus perfume. “I mean, you being a janitor is obviously a good choice for you.”

Behind me, I heard a few paparazzi chuckle at her words.

“Uh, bitch, I don’t know what you heard, but my friend is going to be the head DESIGNER for Salim’s new Reverb line and join him, his brother, and his brother-in-law to design for House of Suez,” Shadie sassed. “And you best believe that he’s more worth the company than you.”

“Ugh,” I heard a male paparazzo scoff in disgust. “It’s faggots these days who’s taking over the fucking world. And they got a blind cripple working for them?! Those are the worst! I’d wouldn’t let my sister wear anything from them if she asked me to!”

“Agreed,” Caylee snarled, “but the freak would easily be forgiven if he saved himself face and quit while he could so I can take over and be his wife.”

I heard Miss Mariah stand up from the chair across from me, her anger rolling off in waves. Uh-oh. Reality-star bitch better watch out because Mama Mariah is going into mama-bear mode. And she’s got her claws out. “Listen here, you skank-ass hoe! Mr. Salim Saint Croix already has someone to be married off to and he’s in this room! Isaiah is set to be married soon, so get off your high horse and find another man to leech off of! And you and your crew are banned from my restaurant as of right fucking now, you looking like a poor-ass version of Frank N’ Further with a chicken nose and too much face paint to match!”

The rest of the patrons applauded. Goes to show that you never mess with Mama Mariah’s workers and get away with it, even if you’re rich!

“You can’t do that!” I heard Caylee screech as I felt two strong arms grab my arms. “That fucking freak deserves to die! I get booted from Vibe and now this! Isaiah Van Blackwell, you disgust me!”

And without warning, I felt the stinging from her hand slapping me across the face before being punched and kicked by two of her goons.

“Get the hell off him!” Marcus bellowed but was somehow restrained by two more strong men.

“This proves that you never cross Caylee Amerson and get away with it alive!” the blonde bitch cackled wickedly as I heard a gun being cocked. “Goodbye blind boy. You’re worthless to the world any-“

“Police! Miss Amerson, you’re under arrest for battery and-“ I heard a female police officer’s voice boom angrily as more footsteps charge around our table.

My body was throbbing in pain as I felt the darkness crash over me like a tidal wave…


I opened my eyes, my body still aching slightly the faint beep from my right letting me know that I was in the hospital. “Isaiah, thank God that you’re okay,” I heard Natasha say in a tired voice from my right. “They arrested that reality-star slut for trying to kill you and assault, but they had to let her go because of her father’s connections. But you’re going to be fine.”

“Where’s Shadie and Marcus?” I asked, sitting up on the hospital bed. “And the restaurant?”

“Everyone headed home, but Mama Mariah said that she’ll see you tomorrow,” she replied, “and as you were being taken into the ambulance, she decked Amerson out, with permission from the cops of course. They all knew that she wasn’t meant to be messed with, especially when you’re involved.”

I allowed myself a small chuckle. “And I supposed that she sent you home with a food to feel a large army?”

“Basically had it all in to-go plates. But really though, Isaiah, there’s no doubt that she’ll be after you for revenge for taking away her thunder. Do you think that your ex-boyfriend has any clue that-“

I shook my head, cutting her off. “For all I know, Ryan Callaway is with his newfound trophy wife toasting to some business deal he closed with his father’s approval,” I said, an edge of bitterness in my voice. “And while I may still feel the bitter cold from being dumped, I gotta keep moving on. Thank God that we never had sex and he insisted that I remain a virgin.”

“Thank God for that, or else I might have to kill him for breaking your heart and taking your virginity,” I heard the familiar molten voice. “That’s for me alone, anyway.”

Natasha gasped. “Salim, what the hell are you doing here?” she asked me.

I heard footsteps enter the hospital room. “I had connections,” he explained, “but the important matter is my fiancée in the bed. And I think that tomorrow is when he’ll be moving into my place so that we can get better acquainted.”

“Wait, what?” I asked, surprised at his statement.

“Why not? We’re going to be married soon and it’s best this way so I can have my bodyguards protect him,” Salim said as I heard him approach to the left side of my bed before placing a kiss on my forehead. “And, I want to get him into my world as soon as possible.”

“Uh, no offense but my friend had it rough with his money-hungry ex-boyfriend,” Natasha said defensively, “and just so we’re clear, you’re clearly going to have to wait until you place the ring on his finger at the altar before you get down to business. And if you break his heart, I won’t hesitate to kill you. With a single gun, I can turn you from a rooster to a hen with one bullet!”

“But of course,” Salim said. “I’ll be willing to wait until the timing is right.”

“Good, then it’s no problem that I move in with you two as well,” Natasha said, clapping her hands to finalize her decision.

“Wait, what?” Salim said, voice raised in shock and frustration.

“It’s either that or I have my attorney of a sister revoke the contract and all bets are off,” Natasha said, her voice brooking no argument.

After a pause, Salim caved in. “Fine,” he grumbled. To me, “I’ll see you tomorrow evening, my Missouri onyx. I’ll be dreaming of the nights we’ll enjoy in my playroom.” With that, he left the room, leaving the two of us to our thoughts.

“Natasha, I have a feeling that this is going to be one long courtship,” I sighed as I hit my head on the pillow as I laid back down. “Only you can make sure that my virtue is intact.”

I heard her sip on a bottle of water. “Hey, someone’s gotta make sure that you don’t get played,” she said.

“True, true.”

“Miss,” I heard a man’s voice say, “I’m afraid that it’s time to go. Mr. Van Blackwell needs to rest. And young man, you’re lucky to have good friends and a strong fiancée looking out for you. We’ll have someone bring you a plate of food from your employer soon.”

“Right,” Natasha said as she stood up. “See you tomorrow morning. Bringing you food from Firenze Bakery to fatten you up, compliments of the Frazier family.”

“Thanks,” I murmured as I felt the ibuprofen drip kick in, letting my body go lax. “See you.”

Oh, how I can only imagine how things will go down. How I can only imagine, indeed.

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