Never Ago (Book 1)

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Breaking Apart

Lily stood struck by the string that tied her to Ezra. Her entire body paralyzed from the onslaught of the wound it left behind. A claw in her soul was yanked out, tearing her soul apart in the process. Her empty body slumped Marie's arms.

The noises around her drowned out in the wailing beat of her dying her. She'd known this would happen. It wasn't a surprise. Surprise was the extent of destruction on her insides.

Ezra was burning in rage but the shell Lily turned into right in front of his eyes poured gasoline over his flames. His teeth were threatening to turn into crush by the time he gained a pound of control over her body. He flung Sam away from his back and stormed out of the room.

Alcohol. He needed lots and lots of alcohol. He knew what was brewing right under his anger and he needed to squash it before it could tear through his barriers. Fuck it, I need wolfsbane!

The doctors and nurses along with a few stragglers in hospital unfortunate enough to come in his way were flicked aside like flies as their Alpha reeked of deadly aura.

"Lily, Lily!" Marie patted her cheek a few times and lowered her to the bed behind her. "Can you hear me? Look at me, baby. Are you okay?"

Sam quickly removed the broken cardboard of wood from her bed and kicked it aside and pressed on the intercom by the bed rapidly.

"Is she... How... the Alpha's mate... I..." The nurse was sputtering nonsense. She too couldn't comprehend what just happened.

"Help her!" Sam snapped at the nurse. "What the hell are you waiting for?!"

The nurse jumped into action and check her blood pressure as a bald doctor with thick glasses emerged. His orders were heard only by the nurse. Sam and Marie were holding and cooing at Lily protectively.

It took an hour to stabilize her pulse and pull her back into reality. Breaking a bond was no joke, the moon goddess had made it clear by making the process painful. The rejected suffered along with the rejecting party but it was less than what Ezra would suffer if she accepted the rejection.

Sam and Marie laid wide awake the entire night helping Lily cope with her agony. Marie shadowed over her like a mother bear. Sam was stunned by what happened with Lily and the string of curses escaping Marie's lips every two seconds.

Suffice to say she was contemplating on tearing him another asshole.

"Why did you, oh almighty Sam, not inform me of this the moment I arrived?!" Marie hissed in a low voice. Lily was sleeping. "That fucking bitch better be ready because the moment Lily wakes up, I'm telling his parents!"

"I don't think you'd have the chance." Sam sighed. "Ezra is going to be declared the new Alpha tomorrow and I guess the way it has always been in this pack, he's going to chose his Luna too."

Marie scowled at the thought. "Lily will never put up with his shit after what he had done. He can kiss his Luna goodbye."

Sam gazed at her incredulously. "Marie... He's dating Madaline. I think..."

"That explains everything then," her eyes bounced back to her sleeping friend. "He just wanted an excuse and she gave him one."

Sam folded his hands on the bed and dropped his head on top of it. Maybe it was a misinterpreted hunch that made him shake his head in confusion.

"I thought... I just," his voice was muffled when he spoke up. "I don't know. I guess I was wrong when I felt something in there. He hurt her but the way he followed her around... If he didn't care then why?"

"Beats me."

Madaline parked her car behind Ezra's blue SUV and got out. The house was eerily quiet and pitch black. If it were for the open front door, she would have turned around. The news of his title take over in the morning spread throughout the pack. Her stomach was twisted into a knot thinking about his decision.

Her red heels clicked against the polished tiles when she slip in through the door. The clicking of her heels echoed in the spacious living room and followed her to the bedrooms in search of Ezra. There was a very sharp and strong smell in the house. Sniffing it to the bar on the ground floor, her feet took her there.

The blinds were all shut, so she couldn't see a thing. She blindly patted along the wall in search of the red strip lights on the ceiling, kicking empty bottles with her heels in the process. Finally, the switch flicked on and the room illuminated in dim red glow.

"Ezra?" She gasped at his slumped frame.

She dashed to his side to hold him but reeled back when she smelt his scent. He was reeking of wolfsbane. It was littered on the table in unwrapped newspaper in the form of purple powder. The empty bottles of scotch was a tell tale sign of how he consumed them.

"Baby, baby," she swallowed the bile rising in her throat and swatted the package of wolfsbane away. "You're drunk. What the hell, Ezra! Why are you consuming wolfsbane?!"

Her voice raised with each word. Ezra was half draped over the edge of the couch and half sprawled on the floor. His head was swaying, his eyes dark and unfocused. He showed no sign of acknowledging her rant as he drained the rest of the scotch from the bottle in his hand.

Her futile attempts of snatching the bottle away from him shoved her into a sea of panic.

Cole! She almost shouted in his head. Get here as soon as possible. Ezra is drinking wolfsbane.

She didn't wait for his response. Ezra was drunk out of his mind. He was an Alpha, his blood was stronger than any normal wolf. The effect of wolfsbane could momentarily separate him from reality so his body could fight it but it was still dangerous for his health if he had consumed more than his body could handle.

The roar of an engine outside the house pulled a sob out of Madaline's throat. Cole came rushing into the room and stumbled when he saw Ezra.

"Ezra, buddy," he hastily kneeled by his side and reached for his bottle. "Okay, that was enough for today. Let the bottle go."

He tugged but Ezra had an iron-clad grip on the bottle. His eyes fought for consciousness in vain. He growled at Cole's fist around the bottom of the bottle.

Cole had no other choice. He used all his energy and smashed the bottle in his palms. The alcohol mixed with wolfsbane flood his hand and burned his skin.

"I don't know how much had he been drinking." Madaline was soundlessly crying. "I came here to see him and found him like this."

Cole grunted when Ezra's claws dug into his shoulders angrily but it was a minor wound considering the state of his drunk friend. He helped him up to the couch and let Madaline clean the mess of chaos around them.

"Here," Cole fetched water bottle from kitchen and forced it between his lips. "Drink." He demanded.

Ezra took huge gulps of the cool liquid and winced at the prickling sensations in his throat. Cole rubbed his temples in indignation and sighed.

"She... Coward..." Ezra started slurring in a daze. "I'm... Not...who does..."

Cole peered at his crumpled shirt, stained pants and red rimmed eyes then looked over at Madaline. She was kneeling in front of Ezra with tearful eyes and encouraging more nonsense out of his mouth.

"Madaline. He needs to sleep it off but first I have force all the wolfsbane out of his system. Get him something comfortable to wear."

Madaline obliged slipped out of the room quickly. Cole drapped Ezra over his shoulder and guided him to the bathroom then shoved his fingers in his throat and let him hurl his stomach's content into the sink.

The vomiting sucked his remaining energy. Cole carried him to his bedroom and dropped him like a feather on his mattress.

"You and I are going to have a long detailed argument about this shit you pulled," he snapped. "For fuck's sake, asshole. Stop running!"

Madaline helped Ezra change into sweat pants and allowed his drenched chest to cool off. He was sweating profusely. Cole occupied the guest bedroom and ordered Madaline to take care of him.

Ezra managed passing out in between his incoherent blabbering but Cole and Madaline didn't even blink the entire night. Where she was scared seeing him like that, Cole was concerned. Apparently, it was the second time he had done something so stupid and drastic.

When Ezra started moving in his bed after dawn, Madaline helped him sit up. He was feeling disoriented and hung over. His head was hammering him to death.

"I'll get you something to eat. It'll help you. Be right back." With that, Madaline was out of the door.

It took him more than a couple minutes to spot Cole sitting in a chair by his bed. He was feeling knives move in his throat which prevented him from speaking. The raw burn in every tube inside his bodies reminded him of what he'd done the previous night.

That explained the daggers Cole was shooting at him through his eyes.

"I–" he rasped painfully low. "When... did you... get here?"

Cole's glare intensified.

"Tone it down–"

"Fuck you, man!" Cole burst into flames. He stood up so fast, the chair toppled over with a shrill shriek then a loud thud. The noise ripped Ezra's skull into two.

"I'm just about done with your childish ass. I'm not covering up for you this time. The ceremony starts as soon as crawl to the packhouse. Get there or deal with your dad."

Cole turned on the heels of his boots and left Ezra with a pained grimace on his face.

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