Never Ago (Book 1)

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Chaotic Peace

The forest went past in a blur. There were a few bright and colorful butterflies fluttering in the air. Ezra, in his wolf form, chased them from one place to another. He was cursing in his mind every time his paws got stuck in roots or the couple times he drove his head into trees. No matter what he did, from whichever angle he struck, they escaped.

The sun was high in the sky, flooding the land with warmth and light. His day wasn't going the way he wanted. Still, his competitive instincts stopped at nothing. His eyes fell on a blue butterfly that flew over his head. His mind set, he chased it to a clearing behind the willows.

The scene in front of him ended his pursuit. He halted right outside of the cluster of willow trees. From the scent, he could tell the gray small wolf sprawled lazily in the sea of white poppy flowers was his mate. He was busting his bones chasing after a stray butterfly while she laid there completely calm as hundreds of butterflies toured from flower to flower around her.

His wolf growled in frustration and made his way to her. The open field was like a garden of white poppies that stretched to the far edge of the cliff jutting out of the side. The tall green grass highlighted the beauty of that secluded piece of land where Lily seemed to lounge like a queen.

It was definitely her place. Her palace.

Her wolf perked up when she sensed Ezra and tilted her head mockingly. Before she could rub it in his face, he shifted back and kneel in front of her. Lily shot up straight to avoid looking at his nude dangling glory.

Ezra could almost feel her blush when he petted the side of her jaw.

"Let me show you how to mind link." His eyes swept over her height. She could hardly reach his nose.

And he was kneeling.

Lily relaxed and purred as his hands resumed their delicious exploration of her fux.

"The connection you feel is going to be different for different people. It depends on who you want to contact or who tries to contact you. Since I'm an Alpha, when I try mind linking you, it would be stronger than any other werewolf. So relax. Concentrate on your mind and allow me to reach your mind."

Lily set her shoulders back and allowed her mind the chance to conduct her thoughts. Ezra secretly enjoyed her fluffy tail wagging like a puppy. It was a sign of happiness.

"Feel it yet?"

He tried breaking the barrier of her mind. It was like a think cotton sheet but he could only poke through if she allowed it. Lily quipped when she felt pressure on the egdes of her subconsciousness. After few moments of struggle, she imagined reaching out holding onto that string of thoughts. Then it happened.


She heard it in her head. His voice sounded even deeper. Her wolf howled and hopped around him in circles like a bunny.

Oh my goddess, she gushed. I did it! I did it! I did it!

Ezra laughed and shifted back to his wolf to allow their union. He knew his nudity made her cautious. She instantly pounced on him. He shrugged her off, watching in amusement as her tiny, at least in front of his giant black wolf, rolled around on the grasd in front of him.

Good girl. He praised in amusement and huffed when she dropped her weight over him again.

I'm so excited! Does this mean I can talk to the Luna directly? And your father? And what about Marie? Oh my god, what about Joey? Wait, he can't shift. He's young–

Ezra was mesmerized at the speed of her speech. She'd never talked so much at once. Her giddiness and heat seeped through his bones. He abruptly rolled, taking her with him until he was on top of her and she was pinned under his weight.

Ezra! She heaved, out of breath. You're crushing me.

His wolf snorted and lowered his chest to the middle of her back then plopped down on her. He nipped at her ear to stop her wriggling.

This is where I want you. He licked the top of her head and then growled possessively.

She snarled under him then whimpered and gave up. You mean under you. Helpless and dominated.

Yes, he purred as he rubbed the side of his head over her neck. Helpless, writhering, moaning and lost in me. After a pause he added, or the other way around. Me in you.

Her head descended to the ground and settled in the grass. Her entire body was tickling and sparking and on fire. So you want me to be a slave. She drawled out in mock understanding. You want me to do nothing while you do everything you want.

No. He rushed. I want you to let go when you're with me. It means you trust me enough to hand over all your control. I want you under me so I can see you, all of you. All your feelings, your reactions, the things you fight to hide but you can't. Not because you're inferior. No. It would be because I'm completely at your disposal. When you give yourself to me, your pleasure, wishes, expectations and demands become my priority.

It made her purr like a sated kitty. Her heart fluttered like a butterfly's wing. A bloom of heat flood her core. Her wolf was suddenly hit by a train of desire. The way Ezra grumble in his chest and pressed further into ground proved he could smell it too.

Lily, if in her sane mind, would have vanished into thin air by now. Ezra made her bold but the subject of mating was still foreign territory. Half of her feigned ignorance while the other half released pheromones like a bitch in heat.

The only distraction she could find was the challenge. So she hung to it for dear life. Well, you certainly failed to hunt a butterfly. What does make you?

The large black wolf sitting on top of her like a king snapped his jaws at her playfully. So did you. It's a tie. I guess we'll never know.

Lily's wolf wiggled her snout. I thought Alphas don't give up until they win.

If I win, you lose. I don't want to make you feel bad.

Lily crawled out from under him after a lot of grunting and whinning then strode over to the middle of the white poppies. There's no you and me when it's us. Your victory is my victory. Follow me.

Ezra followed her then stopped when she shifted. Her black thick hair curtained most of her naked back and her butt was covered by the tall grass as she sat there but he could see her caramel flesh glistening in the sunlight. She was tense when he shifted and pressed his chest to her back and hooked her waist with his arms to pull her closer. A wildfire struck his chest when her flesh met his. He'd felt enough skin to last for a lifetime but this, it was the first time someone made him feel dizzy.

They both could feel how hard he was. Lily leaned back in his embrace, excited, delighted and a bit afraid. Her tiny trembling hands curled around his rough hands and cupped them in front of her. Then she plucked a few poppies to fill his palms. Breathing hard, Ezra trapped her long slim legs between his powerful thighs and graoned at the contast.

Fuck. He thought to himself. I've never seen anything more erotic in my life.

"You've been chaotic in your chase." Lily managed to speak with her strained voice, coloured with lust and awe. "You don't always have to use violence to be a conqueror. Sometimes fate runs it's course and peace choses the winner. All you have to do is make a choice. Then let the circumstances bring you what you deserve."

Ezra was about to ask what she went when a small white butterfly circled their hands then landed on the poppies in his hands.

"See," she whispered as she angled her neck to meet his hypnotizing blue eyes. "We both won."

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