Never Ago (Book 1)

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It pours

"What are you doing here at this time of the day?"

Lily stood stiff as a board, caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Her fight or flight reflex was in deep sleep. She didn't know what to do.

"Um..." Her eyes flickered in search of a good excuse as the Alpha patiently waited for her response.

"I heard crashing last night. So... I thought I'd clean up the mess since I had nothing else to do."

"You were in the Alphas wing last night?" The Alpha asked suspiciously.

Lily seized herself from smacking her forehead. In her entire stay at the packhouse, she had never ventured farther than the Alpha's office and her room. Suddenly, she was in the Alphas wing hearing crashes. Why do you have to be so shallow?

Perhaps it was the searing hot scrutiny of her Alpha that weighed her ability of thinking down.

"No-Yes! I mean..." Lily struggled to swallow. "Uh, I heard the maids say the future Alpha was distressed and they heard the commotion last night. I woke up early this morning so I thought I'd clean up."

"The room is tidied up?" Alpha asked, amusement hid by the veil of understanding behind those aged eyes.

Lily nodded. Her tense fists at her sides almost scissored through her dress.

"You cook here, Lily. I never saw you doing the chores of the other maids." The Alpha pointed out as he approached her apprehensively.

Lily was too quick to respond. "I do, sometimes. You just never saw me."

"You're right. It's not like I'm at the packhouse all the time." He admitted while stroking his chin. "But I'm a great judge of character given the years of experience as an Alpha..."

Lily asked for nothing but a hole to open up in the ground and swallow her before her next breath. She knew very well what the Alpha meant. Her heart was determined to break a rib or two when her gaze refused to lift from her feet.

"You entered the room while my son is sleeping. Which is not like you. Then, cleaned the room without his permission since he's sleeping, that is also not what you'd do under any normal circumstances."

Lily's vocal cords crawled down her throat and lodged in her guts. Her mute mouth opened then closed like a fish.

"I can draw only one conclusion from this," The Alpha raised her head with his finger to read her embarrassingly red face and the guilt in her innocent eyes. "The circumstance is abnormal. You're failing at hiding it."

Amusement wasn't what Lily expected to see adorning the Alpha's face. There was no trace of anger, confusion, disappointment or judgment in those eyes which released the vice on her throat.


What could she possibly say to save herself. She didn't want to break a promise she made to her mate. She also didn't want his father to label her as a liar.

"You're dating my son?" The Alpha probbed hopefully. "What is it?"

"No!" Lily rushed. "It's not like that. Your son doesn't even know I came here. He's not involved in any of this."

The Alpha crossed her arms. Aged or not, Alphas never lost their vicious height or ferocious dominance. Lily felt like a sheep under his gaze.

"Define 'any of this'."

Lily's dignity crawled under her skin and strangled itself. Her ears started ringing in embarrassment as she chose to throw herself under the bus. "I have a modest temporary infatuation with your son."

The thunderous thuds of her heart and burning of her neck prevented her from seeing the Alpha struggle to hold his laughter.

He pressed his fist to his mouth to hide his smile. The urge to bend over and hurl his laughter out was quelled quickly by the poor girl's state. She looked like she was about to faint.

"Oh." He prayed he sounded defiant. "That's normal for girls your age, Lily. I'm happy you came clean. It's not a big deal and certainly not strange."...that my son who, since his adolescence, never forgot to lock his door at night like his life depended on it, coincidentally left his door open.

"Sorry for the inconvenience, Lily. You can go-"

Before he could finish, Lily fled like the floor was on fire. Her hands were trembling when she dashed to her room and paced like a madwoman.

The Alpha shook his head at the girl, his spirits suddenly and entered his son's room. Ezra was lying on the bed in a very strange position. His legs were tangled at the far end of the bed, his arms stretched across the space and his head buried under his pillow.

"Get up! You snorting pig!" The Alpha smacked his back with a pillow.

Ezra shot up in his bed ready to shift but growled in frustration when he noticed his father.

"For the love of goddess," he fell back and scowled. "I don't snort and it's barely dawn. Get out."

The Alpha claimed a seat near his bed and crossed his legs, looking at his son with calculated eyes. Ezra was oblivious to the observation as he rubbed his eyes and subconsciously sniffed the lingering scent of his mate.

"Your mother has been grumpy since you threw your tantrum. It's about time you face her mood swings."

Ezra groaned into his pillow and yanked his blanket up to smother his frustration in it. "You can't handle a woman and you call yourself an Alpha."

"Now, which Alpha Codex states you have to handle a woman to be an Alpha?"

Ezra peeked at his father. "Just admit you can't handle her."

"That's because I don't want to. She can handle herself and me. She never once made me question her potential."

Ezra flipped to his side slowly and thoughtfully asked, "If she had ever failed to reach your standard of potential, what would you have done?"

The Alpha could sense the question had another purpose. His son might be a mystery for others to read but for him, he was an open book.

"She's not alone in this companionship. If she had struggled to reach that potential, I would've made sure I was enough for both of us. It never came to it because she's a stubborn woman who'd rather die than let me help."

"Mates are supposed to be strong enough to stand by your side, dad. Just like how mom is."

"If you feel like yourself without your mate then you're selfish. You're holding back a part of you that can fill up the cracks in your bond. It's not your mate that'll make you weak, it's that crack. Mates never work in parallel, son. It's always zig-zag."

"But, she's a Luna. Not any regular she-wolf. What if she had struggled to polish that title?"

"No one is perfect. What she can do, I can't. What I can do, she can't. As for the title, it's a responsibility. Not a trophy. To be a Luna, she had to be fit to be a sefless mother. That's all it takes."

The confusion in Ezra's eyes dragged him deeper into it's clutches. His father waited for him to ask the actual question bugging his mind but it never came. He trusted his son to make his own decisions so he let it be. His mind had other things to think about.

"You're creeping me out," Ezra complained. "Stop giving me that weird look."

His father realized he'd been squinting at him and relaxed back into the chair. "It's hard to digest that you left your door open."

If he had blinked, he would've missed the flicker in his son's eyes.

Ezra shrugged defiantly and stretched lazily in his bed. "I was too tired to notice."

The infatuation of his son with locking his door was to the point where he would get up and lock it even if he was limp. The Alpha felt offended at the audacity of his son thinking his father will fall for such a measly lie.

At least give me something almost believable.

"Hmph," the Alpha rose to his feet begrudgingly. "I came to tell you we have a meeting with the Red Bloom pack first thing in the morning. You have to skip your class today."

"How much time till the meeting?"

"Two hours, give or take."

Ezra ducked his head under pillows and spoke in a muffled tone, "I'm going to take a short nap, and I'll be there on time so leave me alone. Oh and"-he lifted his head-"can you tell someone to bring my breakfast up in an hour? Mom would like that very much."

The Alpha exited his room with an exaggerated sigh and mind-linked Rosie on his way to his office.

Ask Lily to prepare breakfast for Ezra and deliver it to his room in an hour.

Right away, Alpha.


Lily's smile was contagious when she received the order. Her heart fluttered at the thought of feeding her mate. It took her fifteen minutes to prepare the breakfast and ten to reach his room. The door swung open before she could think how to knock with her hands full.


Ezra greeted her with a teasing smirk on his face. Lily almost dropped the tray in her hands when her shameless eyes fell on his glistening chest. A towel was securely wrapped around his waist while he stood half naked in front of her, his wet hair falling into his eyes.

Her ovaries burst a dam of heat in her belly.

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