Never Ago (Book 1)

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When It Rains

"It's going to be okay." Lily held his face in her palms and peered up at the dangerously gorgeous face of her mate. "Stressing will only exhaust your brain. Calm down. Then think with a clear head."

Ezra let her pull him towards the bed. She pushed on his shoulders to make him sit at the side of the bed. Ezra bit the inside of his cheek when she struggled. To ease her struggle, he sat down and watched as she retrieved a first aid kit from the bathroom and dressed the wound on his arm silently.

She didn't talk, scold, accuse or ask anything. She was just there, looking concerned about him. After securing his arm in a bandage, she gave him a glass of water and placed the knocked over chair back in it's place. Her presence evaporated his anger like it never existed.

"Are you going to get mad if I remove your shirt?" Lily fidgeted standing in front of him. She avoided his gaze when he raised his brow at her bold question.

He sat quietly when she tugged on his sleeve and slipped his wounded arm out of it carefully then took it off of him. His toned chest and rippled abs caught her attention when she cleaned the blood off his body with a wash cloth.

"I'm an Alpha." He spoke after she was done cleaning the blood and trying to be inconspicuous about staring at his chest. "I heal faster than an average werewolf."

Lily nodded as she picked up the bowl of red water. "I know how our immunity and healing works."

Ezra leaned back on his elbows. "Then you must also know I'd be fit as a fiddle in the morning."

Lily got rid of the kit and dirty water in the bathroom and sat beside him. "Yeah."

The smirk on his face made her heart skip a beat. His dimple was tempting to poke. "Then why all the hard work?"

Lily smiled fondly at him. "Because it bothered me, seeing you wounded and covered in blood. So I took care of it."

"I could've easily taken care of it in the morning."

"Sure but you couldn't tonight." Lily reminded him.

After a moment of conflict, she conjured up courage and pushed her fingers into the depth of his black soft hair to push it off his forehead. Her heart fluttered when he leaned into her touch.

"You're mine to take care of," She promised him, gazing deep in his stormy blue eyes.

"You want to spoil me?" He teased.

She nodded slowly. "Would you mind? If I spoil you, If I love you to the point of insanity, If my world starts revolving around you and you alone?"

Ezra's smile slowly left his face. His eyes saw something in her eyes that forced him to look away. Lily felt like she said something wrong. She was about to apologise but paused when Ezra moved to put his head in her lap.

Biting her lip in relief, Lily started stroking his soft hair with one hand and massaged his shoulder with the other. He was awfully quite after that. Her cautious mind couldn't bring her to ask what the problem was. So she let him in his space and caressed him with love.

"I feel like I failed my pack." He said after a while of thinking. "I check up on the border patrol myself. Still, they came through."

Lily's hand moved from his shoulder to his hand resting on his chest and curled around it. "This pack, these people, they're your responsibility. But they're not your responsibility alone. There are others involved, Ezra. Give yourself some space for errors. It's not like you let anything fatal happen. You saved each of the victims. As for the rogues, it's not one time. They're parasites."

Lily bent down to kiss his forehead. "They're not going to stop. Somehow, they'll come back. If you think you didn't try hard, then try harder next time. But keep in mind, you're an Alpha not a god."

"It was my fault-"

"It wasn't," Lily reassured him. "You had a whole squad of warriors with you. Each one of them was there. If it's your fault then it's their fault too."



Ezra looked up at her in surprise. "You're shushing me?"

"Yes," Lily poked his nose. "You're making mountain out of a mole."

"I'm not." He stated.

Lily blinked multiple times at him. He couldn't hold the laughter spilling out of his chest. "That was so fucking weird."

Lily winced at the f-word but pushed it aside. It was time for her to leave so she revelled in the scent and presence of her mate. Her fingers continued combing his hair away from his striking face.

A very sadistic and very new part of her brain felt satisfied at seeing his face fall when she told him she had to leave. He reluctantly slid off her lap and watched her disappear behind the door.

Ezra sprawled in the king size bed and reminded himself the relief he felt was all coming from the bond. If he's gaining the benefit out of it then why not. The bond can make a lot of things easier for him. Like how she crushed his burden before leaving.

He turned to his stomach and absentmindedly buried his nose in the sheets where she left her scent as he nodded off.


Lily woke up earlier than usual to slip into her mate's room. Seeing her mate first thing in the morning leaked an endless doze of dopamine in her body.

Ezra was lying across the bed, tangled in sheets still in deep sleep. His maddening scent was everywhere in the room. Lily tiptoed around the room to rid the broken shards into a dustbin fearing he'd step in it if he woke up and forgot about it. It was too early for the maids to be up.

She kneeled beside his bed to have a better look at his peaceful face. His lashes fluttered every once in a while. Realizing he'd have to leave for college in a few hours, Lily left after setting up the alarm in his room.

The smile on her face vanished when she closed the behind her and looked up only to be met with the astonished face of her Alpha. Her heart dropped like a rock.


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