Never Ago (Book 1)

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Reach Out To Me

After a few orders thrown, Ezra was reported to. Sam left his home with his backpack and he was with Lily. According to his parents, they go out once every month as far as it goes.

That information boiled his blood. His rage absorbed all the possessiveness burning in his veins and channeled it into the storm brewing up in him. His wolf was front and center and his prime priority was his mate.

It was no secret how strong he was, just as it was none that he was the fastest. His wolf felt challenged and provoked. When they weren't found in the pack, he sprinted to that one place that brought peace to his Lily. The temple.

His muscles bulged, tearing his shirt apart when he saw them. Together. Hugging.

A roar tore them apart as Ezra seared through air to reach them. Sam froze in fear when he realized the dangerous predator was going for him.

"Ezra, no!"

Lily, in her shock and then panic, threw herself up in the air in the way of the rabid Alpha. Ezra's intentions instantly changed from murder to catching her in iron-clad embrace. She curled herself around him to block his view.

"I swear to goddess, stay away from him!"

The only response she got was a vicious snarl from him. She clutched his hair with hair with both her hands and tugged it down to raise his eyes. Her warning gaze clashed with the dark storm in his eyes.

"I don't care if you're an Alpha. I'm warning you, he's my friend. To hurt him, you have to hurt me first."

Without taking her eyes off him or descending to the ground, she couldn't leave his arms free, Lily addressed Sam.

"I promise, I'll explain everything as soon as I see you. Leave before he does something bad."

Sam dashed from there like his pants were on fire, leaving his backpack behind. He'd never seen the Alpha this much angry. It was as if he was going to bury him alive for touching Lily. His possessiveness rolled off him in waves. Whatever this meant, it was clear who the guy was fighting for. And he'd seen him fight enough to make his choice.

"Why are you here?" Lily released her hold on his hair and lowered her stance in his arms.

Ezra growled down at her, his eyes conjuring up a storm of possessiveness. Lily could see he was out of his mind. She twisted his ear angrily, making him hiss.

"He's my friend. How dare you." She accused, breathing hard and fast. Her heart was almost pounding against his chest because of how tight he held her. "Don't even think about threatening him. I'm so pissed. What's gotten into you..."

Ezra was too glad to have her in his arm, clinging to him like a second skin to mind her anger. His senses were on high alert. Her scent hit him like a truck. He wanted to drown in it but Sam's scent over her pissed him off. Wrapping his arms around her, he took her to the steps of the temple and sat down with her in his lap.

"Let go," Lily pushed at him with vain. "I don't want to talk to you. You're ruining my day."

Ezra zoned out of the outside world. His wolf greedily took wiffs of her scent then buried his head in her hair and rubbed himself against her, claiming his territory.

Lily was mortified to find it arousing. The presence in her head purred, feeling content and happy but she was too pissed at him for scaring Sam and her.

She managed to wiggle out of his lap but of course he followed her every step, desperate for holding her. She shuffling around back and forth until he cornered her against the side of the temple.

"Stop." She warned and breathed deeply when he stood an inch apart. "Apologize."

Ezra tilted his head to the side, the wind blowing his wild mane of hear over his head.

"For the scene you just created, for acting like you care and also blowing up our cover." Her breathe hitched as his already dark eyes dilated further and gaze at her feverishly.

His hands touched her stomach then glided to her butt and pulled her flat against himself. He lips descended on her throat as he groaned. "Mine. Mine. Only mine."

The fire of passion crackling under skin disarmed her momentarily. The throbbing in her heart mixed with the haze of her mate made her weak in her knees. But she still mustered enough energy to bitterly add," Yes, yours when you want and not when you don't Alpha."

His growled against her throat and the rumble between their chests zinged to her toes. It was a wonderful feeling. Unfortunately nothing wonderful happens to her without a cost. She firmly planted her hands to his chest. She didn't have the energy to push but he understood, only enough to lean back and look at her face.

His stomach churned when she stole her gaze away. His palm held her cheek. "I know you're mad at me. I don't know why b–"

"You don't know why?" Lily couldn't believe her ears. "I seized existing for you the past I don't know how many days and you have no clue?"

Ezra faltered. "I was busy."

"With what?"

"The rogue attacks, the new placements, the pack, I–"

Lily mock nodded. "Sure. So now we're done with the rogues? The pack is untouchable? There are no problems anymore, huh."

Ezra shifted his head from side to side with hers to catch her gaze but she refused to look into his eyes. He had never felt so desperate before as he did then. "I get your point. I should've at least talked to you."

"But you didn't bother." Her chest heaved attracting his sight for a second.

"You haven't opened your mind link yet. How was I supposed to reach out to you?"

She shook her head absentmindedly and sighed. "Just like how you did now."

When Ezra peered down at her hung head, he felt a tug at his heart. They stood in silence for what felt like ages, which was only half a minute. Their hearts racing, bodies charged and minds pumped, what mattered in that moment was them. It was surreal how he could almost touch what she felt. She was angry, disappointed and hurt. It rubbed him like a swan. Her distress was because of him.

Gingerly, his large rough hand tilted her head up. She stubbornly refused to let him see her brown eyes. The eyes that looked at him like he was the only one who could really see through. Her lashes fluttered against her cheek.

Gorgeous, is the first word that crossed his mind. She had dark circles under her eyes, there were tiny beauty marks scattered across her face, her lips had no thick coat of color nor had her face a layer of paint. She was a natural. It pleased him so much his wolf howled in his head. Somehow, none of those could fade what she was. It enhanced her, to say the least.

"Lillian." He said it like it was a confession of some sort. The strange stumble of his heart beat was confusing. What was even beyond confusing was the fact that for the first time in his life, someone survived his anger. Only because Lily prevented it. He was still feeling possessive, just not angry anymore.

His thumb tenderly caressed her cheek then rubbed her lower lip. It made her breath hitch. "Look at me," he groaned. "Please."

There, he said it. That one word which often made him feel inferior. It didn't this time. Because he felt her resolve crack up.

"Trust me when I say all I wanted was to be with you." He started softly. "I was stressed, I was tired, I was bothered and frustrated. I knew you'd make me feel better. Every time I felt you near, I was damn near throwing you on my shoulder and running off. It drove me wild with need. I tried so fucking hard keeping my distance because I was an excuse away from taking you like the world doesn't exist."

The shuddered that racker her insides made his heart swell. He wanted her. He wanted her bad. So bad it was impossible not sporting a boner if even the alphabets of her name came up in his head. His body pressed up more firmly to hers. He wished he could cup her tiny breasts in his hands, or leave hickeys on it. Desire crackled between them but he held himself back.

As much as he humanly could.

"Look at me," he tried one more time. The desperation in his tone bothered him but fuck it. He wanted to see her eyes. "I missed you."

That did the magic. Her eyes shot up, their gaze locked and something slammed against the walls he put up around himself. The barrier he always had between him and the world cracked.

"I missed you." He said it again. Because deep down, he meant it. "I missed your eyes. I miss your smile too. Can you smile for me?"

Lily could do only so much. Her conflict licked at her energy, leaving her exhausted. She sighed and dropped her head to his chest and said.

"Prove to me that you wanna earn it. I don't want to give you something fake. If you want it, if it's for you, it should be real."

The meaning of those words floored him.

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