Fallen for him Book 1

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There was a misery in the town, so many death. Emily the only soft and fragile daughter of Duke Franco Egeus,was able to find out more about them,she sacrifice her blood for the sake of her loved ones. what happens when she fell for him even after torturing her?

Romance / Mystery
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Emily searched through the books on the shelves just to find the book, she was looking for at the last shelf,it was red in colour and had the picture of a red full Moon in a dark sky,this was among the books she smuggled inside the house,for her parents not to see it,They hated the fact, she was more concerned with the night creatures. She looked from her window just to see people aroundt their compound, her mother was been comforted by the town women, she hurried off down the passage. Her nanny Mrs whitely saw her coming and stopped her yet she pushed the old woman and made her way into the crowd, just to see her father's corpse,she rushed to it with tears in her beautiful grey eyes.
It's just like every one in the house is living her,first it was Aunty Lizzy whom often made her hair and dress her up when she was still younger and then aunty kate her favorite
cook,uncle Demetrus the gardener,Hindely her childhood friend and Mr Lockwood a butler whom she loves to visit,now it was her precious father. Her mother to her out of the room and let the other women console, Emily for her.
Some days after Mr Egeus burial, Emily sat in the garden with her books staring at the red clouds in the sky. She is only 16 and too young to lose so many close people, the worst of it was that they weren't stabbed or into an accident but instead they were drained of all their blood, just like all the books she had read,about them. So many people died like that but they refused to believe it was them the night creatures, the vampires. So many centuries ago,a town filled with vampires was burnt down to ashes leaving no room for any vampire to escape. She opened the book she brought that day her father died,she hadn't opened it since that day. She opened that book just to feel something move through the gate, Mrs Whitely came to call Emily, she his the book in the pocket of her dress, she went inside still staring at the cottage in the compound.
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