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Life goes on. I’m no longer the same person as before. For what’s worth, I did it all myself with no help. I’m a well-known therapist now. The hardest part is to keep my distance from my clients, but I try to hold my bearings.  Children always remind me of myself in my younger years. I had been so naïve, especially with boys. Luckily, I receive enough attention without being attached to someone.  I’m happy now, but my world comes crashing down when he made his appearance again. Why is he back? •The first book is You belong to me and this is the second book. So it’s best to read that one first before you read this book. Enjoy everyone!

Romance / Drama
Cristina C
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Chapter 1

Hi guys, this book is the next book of “You belong to me.” You should read ‘You belong to me’ first before reading this one.
Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this one too!

“Jay, don’t you think it’s better if you at least try to talk to your parents?” I explain to Jay carefully. “They will not understand me.” He murmurs. “If you don’t try, you’ll never know,” I inform him with a sweet smile. “I understand your concern Jay, I do, but your parents want to help you. The only way to know what your parents think is to talk about it.” I explain to him softly.

Jay nods silently. “Okay, Sofia. Thanks for the talk.” Jay tells me with a small grin. “You’re welcome,” I tell him firmly. “Next week, same time?” I ask him, taking my notebook out of the drawer. “Yeah, otherwise dad can’t drive me.” He answers earnestly. “No problem.” I smile at him. “See you next week then,” I tell him with a friendly smile. Jay nods and closes the door behind him.

I sigh and lower myself on the chair. Looking into my agenda on the computer, I noticed Jay was my last appointment for the day. I’m truly feeling sorry for Jay, though. Jay has a hard time communicating with his parents. He’s very emotional, especially about the insecurities for his body. Jay wants to change into a female. Two years ago, he made a gigantic step to come clean with his parents about his preference for boys. He has come a long way.

When I just started working after school, Jay was one day in the institution. He tried to kill himself because he was too afraid to tell his family and friends he was gay. He came such a long way. He was a fragile, insecure boy and now he has changed into a mature, more confident young man. Hopefully, his parents understand why he wants to make such a life-changing choice. A choice that wasn’t easy for him to bring up today.

Jay is one of the many teenagers I help in the institution. This has always been my dream. I went to Columbia High, and I succeeded in my education. I’m a therapist in this youngsters institution. We help children with mental problems rehabilitate back into society.

I stare at the light blue wall across my desk, almost jumping out of my chair when Tessa crashes in my office. “Here you are! I’ve been looking for you.” She tells me out of breath. “I just had an appointment with Jay,” I inform her with a sheepish smile. “I know, just saw him leaving the building. I wanted to ask you if you could join me for dinner?” Her eyebrows crooked slightly. “Dinner? Didn’t you have plans with Tom tonight?” I question her curiously. “I had plans.” She tells me firmly, her smile faltering immediately.

“What happened?” I ask her carefully. Tessa’s blonde curls bounce with each step she takes. She saunters from wall to wall. “Tessa!” I whine. “Sorry,” I fucking hate guys. I thought I could forget about it, but I can’t.” She murmurs, looking at me with a sad expression. Now I feel guilty I didn’t see her distress a little earlier today. “Tessa, sit down,” I order her firmly. “You’re so bossy!” She squeals. “I’m bossy because you need my bossy side, so sit down and talk,” I instruct her with a small grin.

I don’t want to boss her around, but Tessa needs it sometimes. She’s too good for this world. With her arms crossed, she lets herself fall on the chair across from me. I gaze at her distressed posture. “I think Tom has an affair.” She mutters with her eyes downcast. “Why do you think that?” I ask her, astonished. “Because his ex called him yesterday. I had arranged a dinner at La Dolce Vita, and now he has canceled it for a so-called business meeting with his colleagues.” Tessa explains, irritated.

“Maybe he truly has a meeting Tessa?” I ask her with a frown. “Maybe, but don’t you think it’s weird he called with his ex? He sounded pissed on the phone and afterward, he didn’t want to talk about it. Is it too much to ask for his honesty?” She asks me softly. “Maybe Tom has a good explanation for his behavior, Tessa. Wait until he’s back home before you make it worse than it is.” I explain to her with understanding.

“Okay, but are you free tonight?” She asks me with hope visible in her eyes. “I’m free.” I smile at her. “Great!” She tells me cheerfully. “I’ll pick you up at seven, okay?” She questions me. “Alright.” I smile at her before she vanishes through the door.

Tessa is very insecure with boys. Since I met her at Columbia High. She’s always been my best friend. We were inseparable at school. With her long blonde hair and light blue eyes, she’s always been a magnet for boys. Tessa always picked the wrong guys. Guys with a drinking problem or cheaters. She was too good for them. Her last boyfriend cheated on her three times, so I understand why she’s afraid Tom is the same as her ex.

When I arrived home, I take a long hot shower before dressing myself in a loose white summer dress. With these hot degrees, I’m happy to wear something loose in the evenings after work. I applied some lip gloss and put my hair in a high ponytail. It’s been a while I went to dinner with Tessa. Since she moved to Tom’s apartment, I only see her at work. The truth is, I never liked Tom. He’s egocentric and a player. Deep in my heart, I hope Tessa’s wrong about Tom, but I’m not sure her doubts are mistreated.

I know Tom for a long time now, and I think he’s still the same. He played Anne as a puppet back in the days. At first, when Michael was gone, I truly believed Tom was true to me and the rest of our friend group, but I was wrong. You can guess which slut he took while dating Anne. Yeah, suddenly Sydney was all over him. I felt sorry for Anne because she trusted him as I trusted Michael.

The worst part after Tessa and my tuition was Tom’s appearance. Of course, Tessa was all over soccer superstar Tom Fineck. But I never forgot who he truly was. The same bastard as his friend.

After Michael left me, my memories of him faded in time. For a long time, I wished he would contact me, but I never saw or heard from him. Even Tom, his best friend, heard where he was staying after two months of hearing from him. Michael had moved to New York with his parents, where he also went to school.

Mom recovered from surgery very well and she’s now working as a nurse again. It had been such a tough year for me, but eventually, I started living again without Michael Davis lingering in my mind every single day. If I have learned something from him, I didn’t need him to move on with my life. I did it all myself.

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