Never Ago (Book 1)

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What I See

The brutal pitter patter of rain woke up Ezra early in the morning. His eyes fluttered open as he turned to his windows. His infatuation with rain was unexplainable. Most of his memories with his father were coupled with rain.

The clap of thunder in the skies, the lightening, the noise, the feeling of soaking in rain, every aspect of it was thrilling. Fulling himself up, Ezra walked over to open the curtains of his windows. The sun was hidden behind thick clouds. Just how I like it.

Sleep swimming in his eyes, he lazily touched his hot forehead to the cool glass of the windows and lost himself in the noisy thunderstorm. Behind his eyes flashed brown eyes. Plain, boring and dull eyes.

The eyes that looked at him as if he was the only thing that ever mattered.

He could feel the caramel smooth skin under his fingertips when he held that unattractive face in his palms and still felt attracted beyond words to it.

I have wait my whole life for you...

Have you ever lost a part of you after something because of how passionate you are..

I have you now. The part of me that was missing from me is back, I feel whole again but I feel like it's just a dream and I'm going to wake up...

Don't break my heart, that's all I ask. It's already glued together. Another hit will shatter it, I won't be able to fix it.

A slow devious smile pierced the innocence of that gorgeous face. Ezra was starting to react to her touches, her words, her actions, her happiness. The happiness he felt when he kissed her forehead in that temple.

She was stupid, falling more and more without looking where she jumped. That's what the bond did. It gave you the false sense of safety. Every time he was near her, his wolf perked up, he felt attracted to someone like that. Remove the bond from the equation and he wouldn't have known she even existed.

"I feel sorry for you... surprise, surprise. Lillian."


"What's with the secret smiles?" Sam asked in the hallway on their way to lunch. "You keep smiling at the most random times."

Lily couldn't wait when the entire pack would know Ezra is hers. Then she'd speak wholeheartedly about how her life is changing. For now she shook her head.

"I'm happy about my wolf." She lied. "Shifting was worth it. I don't feel alone anymore." Because of Ezra.

"What about your training?"

"After school," she checked her watch, "In four hours."

Sam laughed and hugged her from the side. "It'd be fun watching you train. You'd look like a puppy between beasts."

Lily rolled her eyes as they entered the cafeteria. "I don't get why you're in Business Management if all you want is to be a warrior in the pack."

Sam dropped into an empty chair at a table and waited for Lily to get their lunches. It was her turn. When she joined her again, he eagerly took his fries and burger from her.

"Because," he emphasized. "If I couldn't make it to the top rank or decided I don't like that profession, I'd have a backup plan."

Lily nodded, impressed. "Well, I'm not looking forward to six packs. Not my thing. I just want to pass the test."

"I'll help you," Sam offered.

Lily was about to thank him when the scent of her mate made her stutter. Her eyes frantically swept over the students in the cafeteria to spot for whom her heart raced. Her gaze found her mate bumping his fists with his friends across their table at the far end of the place. She couldn't take her eyes off as she sighed quietly and watched him take a seat.

His strong muscles flexing under his shirt oozed sex appeal. Her gut wrenched when Madeline threw her arms around him and smacked her lips against his. He didn't react other than pushing her away slightly and saying something that made Madaline leave their table.

Of course, the most beautiful girl of their building would chose no one but her mate.

"Lily?" Sam noticed murder boil in Lily's eyes. It was a rare sight to see. His friend never felt angry. Right now the red creeping up her neck was scary. Her jaw was clenched so hard, he thought she's going to break it.

"I-" she croaked, her throat closed up. "I'll see you in class."

She didn't let him react as abruptly stood up knocking off the chair in the process. Her mind was buzzing, her wolf growling in her head. Her hands shoved her books into her bag stiffly. She dashed for the door as soon as she had all her stuff. Blood boiling, vision red, Lily was seething for the first time in her life.

The voices calling her name were drowned out by the noise in her head. The only thing she understood in that moment was letting her wolf out.


She picked up the pace and started running towards the back of the building.

"Lillian, wait!"

A hard weight slammed her into the nearest wall beside the lockers. She was shaking with rage, her eyes flashed as she growled. Her claws extended in search of blood.

"Lillian, look at me." The voice was soothing and cautious this time. "Don't do anything stupid. You won't be able to handle a sudden shift."

The Lily in Ezra's arms wasn't the same sweet, shy Lily. This Lily looked like a bloodthirsty rogue. She wasn't even listening as she dug her claws into his arms. She started trashing to set herself free, her wolf was restless.

When her growls turned into snarls, Ezra knew she had started shifting. His own wolf started pushing at his mind frantically, terrified for his mate. Ezra's wolf took over faster than lightening.

He grabbed her face and smashed his lips against hers. His mate instantly reacted by moaning her approval. Hanging from his neck, Lily pressed herself against Ezra and dug her fingers into his hair.

The first intimate contact tilted their world. A bomb went off in their heads. The kiss turned frantic soon when sparks flew across every inch of their skin that touched. Ezra forced his tongue between Lily's soft lips. Her taste snatched his control, his tongue swiped over hers to taste more of her sweetness whereas she bit down on his lip harshly to punish him for her jealousy.

The wild growl escaping her mate forced Lily to bite more of his skin. They tasted each other like drug addicts. Ezra's hand slipped under Lily's shirt. She let him leave fire trailing under her skin everywhere he touched.

"Lily?!" Sam called out somewhere from the other side.

They froze. Ezra instantly pushed them deeper against the wall to take shelter behind the lockers. They were both breathing a mile a minute. Their hearts were racing in sync. Lily dug her head in his neck when the reality of the situation downed on her.

She kissed him!

Ezra couldn't believe he lost his control like that. It never happened. Never. His smell on her made his head spin. His inner beast was riled up. He cursed when he felt how hard he was. He was sure she was feeling it too.

A part of him felt satisfied at how hard she was wrapped around him.

"Fuck me." He muttered.

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