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Vow Of Vengeance | 18+

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"How does it feel to be loved by your enemy?" "Warm just like sunshine."

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10 years before.

I sat down holding the storybook provided to me by my parents thinking that as I am a girl I must like girly things. They even painted my room as baby pink, looking up the ceiling where the pink fan is rotating by flowing air to the room. It makes me agitated like seriously pink. I. Hate. Pink.

I turn towards left where my pink wardrobe is place and inside there are ghost call Haha I am a pink dress. I look down finding my bedsheets to be pink. Ugh! Seriously I am soon going to have pinkophobia. I am not a pinkette girl.

The blankets too are oh gosh! Pink. The story that I am reading which I have already read for the past 6 years it's the Aladdin. I hate this story. Only Aladdin has his main role as an actor whereas Jasmine did nothing except wearing dress which highlights her skin tone and posing like the fashionable people. Ugh! Stupid story. I like those stories which have females as the main actor and doing Dishoom Dishoom with the villains not carrying any men with them.

Well I guess no story is made yet. I want to throw the book but I control my temper and put it aside the bureau and turn off the light and force myself to get some sleep. Nope this position is bad. I flip myself and try to get another position to sleep. Nope not happening. Ugh! What the heck I can't sleep.

I place my hand on my heart which is acting strange today by racing fast. Something is going to happen but what? I again look up at the ceiling which is thankfully not pink but white. Later I tried to think about my favourite things and may be I will be able to sleep.

My favourite colour is white. I don't know why but yeah I love white. My favourite dish is Italian Pasta. Yummy! And that too made by my mama. Spicy one filled with tomatoes giving some tangy flavour on my taste buds. With that my stomach growl and I giggle. I touch my stomach and said "Someone is trying to have something. But oops we already had our dinner so nope not now but surely I will ask mama tomorrow."

Again my mind drifted to my favourites. My favourite song is ummm... I don't know but surely not rock music anything like pop music. Favourite singer I got it I got it I got it. Hehe! Taylor Swift .

'You should've said no, you should've gone home

You should've thought twice before you let it all go

You should've know that word, bout what you did with her...'

Well I can revise the songs as my papa never allowed me to concentrate on them, only studies. Hutt! I want to revise those lyrics leave it, I will do when I become older.

A sudden sound snap me out from my path to slumber. I groan and land my small feet down from the bed wearing flip flops and drag down my stupid nightgown along with me. I wish I could be a male so that I could walk everywhere wearing boxers just like my older brother, Simon.

Just as I try to open the door knob the door bash out revealing a huffing Simon and my mother.

"What happen mama? And you boogie bro?" I looked at both of them.

"Simon send Pheobe through the underground passage connected under the mirror." I look confuse as to why mama said like that. After all I was never allowed to go out from the house and always had my homeroom teacher who never saw my face as there was always a barrier between us nor I could say anything except passing questions through the computer if I had any. Is my mama letting me free from the prison?

I smiled at the thought but quickly snap out when Simon hold my hand and we quickly went down. But before that mama come towards me and said "Be safe my baby." With that she kiss my forehead while a drop of water fell on my cheek and when she retreat back then I realised that she is crying. I ran towards her and pull her hand down wiping her tears and said "I will be."

"Why are you all bringing me down?" I said when we reach down to the secret passage.

"To keep you safe." He said as we run down hurriedly.

"Why?" I asked now curiously.

"There are firing in our house and thankfully they don't know about your existence but they know about me as they want to kill the heir of the Yardly mafia family." I gasp and pause at my track.

"I can't leave you all." I said with tears pricking down from my eyes.

He shake his head and gave me a warm smile "I don't care whether I die or not but we all care about you my lil siso. We all want you to be safe. Mom told me even to come with you but I can't risk our father's life nor mom's. We all love you and as I am 5 years older than you I have more responsibility than you to keep this family safe. If we die at least you will be there." He said.

And now my tears roll down like the Nile river and flows down not wanting to stop. He wipe them and place a small kiss on my temple and said "Always remember who you are but never tell anyone, they will kill you immediately. Promise me never to tell your true identity." He lift his pinky finger and urge me to place my one. I roll my eyes at my brother's act yet I place my pinky finger and said "I promise."

The door open and there stood a huge guard. As soon he sees me he quickly opens the car door and let me enter. I turned back once and saw my brother who had tears down his face and rushed towards him and said "I will be back soon but promise me to stay alive." He hugged me back and when we retrieve back we both place our pinky finger while he said "Promise."

I turn towards the car and walk without turning back knowing that once I do there will be no point in turning back to my future and I will be stuck here without letting them to fight.

I look through the glass and promise myself "I will come back and I will make sure one day I too hold the guns and fight for my family. I will imprint my name in the mafia family . I will be stronger papa. I will be."




(β€’) This book consists of highly violence, murder and shed of blood. As it's completely based on mafia for which a lot of violence will be present. I want to show that people under the influence have their mind solely focus on blood and revenge.

(β€’) There too will be some dark features of erotica version but I am scared that might be people will report my book and I think that those chapters will be located on my second account [@vintagepassion]

(β€’) Vicious roles will be put into both the gender and their families.

(β€’) Swearings, rape, murder, sexual assault will also be put focus on.

(β€’) Not a single chapter will be left out without any glance of mafia sight.

(β€’) Don't report because you felt like and made you feel uncomfortable. Already warnings have been given to you and yet you took the risk of reading this book so kindly don't pinpoint the author.

(β€’) Also the chapters are long unlike my other books.

Thank you if you choose to read it ahead. I love you all.

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