Never Ago (Book 1)

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Author's Note

First of all,

I feel grateful and thankful from the bottom of my heart. I have Adhd (viola). If you're familiar with this term, you might know people with adhd have a hyper mind. They can't stay focused on one task and constantly change their route. I swear to GOD I have never in my life completed a project. This is the very first project I have dragged this far and actually completed. All thanks to the love, support and encouragement from you guys. I love you, God bless you and Thank you,

And the list goes on... 99 people liked the story and 31 people followed an extremely immature writer (i.e; me) Lol

As far as the story goes
There will be a sequel but first I have to split the original book in two and do some editing. Ignore the notifications because I'm not going to add more to the story. The two books end here and I'll start a third one in a week and two.
I deliberately left loopholes throughout the stories that I'll cover in other books connected to the universe of Ezra and Lily.
(We need a ship name for them 🤔)
Anyways, please do leave a review before you leave. It's a request I'm not going to repeat in every book cuz I personally find it annoying when other authors do that.
Stay blessed and shinning ❤️ lotsa love.
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