Coffee and Bliss

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Chapter 10: Men Can Be a Mommy Too

‘How many times did he wake up in Tristan’s room?’ Harris asked himself.

He looked around and found no one inside. His head throbbed a little but surely he could now move properly. He fixed the bed before heading out. The whole room was so quiet. He wondered where Mia and Tristan were. He looked at the living room and kitchen but they were not there. The only option, he knocked on Mia’s room.

“Hello, P’Harris! How are you?” Mia asked when she opened the door. She gestured to him to get inside.

“I’m okay now. Where’s your Phi?”

“Outside. I bet you didn’t see his note, aren’t you?” She said that made him confused. “He said he left you a note. Anyway, can we eat now, P’Harris? I am really hungry.” Mia made a circular movement on her stomach then he heard sounds on it.

He really looked confused. And it hit him when he glanced at the clock hanging on her wall. It was already 1 p.m. “Your P’ didn’t heat the food or cook for you?”

She pouted. “I told him that it’s okay to leave me here because I want to help you. He said I need to wake you up at 12 to eat. You sleep like a log, P’Harris. So I just waited for you to wake up.”

Guilty struck on his face. “I am sorry, little girl. Come on, let’s eat. Pad Thai or Khao Pad?”

They headed to the kitchen. “I want...” Mia put her forefinger on her head, perhaps thinking what was best. “Pad Thai, P’Harris. I really want to eat that but P’ didn’t know how to cook it.” She then smiled sheepishly.

He chuckled when Mia watched him with amusement and made sounds when he stirred or flipped the food. And as forks and spoons were placed on the cabinet about Mia’s reach, she offered to arrange them on the table.

He was glad because Mia already knew simple chores like that or wiping the table, sweeping her room’s floor, fixing her bed, or even dressing herself up.

“Thank you, P’Harris! You’re really amazing.” She exclaimed when he put the food on the table. She brushed her two hands.

“You’re welcome, little girl.”

They ate in silence. After eating, he noticed uneasiness towards Mia. She would look at him and she used plate back and forth.

“Hm, you want to say something?” Mia tensed up.

“Amh, Phi?”


“Don’t get mad okay? I—” She paused and smiled shyly. “I know this is too much but . . .”

“What is it, little girl?” He was getting nervous too. What if Mia was getting scared of being alone with him? Or she didn’t like him after all?

“Can I call you mommy?” She blurted out fast.

He coughed continuously. ‘What this kid was thinking?’

“W-Why would you want to call me . . . mommy?” He was sure, he kind of felt uncomfortable with the word mommy.

Mia smiled, innocently. “P’Gia treated me as her own daughter but P’Harris, the first time I met you I already got attached to you. I feel and see you as my mommy. I want a mommy P’Harris. But I can’t say that to Phi, he will get sad. He might think that I don’t need him anymore or he’s not enough.”

Sadness was written on her face. Pain struck on his chest. ‘How this kid can say that she’s only five years old. But she thinks like an adult already.’ He thought.

“Why did you say that, little girl? Your P’ will understand you.”

“I—I tried once. I asked Phi if I can have a mommy and he asked me back if he’s not enough for me. He became sad after that. I don’t want my Phi to be sad, he’s all I have and I love him. I know it’s hard for him to raise me without someone.” Mia lowered her eyes as she tried to hide her tears from him.

He bit his lips. She was too young to think too much like that. He didn’t know their story but he could feel that they had a big story behind it. He stood up and sat beside her. He cupped her chin and made her look up at him. He wiped her tears and hummed.

“Stop crying. It’s natural for your P’ to feel sad but for sure he really understands you. You can talk to him again. Every child needs a mommy and it’s not wrong for you to look for your mom’s presence.”

Mia pressed her lips thinly. She then smiled and nodded. “Thank you, P’.”

He hugged her and received a hug too. “But P’Harris, my question earlier?”

He scratched his nape and thought wisely what to say. He didn’t want the little girl to get hurt. ‘How can I answer that, right?’

He cleared his throat. “Little girl, do you see me as a woman?”

Mia shook her head. “No, Phi! It’s just that I can feel you as my mommy. Sorry for asking P’Harris. I won’t ask that again.” Mia said honestly. But her eyes were telling different. She looked sad.

He thought hard before answering. “You can call me mommy. Don’t cry na, na, na?” He then kissed her hair.

Shocked and happiness mixed on her face. She freed herself from his embrace and jumped with joy.

Her eyes were twinkling like stars. “Thank you, P’Harris! No. Thank you, mommy!” He was taken aback when Mia lifted her arms and snaked it on his neck then kissed both of his cheeks.

‘Fuck! I think I’m happier than her.’ He couldn’t explain his feelings when he heard the word mommy. He knew that it sounds weird being called mommy because he was definitely a straight man but he couldn’t help feeling happy at the same time.


Harris was watching T.V with Mia. He scratched his head when she chose Barbie to watch. He used to watch action and thriller.

“Little girl, do you usually watch this with your Phi?”

“Yes, mommy. But sometimes we watch horror movies.”

Mia stood up only to sit on his lap. He stiffened, Mia was getting more comfortable with him. He laid his back on the couch, Mia laid her head on his chest.

“Mommy, thank you for coming to our life. You’re the best gift I’d ever received.”

Mia’s sudden words made him melt. “And you too.”

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