Never Ago (Book 1)

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Think Thrice

Cole greeted the two royal investigators at the border and introduced them to the high officials of the pack before he led them to the Alpha's office.

"Greetings," Ezra shook their hands firmly and gestured them to the chairs in front of his desk. "I'm looking forward to good news."

"Thank you for receiving us and yes we have the location."

The older of the two had gray hair, a moustache and collected demeanor. He presented a small map of a forest which had the coordinates of certain marked caves. Cole stood by Ezra's side as he scrutinized the markings.

"The concerned packs are notified already." The other one spoke up. "Our strategy would be caution because given the location, the caves are closer to the pack. The motive is still blur as of yet but we came to the conclusion that the children are all safe. There was no sign of blood, protests, bodies or violence. However, there are people guarding those caves."

"We can't strike separately." Cole concluded. "If the rogues have a mean of communication then they might notify the other captors."

"What about the involvement of witches?" Ezra asked.

"Yes, they're involved." The investigator clasped his hands. "After thorough inspection of the corpses of those dead rogues we have found witchcraft in their bloodstreams. They're either in cooperation with the witches or they're controlled."

Cole and Ezra shared a quick glance.

"This could mean something bigger than we're anticipating." Cole said. "Witches are breaking the peace treaty."

In the midst of the discussion, Ezra sensed a weak tap at his mind barrier. Usually in meetings, his mindlink is shut. That little tap meant someone was trying to reach out.

"–we move at dawn." The investigators announced. "All the five packs are going to strike at the same time. That would eliminate the chances of alarming the other captors and harming the children."

"That's a very short notice." Ezra pointed out.

Cole interjected before the investigator could respond. "Leave it to me. I'll gather the warriors by sunrise and station them at the border."


That name pierced through Ezra's mind barriers like a silver bullet and shot him straight in the heart. The panic in Madeline's voice was stingy. The Alpha reeled up from his chair, startling the guests.

Cole frowned, concerned and gripped his forearm. "What's wrong?"

Ezra looked at him, his eyes restless. "Lily... She's... Something feels off."

Maneuvering round the desk hastily, Ezra rushed. "I'm sorry, gentlemen. I have an emergency to attend to. You can discuss the plans with my Zeta and Beta, I trust them with my life. Excuse me."

Cole tried stopping the frantic Alpha but gave up and called Luke to make the arrangements.

Each step twisted a knot in his stomach. Ezra undid a few buttons on his shirt to allow air into his lungs and ease his throat. Madeline have never pranked him after that one time she'd tried and she knew very well the consequences were ugly.

Kandra. He reached her mind in seconds. Where's Lily?

A-Alpha? Her surpise came through.

It's urgent. Where's she? He ordered.

I think she is at some party she mentioned earlier.

There was only one public party that day so he zoomed out of the lot knowing exactly where to go. It was rare seeing the Alpha break the traffic rules and practically flying across the road. His quickened pulse was all he could hear.

Everything morphed into a blur around him. The madness inside him stroked his beast. She would never understand she's the master of his demons. The beast pacing in his mind was an example. Control was a block hanging off the cliff of an edge and he was holding onto it with a hair string.

The moment the house became visible, Ezra almost crushed the brake pedal under his foot and stomped out. His thundering footsteps marched up and crashed open the door. A few girls gasped at the intrusion and scattered away, unsettled by the darkness in his eyes.

The loud music turned down a tad bit, the party did stop but the shenanigans did.

Ezra scanned the crowd, turned stones and searched rooms in search of Lily. His foot had barely touched the first step leading up to the second floor when the scent hit him hard like a train. It was intensified, heavy, thick and arousing.

His fists curled with a rock crushing force as he ran upstairs like a madman and kicked open doors, making a few lovebirds scream. His tortured mind conjured up scenarios that shouldn't have been there.

No, no, no, no, no.

He chanted in his head and followed the scent which pulled at his heart like a hook. His eyes flashed, canines extended and beast growled.

This is impossible. She can't be in heat. We haven't marked each other yet.

Everything went in a floating blur when he reached the third floor. The scent of his fatal mate guided him to the last room in the hallway. The door flew across the room and smashed against the wall. Three figures whimpered and jumped away from the bed.

"No... Don't go... Come back here..." the tiny and needy voice wasn't pleading him. It was pleading those three hounds.

His eyes only registered the bare skin of his mate before the string snapped and his control free falled. With a deafening roar that disturbed birds in trees, Ezra lunged.

Zeke watched in terror as his friend crashed one of the guy's head into the nearest wall and knocked him out. They ran out of the room but the beast caught the guy following him and flung him out of the window in the hallway which dried his blood.

The fear he felt in that moment made his mind dysfunctional. That wasn't supposed to happen. He had planned thoroughly. Sam was too drugged to function and Madeline the bitch was already put to sleep.


Screams of horror ceased the party and music in the house. Zeke barely made it to the front door before he was sent flying across the room.

"E-Ezra–" Zeke spluttered, begged and crawled away from the heaving death on legs. "Du-dude you g-gotta believe–mmph!"

The Alpha's claw snatched his face from the floor and dragged him up to his face. "Believe you?" His beast rumbled furiously. "Do you not know who she is?"

Zeke trembled and fumbled in his hold.

With a roar, Ezra swung his body and crashed it into a pool table. More screams, more fear, more astonishment. It fueled his madness. Half of the house emptied while the other were frozen.

"Tell me you didn't know her!" He screamed in Zeke's face. The image of his mate burned into his head. "Tell me you didn't know she is my insanity, my madness, my passion, my obsession, my bloody fucking mate!"

Zeke coughed blood, his face bruised and stumbled over his words. "S-she ca-came on to me. I- I'm so s-sorry!"

Ezra officially succumbed to his beast. The human in him drowned under the challenged hunger of his beast. The eyes lost his blues and his razor sharp claws rose to kill. "I don't give a rotting fuck! There's nothing holier than her body for me and you dared to corrupt it."

Three bodies jumped on Ezra and pried him off a very pale Zeke. The beast roared and struggled until a fourth one weighed him down.

"Ez!" Kyne gripped his face and shook him vigorously. "Ez, man. Snap out of it. This is not how you deal with the law."

Ezra growled threateningly.

Kyne forced his gaze away from Zeke. "Look at me. I got this. I swear. I'll personally put them in the dungeons then do whatever you want–"

It wasn't working. The beast grunted as he dragged the others with him a few steps.

An idea popped up.

"Lily needs you."

The beast finally stopped, his nostrils flared. Kyne signaled the others who slowly retracted.

"You left her behind. It might hurt her. Deal with him when you make sure she's safe. She needs you."

Ezra didn't move an inch until Kyne pulled out a gun from his waistband and aimed it at Zeke. He jerked the nuzzle to the door and ordered his friends to get the rest of the culprits involved.

The pack who once adored the Alpha were terrified of him now. They disappeared in a blink when Zeke was arrested. Ezra ran back upstairs and bumped into Lily in the hallway. Her dress was off, shoes missing, hair messed up. She only had her underwear on.

The sight turned his blood into lava once more.

"Where did you guys go? Hmm?" Lily slurred and slouched against Ezra, her breats squashed against his shirt. "I'm burning..."

Indeed she was. Her arousal was flooding the air, her triggered heat sparking up electricity under his skin. The scent and her temperature were dangerously high and his wolf was not giving up his control.

He removed his shirt and wrapped her up in it before sweeping her into his arms and walking out of the packhouse. His muscles were aching, canines refusing to disappear and his functioning blood changed their course to south.

Lily was mewling and moaning her slurred speech into his throat, her wolf driving him crazy. They were both at the peaks, in their primal states. No human barrier.

"Ezie, baby..." She purred and niped at his jaw. Her fingers grazing neck roughly. "Mate me."

Her beast growled, the sound curling her toes. She had no idea her small pants were driving him nuts. The path ended, a pond appeared between the trees. Ezra didn't stop walking into the water until he was waist deep.

Carefully, cautiously, slowly and precisely like an apex predator, Ezra kneeled in the water and sat her against a rock in the pond. His lustful gaze scorched her skin as it touched her body. His beast was snarling in his head at the thought of filthy hands on her skin. He slid the shirt off her shoulders sensually pulling her closer.

The little minx was lost in her own haze. Her wolf recognized her mate before any another wolf. Her heat demanded a prime male and there was no one superior to the one who was made specifically for you.

"Where did they touch you?" He coaxed, his voice heavier and raspier than usual.

Lily giggled and sprawled over the rock behind her. "Everywhere."

His jaw ticked. For her sake, he inhaled forcefully deep and resisted going back to finish what he left. His large palms scooped up water and poured it over shining skin under the moonlight. His palms trailed her skin from her face to neck, shoulders, arms, chest, belly followed by her legs.

In his mind, he was rinsing their touch away from her. He'd never let anyone dirty her body. She was holy. She pure. She was divine.

"Mmmm." Lily moaned, her lip between her teeth and back arced. Her pulled her hands to her panting breats. "Touch me."

Ezra kneeled in front of her, planted his arms on either side of his head and leaned in until their noses touched. "Tell me, baby. Did they... touch you where they shouldn't?"

Lily laughed slipped her fingers into his hair. "You mean here?" Her pelvis thrust up and bumped into his raging hard on.

A gasp of a breath escaped his lips. His already hooded eyes darkened further.

"Did they?" He managed.

She pouted. "You didn't let them. It hurts. I'm horny."

He touched her cheek tenderly. "You're not in your sane mind, my little queen."

She tugged on his hair painfully hard and kissed him angrily. "Because you're stupid and I should hate you." She tugged harder makimg him wince. "You rejected me!"

"It was him, not me."

"You're the same."

"Not really."

"Then fuck me!"

The words stunned him for a split second. His Lily was soft flower shy of vulgarity. Those words were foreign on her tongue and very much dangerous for his blue balls.

He tentatively pried her hands away and cupped them in his larger ones. Her skin was burning despite being in water and scent seemed to have seeped into the pond. It was even stronger now.

"Don't... Say..." Ezra struggled with his growing needed and short breathes. His beast pushed forward, eager to claim his mate who was shamelessly inviting him.

"You're not– oh, shit!"

Her tiny hand slipped out and caught his over his pants. "Hmmph, is this for me?"

Ezra exhaled shaky broken breathes, his eyes squuezed shut. His resolve was weakening with each passing second.

He slapped her hand away and scattered back until his back landed on the wet mud by the water. His dick hurt with how hard it was.

Water sloshed and then with a wet plop, a fabric dropped on his face. He bunched it up in his tight grip, the smell was enough to identify what it was. Her desire was nothing compared to his when she mounted his rippling stomach. Her soft and warm skin becoming one with his.

"Fuck me, Ezie," she whispered in his ear, "Or I'll find another to quench my thirst."


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