Coffee and Bliss

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Chapter 11: Gay for Harris

It was almost 7 p.m when Tristan got home. It was so dark inside and he almost tripped due to something he stepped on the floor. He searched for the switch and turned on the lights. He wondered where Mia and Harris were because the dorm was so quiet.

He tossed his bag nowhere in the living room and tucked himself on the couch. Half of his body was on the couch and the other on the floor. He kicked his shoes and removed his socks.

He felt drained. He didn’t know who to call in school for Harris’ absence so he decided to go there and personally told Harris’ sickness. After that, he went to Gia’s shop to work for half a day. He called in sick at school though he used his half day.

“Phi! Are you okay?” A soft voice echoed in the room. He saw Mia running fast towards him. He gasped when she jumped over his lap.

His forehead throbbed with the sudden shake of his body. The shop had various customers.

“Little bun will massage P’s forehead. Lay down still, Phi,” Mia said. He groaned softly when he felt little hands caressed his forehead. It felt good.

“What did you do to make you this tired?” Another yet familiar voice could be heard. He saw Harris walking towards them. He looked fine now. He had that disheveled hair and sleepy eyes.

‘He looks good on his pajamas.’ He thought. He raised his brows seeing him in his blue and pink PJ’s.

“Many—” His words were cut off because of Harris. With his mouth wide open, his eyes followed in shock as the pale man started to pick up his socks and shoes and put them on the shoe rack. He then picked his bag too and put it properly on the center table. His mouth opened and closed to say something but he couldn’t find the right word.

‘Wow. Did I do something great in the past to have these two people?’

“Eat first before you sleep. Oh wait, I think the food was already cold, I’ll just reheat it.” Harris didn’t give him a chance to talk again as he headed straight to the kitchen.

He followed his gaze to the pale man and was snapped back by Chen. She giggled and whispered some shocking words to his ear. “Mommy is so great, right Phi? Mommy even washed our clothes. I helped too.”

It caught him off guard. He panicked thinking that his sister wanted Mia back and he couldn’t stand that. ‘Did my sister come home? And why all of the sudden?’ No way he would let her take away Mia from him.

“Mommy? My sister was here?” He asked curiously.

“Nope. . .” She emphasized the last two letters.

“Then who are you calling mommy?”

Mia pointed to the kitchen where they could hear some utensils’ sound. “P’Harris, my mommy.”

He was stunned. Why was Mia calling Harris her mommy? What happened while he wasn’t at home? “Little bun, he’s your P’Harris, not your mommy, okay?”

“No! Mommy said I can call him that. He’s my mommy. I am so happy because I have a mommy now, Phi.” Mia said with a teary-eyes.

‘Woah. So something really happened earlier.’ He still wanted to ask Mia more about that when Harris called him in the kitchen. The two of them headed there. He couldn’t help but prevent his tears from falling as he saw the foods were already settled on the table.

“Mommy, can I eat again?” Mia asked while pointing at the fried shrimps.

“Yes, little girl. But not too much, you can have a stomach ache when you sleep.” Harris had a sweet tone while talking to her.

The two interacted again like he didn’t belong to the group. Both of them were acting like a real mother and daughter in front of him. He never imagined having someone who would lit up both his and Chen’s life. Harris might be cocky and stubborn but that didn’t change the fact that he was a good person. Tears were about to fall again on his eyes so before it dropped, he hurriedly excused himself and turned his back to go to the bathroom.

“Shia! When did I become so sensitive over things?” He asked himself.

When he got back to the table, Mia was already finished eating some shrimp. “I will brush my teeth again, mommy. P’Tristan, goodnight and same to you mommy.”

“Don’t forget to pray,” Harris added.

Now, it was just the two of them. He couldn’t find any words to start a conversation as he was still in an awed feeling. ‘Fuck this emotional breakdown!’

“Did I overdo something when I agreed to Mia calling me mommy?” Harris’ voice broke their silence.

And for his side, he still couldn’t get over with the word mommy—so he choked on his food. Harris quickly gave him water.

“Ah—It’s—No, you didn’t. I am the one who should be worried because I know Mia was so stubborn sometimes. You don’t need to agree on her—I mean, I know it’s awkward to be called mommy. I will talk to her later,” he answered.

“It’s fine. She might be missing her mommy’s presence. Every child has that feeling, I mean sorry please don’t misunderstand me.” Harris bit his lower lips as he noticed his anxiety.

“Maybe. She once opened up that to me. And I didn’t know what to say and do. Until you came and filled the lack of his mother’s comfort. And thank you for that, Harris. I don’t know how to thank you enough because you brought happiness to Mia’s life . . ” He said.

‘And even to mine.’

“Oh, no worries. I really like your niece after all.”

Silence again.

He decided to finish up his food and do the dishes. He thought Harris had already left but to his surprise, he was standing on the door frame with his hands crossed over his chest.

“I thought you already left.”

Harris scratched his nape. “I—I just want to say goodnight and thank you too for the last two nights. Bye!” He hurriedly said. He turned around and ready to go when he stopped. “And don’t worry about Mia’s action. Somehow, I like her calling me mommy.” He ran quickly.


Tristan couldn’t sleep. Still thinking about what Harris had said. He liked being called mommy. And what made him happy was that Mia was more lively and delighted since Harris came to their dorm. He was glad as someone like Harris came into their life.

And now, although he just knew the pale man for just a short period, he had those unexplained feelings in his heart. Harris is a cocky and stubborn person yet he was the sweetest and caring person he had ever met. And that earned his heart jump whenever he saw that small smile forming on the pale man’s tempting lips.

He was still bewildered by how he thought something illegal towards the pale man. And he was still figuring out his unexplained feelings for him.

Harris was also a man for Pete’s sake!

He was not a homophobic or what because he had gay friends and he loved them, but still—it was his first time having feelings towards the same gender. It was his first time thinking about how to kiss the pale man’s luscious lips, what it felt like touching the skin underneath his clothes, how perfectly fitted their hands were when they were entwined.

He froze. His body became cold, realizing what he was thinking. Having feelings towards Harris? He abruptly jerked in his bed, taking a deep sigh. His hands instantly brushed his face as he felt uneasy.

And everything about Harris circled in his mind.

“Fuck! I’m gay for Harris?”

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