Never Ago (Book 1)

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What Can't Be Said

Lily wasn't sure if even she herself heard what she said. Ezra didn't budge. He held her so tight, it was hard to tell whether she was getting squished or hugged. Either way, Lily couldn't find herself to move. The embrace of her mate was like drowning in a sea of relief.

She barely noticed him flicking his wrist, warning the gawking students to vanish. The few stragglers scattered away along with his friends.

He buried his nose in her neck and greedily sniffed her scent. Lily was over the moon. Her teary eyes were holding back the evidence of her desperation for him.

How is it possible to fall in love when you know you were in love all along?

Lily was truly feeling shy when she lifted her head to peer into her mate's eyes. The electric blues she knew he had were not there anymore. She found herself drawn to the storm in his dark black eyes. His eyes were so dark, they could challenge a moonless night.

"Why are you crying?" He asked, his voice rumbling in his chest.

The deep, grave sound poured down her spine. Lily shuddered by the intensity of his gaze on her. He was trying to reach her soul and she let him. Nobody but him.

"I'm not crying," she assured him quietly, breathlessly, staring at the magnificence called Ezra, her mate, her future Alpha.

To prove her wrong, his frown deepened when he grazed his thumb over her wet cheek. "You can't even stand. What's wrong? Are you hurt?"

His voice was gentle, still it did things to her. She couldn't wait to hear his voice when he was mad. How deep would it be then? The goosebumps on her skin betrayed the warmth her body stole from his.

"I-I shifted... Last night," her voice was too small to be hers so she cleared her throat and straightened, rubbing against him in the process. "I shifted last night. I'm okay just a little shaken up."

Something in his eyes flashed. Lily froze when she felt him move. She thought she was going to fall if he let go. Fortunately, he didn't. He held her close with one arm and furiously fumbled with his phone with the other.

"Cole," he snapped, "Check who the hell was incharge of the shifting course last night and ask him to meet me after school."

Lily's eyes went wide. She panicked and clutched his shirt in her hand when he hung up. "I swear I insisted on coming here today, nobody did nothing wrong. I'm sorry. It's all my fault. I asked to be here. What are you goin-"

"Hey," He demanded her attention. Lily snapped her mouth shut and gazed up at him wide eyed. "Don't stress. I just want to know how these things work in my pack. Okay?"

Lily stared. She knew he wasn't telling the whole truth. She couldn't read him, goddess it was almost impossible. But the anger in his tone when he was on the phone and the ticking mucles in his jaw spoke volumes. She suddenly felt like she was crossing a boundary. The guy she only saw from afar is suddenly wrapped around her. Is it appropriate to demand something from someone you feel like you loved your entire life but just met?

She turned to the other available route.

"Please," she tried tenderly, sprawling her hand over his chest. His heartbeat matched hers. "I had a feeling I was going to see you. And I asked Marie if it was okay, she said it was."

The stark darkness in his eyes dilated. He gazed down at her for a good minute then seemed to realize something and relaxed.

"What's your name?"

Lily hoped he knew, turned out he didn't too. "Lillian Avi."

"When was the last time you ate?"

Now, she felt like a child. "I had a sandwich this morning."

He raised a thick brow at her statement. "And when was the last time you drank water?"

"... before that sandwich, I think."

She gazed up at him from under her lashes. Warmth tingled her cheeks. She had no doubt she was blushing. "I'm okay..."

Ezra bit his lip and nodded in mock agreement. Lily was mesmerized by the sight of his black eyes slowing swirling and transforming into deep blue.

"How about," he started, clutching her shoulders tightly and pulling her directly in front of him. "You go home, you eat, you rest and then come back when you're okay enough to stand."

The words stung more than it should have but Lily didn't let it show. Was he not happy to see her? Or maybe it was the disappointment of not feeling his warmth anymore. It was ridiculous how she was feeling naked all of a sudden.

"Look," his palm sought her cheek, "Now we know we're mates. That's why you were here, right?"

She nodded, sniffling silently. "Yes."

"I'll come see you as soon as I finish a few things I have to take care of. I promise." His smile melted her worries. He has a dimple too.

Lily didn't want to burden him. She convinced herself she understood he had responsibilities. With a heavy heart, she composed herself, surprisingly her soreness and aches were dull. She greedily filled her lungs with his scent and stepped out of his reach before she flung herself into his arms once again. The idea was tempting.

"One more thing," he added, "You don't have to agree with me but I'd like it if you don't tell anyone about us."

Before any questions could pop in her head, Ezra explained, "We just met. I want this to be between us until we're completely comfortable with each other. If we told everyone, you're going to draw attention. The same is going to happen to me. Now, I don't mind anyone knowing we're mates, I'll tell them myself but a lot of people will try to get between us. I, at least, don't want to share your attention until I feel like I can bear a few minutes of your time with someone else. Call me selfish but that's how I work."

Lily stood flabbergasted. The butterflies in her stomach had sworn they won't rest. "You want to keep it a secret?"

Ezra gave her that slow suductive smile that every girl swoon over and cupped her cheeks. "Until I feel like I can survive another minute without you." He touched his forehead with hers. "You're in for one hell of a ride with our future."

The weight of the sentence took time to settle on her shoulders. It just crossed her mind that if he's going to be the future Alpha, then she was going to be the Luna. Which was a huge responsibility. Apart from that, half of the female population in their pack was eager to sink their claws in her mate. Maybe, he was right. They needed a little time for themselves first.

Even if he wasn't right, she trusted him with her heart. She was with him in his good and his bad from that moment on. How could she say no to him?

"I promise," she cupped his hands on her cheek, looking up at his blue eyes. "I'll be with you, in every decision you make."

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