Never Ago (Book 1)

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Anger was a part of her she always kept sedated. It was lethal, toxic, ugly and draining yet when the ugly demon was awaken, it had a mind of its own.

The acid in her gaze sizzled Ezra's skin. His mind took it's time coming back to life, grasping reality. Lily dug her nails into her palms and glared at the audacity of the Alpha.

Dave and Sam were frozen in their spots, breaths held and eyes popping. It was indeed a rare sight to see. The anger of an angel and the defeat of a beast.

Lily crushed her urge to curse the living hell out of Ezra. She was that mad but deemed it unworthy. Huffing, she turned to Dave to tend to the wound on the side of his skull. With a yelp, she was whirled around by her arm and crashed into a very hot, very hard chest.

Their eyes met, unforgiving and hard. Her free hand lifted enough to halt Dave's intervention.

Dave. Please, let me handle this. I don't want anyone dragged into this. Go inside with Sam. Her eyes never left Ezra as she pleaded, Trust me.

Dave hesitated before retreating with Sam. Ezra was too absorbed in her eyes to notice.

"You slapped me." He said slowly, disbelief weighing his words.

Lily tipped her chin. "Yes. If you let go of my hand I'll do it again."


"Why?" Lily repeated mockingly. "I told you I will reciprocate respect as long as you stay in your limits. You crossed it twice now which clearly shows you're taking my patience for granted."

"Your patience?" Ezra drew her closer, harder. "It's I who am tolerating your temper tantrums. You expect me to stand by and let a moron take you away from me? It's in the Alpha Codex. I can challenge any bastard who threatens my place next to my mate."

Her jaw went slack. "Your mate? The one I recall you rejected on a hospital bed? That mate, right?"

"It was a fucking mistake." He seethed, their breaths mingling. "You tricked me!"

Lily stared at his sculpted face, not comprehending his accusation. The heat between them was rising with each passing second. The destination of this conversation was going downhill.

She pursed her lips and twisted her wrist in his hold. "I don't want to resume this conversation nor do I want to see your face. Let me go."

His creased forehead and determined gaze were unfazed. Frustrated, she tried kicking his foot only to him move it each time, escaping her assault.

"You slapped me, your own mate, for a bastard who barely met you and youre the one doesn't want to see my face?"

"Friend." She corrected. "He's worth it. And you don't have the right to interfere in my life, not anymore. So whatever I do, or someone else does to me is none of your business, Alpha."

He swooshed her in the air and pressed her up between a concrete wall and his greedy chest. "It's my business and my business only."

Lily scoffed and rolled her eyes, "I wish could claim spewing nonsense doesn't suit you." Her now free hands clutched his collars as her voice dripped venom. "Let. Me. Go."


Her angry eyes, set jaw and intimidating grip turned him on in the middle of a street where she was threatening him. His mind wandered for a split second. His body tingled, imagining her rough hands marking it's territory.

With a strained growl, he took a step back. "I told mom and dad about us."

That got her attention.

"They sent me here to see you. Dad invited you to dinner to clarify things, I guess."

She glared up at him. "Bribery won't get you anywhere." Her forefinger stabbed his hard chest and pushed him away from her face, her cheeks cherry red.

"I know." He allowed her moving him a few steps back. "As do they. I only came to deliver the message and look what I found."

Lily threw him a warning look. "I am not in the habit of wasting my time on morons. Let this be the last time you harm my friends or act like what you did was a mere inconvenience."

Ezra faltered. He didn't know whether to laugh at the word moron or scowl at what she said. His eyes swept or her tiny frame and almost shuddered at the power it had. Over him.

Lily tugged on her dress, combed her locks back and flicked her disheveled hair over her shoulder then cleared her throat and pinned him with her scorching gaze.

"Let's go."

He stilled. "You're coming?"

She brushed past him and marched to his car. "I need to settle this once and for all. I can't tolerate your presence anymore."

It hurt.

His wolf squashed his whimper.

Ezra followed behind her, his hammering heart sinking in a sea of dread. His knuckles turned white with the force he held on to the steering wheel as he slid into his seat and started the car.

His eyes flicked to her huffing and puffing angry face, refusing casting a glance his way. He pulled out of the driveway with a clouded head. His insides felt like he just stepped out of a rollercoaster.

He opened his mouth and clamped it shut when she twisted her body away from him and crossed her arms in front of her chest. The rest of the ride went past in a blur, dipped in uncomfortable silence. She almost tripped out of the seat and fed the distance between them as fast as she could.

Ben greeted her at the door with a solemn face and apologetic eyes. "Lily, my dear. Please come inside."

She didn't smile. Her feet led her further into their house without a word. The door slammed shut when Ezra approached.

Classic treatment.

He scratched his scalp and followed them to the dining table where his mother sat beside Lily and kissed her hairline. Ezra bit the insides of his cheek and dropped into a chair opposite to them.

"You look flushed, honey. Do you have a fever?" He heard his mother ask.

"No. He just attacked my friend to almost death."

He inwardly winced at the noise of a fork cantering on the table.

"He did what?" His father asked calmly.

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