Coffee and Bliss

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Chapter 12: The Mommy

“Phi! Phi, wake up!” A loud voice filled Tristan’s room.

He barely opened his eyes and saw Mia beside the bed. Groaning, he realized that it was already morning. He closed his eyes again thinking that he needed to go to university.

He snorted and made a sleepy sound. He deepened his head more on the pillow and abruptly smiled when he smelled the shampoo that Harris was using.

“If you didn’t wake up right now, mommy will see grandma and grandpa soon!” The voice yelled right through his ears but it wasn’t the reason why he quickly jumped on the bed.

“What do you mean?” He asked worriedly.

He didn’t wait for Mia to answer. He just ran fast outside with Mya tailing behind. “Mommy’s in the kitchen.”

His eyes narrowed, hurrying to reach the said place. He saw Harris lying on the kitchen’s floor. And what really caught his attention was the red liquid flowing above his head. And fuck! He was lying there unmoving, his eyes were closed.

He stiffened for a moment until Mia poked his arm, hard. “Help mommy, Phi!”

He snapped back to reality and hurriedly scooped Harris’ body. He was shivering when Harris didn’t even flinch a little when he tried to wake him up. ‘Jeez! Was he dead?’ He shook his head with the thought.

“Harris, hey! What happened? Shia! Are you dead? Woiii?” He jerked Harris’ body again.

“Phi, can’t you see that mommy was unconscious? Don’t ask him what happened, ask me instead!” Mia slapped his arm lightly.

He looked at her and glared. “What happened to him? Why is there blood? He’s dead? You wake me up horrified but now you’re just chilling there as nothing happened?” He attacked her with questions.

Mia tapped her feet back and forth. “I just want to see your reaction, Phi.” She said innocently and bit her lower lips. “We woke up earlier than usual and mommy told me that he didn’t get enough sleep. Then mommy said I shouldn’t be worried because he already took sleeping pills. Then, that! I think the sleeping pills took over him right there and he suddenly collapsed. Mommy even snored, Phi.”

He nearly cried out of his mixed emotions. He wanted to tackle Mia because of irritation. His heart was panting so hard and loud like it was about to jump on his chest when he saw Harris lying on the floor. Then he remembered the blood. Blood!

“Then what about this red liquid?”

“Oh, I just put it so you will get startled. I saw it on the T.V and the character cried and cried until he realized it was just a prank, Phi.” Mia giggled and ran away from him.

‘Arg! What a nice niece he had?’


Harris heard a raspy voice upsetting his ears. He wanted to sleep again instead of hearing that annoying voice. He knew that it was Tristan—singing loudly and out of tune. ‘How the fuck he was singing, didn’t he know he had a fucking voice that can break make the animals go wild?’

He wanted to shout out of frustration when Tristan tried to hit the tenor but failed.

“Harris, wake up! Mia said that singing will make you wake up. I’m so worried right now!”

Fuck! He surely could wake up someone. “Dickhead, thank you for worrying. But please, fucking stop singing before it really makes me sleep forever!”

He opened his eyes and met the most annoying face. He needed to lean back because Tristan’s face was too close to him. Raising his hand, he smacked his head. But instead of being annoyed by his action, Tristan took him by surprise when he suddenly got teary-eyed and fucking hug him.

‘Relax, Harris. Inhale and exhale. He’s also a man, don’t get too flustered.’ His inner voice said with too much sarcasm when his heart thumped fast.

“Get off me. Dude, you better stop hugging me!” He wriggled on his arms but Tristan embraced him even tighter. Then it was the time when he noticed that he was lying on his back and Tristan was hovering over him, almost on top of him.

“It was that little brat’s fault!” Tristan murmured on the crook of his neck. He got tickled when his warm breath on his skin danced on his skin.

“Mia? Why?” He tried to erase the feeling getting on his body.

“He startled me by fucking telling that you’re near to death and then...I was—I saw you lying unconscious on the floor with blood on your head. Well, it’s just a fucking sticky red liquid after all.” He said like he was a child who got bullied and whining to his mother. His head deepened more on his neck.

“He tricked me, Harris! Your daughter just tricked me. I will surely get back on her!” Tristan then pulled up his head with an evil smile and pouted after.

He smacked his head again. “She’s just a child!”

“But she—”

“Come on, baby boy. Stop whining and get your fucking body off of me.” He teased, tapping his back.

“But Harris! Listen to me, please. I will avenge!” He said like a freaking child. He moved to get off but just caused his knee to grind on the tan man’s crotch. He froze and gasped. He didn’t know if Tristan felt it too.

“Mia said you didn’t get enough. Are you feeling better now?” Tristan asked when he sat on the bed.

He nodded, averting his eyes when he saw the tan man’s half-naked body. Tristan must have realized it so he shyly scratched the back of his head.

“Sorry, I didn’t know. I just really got nervous so I jumped off to bed and ran to you.”

He hid his flushed cheeks through coughing. “Thank you. Anyway, we need to go to school. It’s Tuesday and we’re absent yesterday so we need to be there now.” He hated being late or absent. It made him uncomfortable.

They went outside. He was walking behind Tristan so he got the best view of his butt only covered with thin trunks. He gasped when he clearly saw an angel’s left-wing on his left shoulder blade.

‘Fuck, he didn’t see this until now. He looks fucking sexy with it.’ He cursed silently, biting his lips. He had guy friends in their home but he never scanned them like the way he scanned the man in front of him. It was just that lately, he had this tingling sensation whenever he looked and saw Tristan. And he was scared of that.

“Shit! I’m a man!” He cursed again which only got Tristan’s attention. He turned to him with his confused look.

“I can clearly see that you’re really a man, Harris. No need to say, it was fucking obvious.” Tristan raised his eyebrows and walked again.

He slapped his forehead with embarrassment. He followed Tristan to the kitchen and an innocent kid was waving at them. That little tease! She was sitting on one of the chairs and when she saw them, she hurriedly made an innocent smile and waved.

“Mommy!” Mia jumped on her chair and hugged him from his waist. He brought her to his arms and lifted her.

“Good morning, little girl.” He kissed her cheeks and received a kiss too. Tristan just raised his eyebrows at them.

“Mommy, why did you take the sleeping pills knowing that it’s Tuesday and you need to be at school on time?” Mia whined.

“Sorry about that, little girl. Won’t do that again.” He said with an apologetic tone.

“Oh, you must do another thing like that again mommy. I want to see Phi again getting scared and almost cry. He was like a puppy earlier and P’ was so cute.” Mia giggled.

He heard a growl. Tristan was throwing dagger looks at his niece. ‘What a childish dickhead.’ He glared at him and signed him to stop. And yeah, he was just like a puppy when he pouted and made a sad face. He could see an imaginary wagging tail on him too.

“See? He obeyed. My P’Tristan is . . .”

“Why don’t you just sit again and eat, little bun? I’ll still drive you to your P’Gia, remember?” Tristan said, still glaring at her.

“Oh right. Sorry P’s.”

He shook his head. Tristan was like a child when he pouted and looked at him with pleading eyes. “What now?”

“I’m hungry.”

That’s it! He smacked his head and Tristan just grinned like crazy.

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