Never Ago (Book 1)

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Eyes snapped up, his stormy darkness yanked at her strings. Lily purred and slid her body down his waist. His possessiveness made her gush between her thighs. The wetness weakened her fuming beast.

Ezra chained his arms around her back and sat up, bumping his nose with her. The act unintentionally lined his erection up against her belly button, drawing a gasp out of her.

"Goddess..." She breathed. Her glazed over eyes had a mysterious effect on his testosterones.

"You are my goddess," he squeezed her butt painfully tight to emphasize his point. "As constant as my breaths. If you think I would ever allow another's touch on you, let alone cast a glance on an ounce of your flesh, you need a reality check." his hand scooped up mud and smeared it on her cheek and traveled down to her heaving breasts.

His smoldering gaze peered deep down her barriers into her cowering soul, his voice dropping into an immortal whisper of a promise.

"I wounded you. You can't find the ointment anywhere else. If the wounds are mine, the right to heal you is also mine. I will never allow anyone take that right from me. Not even you."

A small buried hiccup jerked Lily's chest, her chest swelled. In her drunken stupor, the words registered in her head. It sparked her arousal with stinging pain. Her thighs clamped down his waist as a cry of agony spilled out of her.


Ezra panicked, clutching her convulsing body in his embrace. "What's the matter, baby?"

"I-it–" Lily gasped, wide-eyed, clutching the side of her belly. "It hurts. I– oh goddess!"

Another wave of convulsion and her broken gasps tipped him over. He jumped up, snatched his shirt from the water and covered her body. With each spasm, the alluring scent of arousal burst out of her body like water from sponge.

It effected Ezra. He staggered with her in his arms. Taking her to the hospital in this state would trigger unmated wolves. He'd gladly behead the bastards any other day but not now when his own mind was upside down.

His car was parked back where he crashed the party so he had to make the trip his house, growling and threatening people on the streets to lower their gaze, which they did and hurriedly scurried away.

I need a female doctor at my house ASAP, it's an emergency! Send her alone. No paramedics. Ezra barked at the head of the medical department in the pack.

Carefully, he set her down on his couch and moved to fetch her water but she cried out.

"Don't go!" Her wild eyes pleaded him. "It hurts, please."

Her tiny hand pulled him back and plastered her skin against his which brought little relief. Another wave hit her, hightening her pull at her mate. Ezra's vision blurred, his ears started ringing and his heart thundered wildly in his chest.

"Lillian," he gritted. "I can't stay–"

Her whimper cut him off and cut him up. His stiff body was in a war with his mind.

"No," his gut strained, fingers digging into her skin. Her scent was tearing him apart. "I seriously can't."

Lily snapped around him like vines with hooks. Her blissful arousal was slowly morphing into masochistic bliss. The pain was feeding her desires.

"Please..." She made a noise imitating a choked sob. "Please."

Grunting and breathing hard, Ezra blinked through his stinging eyes and forced himself to fight her pull. It was exceptionally hard to ignore her hot warm skin kindling roaring fire deep inside him.

His beast demanded he rut her into a pile of mush.

"Alpha?" A distant voice barely made it to his ears.

"Here!" He shouted.

Hurried footsteps stopped and a figure dropped to her knees beside him. Lily sneered at the lack of distance between the two. Ezra shoved Lily away and scrambled back, bumping into the coffee table in his haste.

"She's in pain." Ezra threw, "See to it. Put her to sleep if you must. Just help her, dammit!"

Hot angry tears rolled down Lily's cheek but her accusing gaze stayed glued to the retreating Alpha. He disappeared into kitchen and drank water like it was his last time. Her scent didn't fade though. If anything, he could feel her presence like a wet hand on his dick.

"Alpha," the doctor's timid voice irritated him. "She has a very high dose in her system. Considering her triggered heat, I can easily report it's aphrodisiac. I'm afraid sedatives will put her in a huge risk. It can make her infertile. There's no other way. If she doesn't have a mate then she'll have to suffer."

Ezra was holding onto the counter with mighty force. His mind flashed her naked skin in front of his eyes.

"Leave." He ordered.

The doctor scurried away. He was so immersed in his own head, he couldn't conjure up a single thought where wasn't balls deep in his mate.

"Fuck." He groaned and gripped his aching head.

A loud crash pierced through his growing lust. He was running before he could register and followed it to the front door.

Lilly picked up another vase and threw it at the door then gasped and bent over. Ezra pulled her away from the broken glass angrily and shook her by the shoulders.

"Are you fucking insane?!" He demanded, his veins stark.

Lily struggled in his arms and spat, "She locked the door. I need to find someo–"

"No. Fucking. Way." He drilled each word into her head.

She was about to spew venom when a sob ripped out of her. Ezra caught her before she could drop.

"Why don't you want to mate me?" Her frustrated eyes welled up. "Because I'm not like Madeline, that's why. You'd rather fuck that doctor than me."

Ezra was stunned. "This is not you talking... For fuck's sake." He palmed his face and paced in circles.

Lily gave him a bitter look, dropped the shirt he had thrown over her and jumped into his arms. He instantly secured her around his waist like it was a norm.

Her angry fingers gripped his face, tugged it forward and glared down at his beautiful face.

Goddess, he's hot.

"I can't give you strong heirs like Madeline but I can assure you that I have a vagina that can perform like any other woman."

A muscle in his jaw ticked, then another. His heart rebelled and so did his mind. He'd wanted a heir alright, but with Madeline. With Lillian, his Lillian, he wanted children. His babies. His and hers.

His beast won the battle when he created an illusion of tiny little versions of Lillian squealing and waddling around the house like penguins.

The beast drowned common sense in a puddle of nonsense.

"It's called a pussy." His lips curled up, "Fortunately this one is exclusively mine." He swatted away her hand and gripped her hair, yanking her head back to expose her delicious throat. "And I'm going to use it thoroughly."

With a growl, her bit her neck then moved to her shoulder. Her surprised gasps turned into moans which spurred him on. Backing her up against the nearest wall, he broke free of all his inhibitions. His mouth devoured her hungrily, like a man starved for decades. His rough hands groped her breasts and tweaked her nipples.

That drew out a yelp from Lily.

"Don't you ever dare," Ezra wrapped his arm around her throat and squeezed. "No other man is allowed to even think about this"–he thrust up against her dripping core–"unless you want me to kill him. Understand?"

Lily bit his lip in response and sucked on it before muttering, "Yes. Please, take me already."

Ezra moved in a flash and dumped her on a soft mattress. A cold shiver trickled down his spine at the sight. His prized possession purring on his bed. He yanked her to edge of the bed and feasted on her core. Her spasms continued their assault on her body. Her tiny moans became tiny gasps then tiny screams when crawled up her body, shed his pants and drove his cock home.

She was a wild virgin.

Her nails mapped pleasure on his back as he waited for her to adjust to his size. Lily wanted none of it and pulled him deeper.

"Don't stop," she mewled against his cheek, panting. "Please, don't stop. I need it."

"Need what?" He coaxed.

Lily whined. "You. I need you."

"That's right," he thrust up. "Now, say it. You were born to be mine."

"Yours!" Lily yelped. "I was yours."

Ezra frown and hovered his face over hers. Her eyes were were wide in pleasure. "Are. Not was. You are mine."

"Yes, yes, yes..." Lily pulled his head down and kissed him feverishly. "I'm yours."

A current of electricity zinged up his body. His thrusts became hard and punishing. Each jerk of his hips drove the message into her core and hammered it there.

Only. Fucking. Mine.

The innocent little Lily didn't stop demanding orgasms until she passed out. Ezra lost count after the first six. He had never been so fast in recovering and eager in hearing a woman's screams. He had been particularly rough and she made it clear she won't accept anything less. Time and time again she proved to be the only true half of him.

Their animalistic rutting had drove him to insanity and back. In his crazed haze, they broke the headboard of the bed. Did it matter? Fuck yes. She left a mark on his bed just as she left a mark on him.

Marks actually.

His body was covered with scratch marks, hickeys, bites and nail crescents. Her body fit perfectly in his. As he lied there, spooning, his large hands easily curled around hers. Her small frame fit in his large one. Her curves pressed up against all the right places.

Most importantly, their souls were the same. One piece clicked with the other in zeal. It was new, different, magical, wonderful and out of this world experience. It wasn't just sex, he'd know because he had had his share. This was the reunion of a soul with a soul.

When the haze started ascending, dread took over. The flutters in his abdomen became stings. His heart beat picked up it's pace and his hands clutched her soft ones to draw strength. Suddenly, he was afraid of the consequences. Afraid of her reaction.

"No," he whispered shakily into her hair. "Goddess, no. Just... no."

He slowly detached himself from her body and tried convincing himself that it was not his fault. It wasn't. She'd have to believe him.

She had to.

Now that she had branded his mind, body and soul, how could he think of otherwise?

Trembling fingers curled and uncurled. His sleep evaporated. Cautious, trying not to disturb his Lily, Ezra slid out of his bed and gazed at her with an aching heart. She was going to hold this over his head, wasn't she?

Hopefully not.

Inhaling deeply, a little flutter eased his constricting chest. Their scents were mixed.

He frowned.

There was something off about seeing her covered in his seed. He was all in for the dirty roll in the sack and branding each other but his Lily was beyond sleeping like that.

As inconspicuous as possible, Ezra slid the dirty and stained bedsheet from under her and tossed it to the ground. The dirty covers and pillows followed.

Quickly fetching wet towels, he cleaned between her thighs where he'd marked her womb twice and her belly as well as her breasts. Satisfied with the results, he slipped on one of his shirts over her because he had a feeling she won't like waking up naked. Finally, he retrieved clean pillows and covers from the chest in his room and made her comfortable.

She really knocked herself out.

The thought pulled at the corners of his lips.

Sighing, Ezra sat down by the edge of the bed and stared at his Lillian. He memorized her peaceful face in the dim light of moon flooding the room. Both of his palms incased her outstretched hand and placed a tender kiss on top of it.

He could've moved her to spare bedroom and a not so destroyed bed but it was his room. The master room. Where he slept. The chamber of his vulnerability.

Every ounce of him desired her mark on it. On him. His life. His body. His possessions. His home.


For the first time, it felt like it. An odd completely unexplainable feeling took over his insides. It melted his dread. How homely she made his life. The change made him feel everything he once considered girly. Warm, fuzzy, giddy, hopeful.

He'd go on a rampage if he never got to feel the same again. The realization of what he'd done downed on him like acid.


The sense of belonging. The security of stability. The warmth of love and trust. She wanted a place where she could be vulnerable to her heart's content. Where she was free of judgment. Where there was someone who she could her own proudly.

His selfish and utterly foolish acts had taken it away from her.

His very soul shivered at the thought of not having a home.

A huge lump formed in his throat and lodged there. He struggled swallowing. His tentative and pleading fingers brushed the hair away from her cheek and tucked it behind her ear.

How is it possible to be this beautiful?

"The anger in your heart," he whispered softly, hoping against hope her wolf would hear and convince her to change her mind. "The pain in your eyes. The hate in your mind. How do I appease it? How long are you going to make me suffer? Knowing that it makes you suffer too is a punishment."

"...please..." All he felt, his voice put in that word.

There was simply no explaining the doomsday in his chest.

His thumb brushed her hand. "Become my home."

Dawn was opon them. He had a battle to fight for his pack. There were prominent chances of winning against those witches. But Lily, there were none against her.

He couldn't breath properly.

Opening his drawers, he fished out a notepad and a pen. He wouldn't be here in the morning to see the disgust and anger and perhaps hatred on her face but it was already crushing his heart. The least he could do was let her know he was sorry.

An hour of failed attempts later under the light of a lamp, Ezra sighed. His apology wasn't worth a second thought in her book.

Let's just spill it out.

It was never your foolishness or blind trust. It was my fault I couldn't recognize the passion of your innocence. It was my eyes' fault that couldn't see your beauty. I disregarded the value of your smile. That foolish man burned in the flames of your separation. This is me, your Ezra, Lillian Avi. Your passionately crazy lover. Spare me, please. I, an Alpha, am begging you on my weak worthless knees to spare me. Your eternally indebted mate wants another chance. If you don't, he'll suffocate in loneliness. You're worth so much more than this world could offer. Today, I made another mistake. Another apology from me. I'm sorry. What have I done to deserve you and what have I done to witness losing you? I'll never know. The only thing that matters is you. I'm crazed about you my Lillian. I'm in love with you. And that scares me. That scares everyone who know me. I'll come back for you. Again, I'm sorry for what happened.

Truly only yours,

Unfortunately I proofread after I hit send. 🤧. Inkitt made me write this chapter 3 times. It got deleted the first two. I forgot some of the things I wrote the first time 😫. Anyways, any fav quote so far?

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