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Chapter 13: Sweet Side of Tristan Dickinson

After driving Mia to her P’Gia, Tristan and Harris went to school together. Although Harris didn’t want to, the tan man still found a way to force him. Like he threatened him to call Mia and for sure the little girl would be sad if she heard that he didn’t get along with her uncle.

He got out of the car faster, looking around first before getting out. He didn’t want the Med students to see him with an Engineering student. As in their first week of school, he learned that the Med and Engineering Department had an issue regarding the best department of the year. And the Med Department always got the award that made the other department furious.

“Call me when you finish your class, okay? We’ll pick Mia together and maybe go outside for dinner?”

He immediately stopped. He turned back to Tristan who was now fidgeting with his car keys in his right hand. Not wanting to make the conversation long, he just nodded and ran away.


He looked uncomfortable when he saw his friends eyeing him suspiciously. “W–What?”

“So you and the Engineer student, huh?” Chris said with a smirk plastered on his lips.

He tapped his foot loudly. Biting his lower lips, he didn’t know what to answer.

“Don’t get too nervous. We’re on the same boat.” Riley patted his left shoulder.

“What do you mean?” He asked, confused.

“You’ll know later. Come on, we’ll be late. And you need to catch up on the activity for yesterday.”

They headed to their class with him still confused and thinking what those words meant.


Their class ended up earlier than usual. Riley told him that he will introduce him to his wife. ‘Oh, he had a girlfriend?’ He thought. They waited in their usual spot which was the Meds cafeteria.

Riley was tapping his fingers, maybe waiting for his girlfriend. Chris was eating chips and he on the other side was in deep thoughts.

“Honey Vanilla Sweet Cupcake!” Riley said with an excited tone.

He snapped back on his thoughts and heard the cheesy call signs.

‘Fuck? Why so many call signs?’ And why did he giggle like a freaking woman? His friend stood up and greeted the person behind him who he thought was his girlfriend.

“Hi, Sugar SweetyPie!! Hello Chris. And?”

He choked on his saliva when he heard a baritone voice. ‘Huh?’

He was just imagining that Riley’s girlfriend was pretty but wait, why did he sound like a man? He peeped a little bit behind him and was shocked. He was really a man! A tall slim man. Riley was clinging his arms on his neck then his wife kissed him on his cheeks that made his friend blush. Chris just shrugged his shoulder like he was used to both of them.

“Honey vanilla! Just introduce me to your new friend.” The man pouted. ‘Wow! He looked like a man who can sweep people away in a second but did he just pout?’

‘What’s new? Tristan was always like that. A dickhead but can be cute at the same time.’

His eyes followed Riley’s boyfriend, how he held his friend’s waist and guided him to sit. “Sweety, this is P’Harris. Harris this is my lover, Arche.” Riley introduced the man to him.

They waii to each other. “Lemon cake, I’ll be late later. Our seniors just gave a sudden task to us.” Arche said.

“Of course, juicy. I can wait for you.” Riley said with a sweet voice.

“No need. There are many mosquitoes out there. I don’t want you to get bitten. I am the only one who can bite you, deep!” Arche showed his canines, bit lightly Riley’s neck. He and Chris choked after.

It was all new to his sight. He wasn’t aware that two men could be sweet like the two. It was his first time having gay friends.

Riley moaned a little. Both he and Chris rolled their eyes. Fuck these two! Could they lessen their sweetness because he was about to throw a tissue at them in a minute?

“Harris will be with me. Right Harris?” Riley’s attention drew to him then wink.

“What?” He asked in shock.

“You’ll be with me, right? Chris won’t make it because he needs to go home early today.” Riley made a puppy look. So he just nodded. Wondering why he agreed after all.


Riley was chasing him around the department they headed after their last subject. He tried his best to escape and go back to their department. He just found out that Arche was an engineering student because they were on the fucking Engineering faculty. He didn’t notice earlier because Arche wasn’t wearing a blue jacket like Tristan.

“This is what you meant by we’re on the same boat?!” He asked, panting.

“Yes. Don’t worry, we’ll be quick. I just need to see my sweet vanilla,” Riley answered.

They were doomed! Someone might notice them here. And somehow, He didn’t know why but he was scared of bumping into Tristan at any time. He managed to avoid his dorm mate because he feels like things are getting awkward day after day.

Unlike before, no one intimidated him. But after he happened to meet Tristan, awkwardness already became his surname. He may trust his mind sometimes but not his heart and body. They reacted differently when Tristan was so close to him. Like he could feel the sexual tension between them or it was just him feeling that.

“Riley, I just remember that I need to buy something. You can go by yourself na?” He pleaded.

“No, come here Harris! Just for now na?” Riley tried to grab him but he ran faster. The engineering students were now starting to notice them looking at them.

“Shia! Harris lookout!” Riley shouted unexpectedly.

Before he could stop, he already bumped into something. “What are you, a 6-year-old kid?” Or someone. He looked up and met the tan man’s frowning face.

He lost for a moment. Those tantalizing eyes were captivating his soul. He was caught off guard. ‘How can I avoid you if you keep on walking into my life?’ His eyes grew wide when he suddenly felt Tristan’s grip tightened to his waist.

He was stunned, of course. He tried to escape when Tristan enveloped his arms on his body even tighter. “Let me go!” He got panicked but the tan man just smirked.

He just walked into Lion’s den. The engineering students were now looking intently at them.

He gave him a boring face trying to look like he was really pissed. He heard some voices telling him that he was dead and Tristan will surely punish him. ‘Why the hell was that?’

“S-Sorry, Phi. Harris didn’t really mean it, sorry. Please have mercy on him, na?” Riley with his scared tone pleaded.

Perhaps Riley thought that Tristan could let it pass because it was him, a new student. But with the engineering students around them, for sure Tristan wouldn’t hesitate to mess with him.

“Shia! Riley, why the fuck you’re begging? This dickhead can’t do anything to me!” He hissed.

But Riley opened his mouth like he was about to say something but then closed it again. He looked like he was about to pass out at any moment due to fear for himself and his friend. “Sorry, Harris. I’m the one who forced you and now you’re…”

He saw him like he was about to faint. “Tristan, let go!” He growled.

But the tan man just shook his head. “I won’t ever let you go, Harris.” It was just a whisper but he heard it clearly.

His eyes widened with his tone. ‘Fuck this man.’ Without a second thought, he stomped on the tan man’s feet.

“I said let go!” Then a loud gasp could be heard around them. He just smacked hard the tan man’s head that almost got bent on the ground.

“Idiot! I can’t breathe.” He said. Tristan pouted and let go of him.

“I’m gonna be stupid with that anytime, Harris.” He said with his baby tone that made him flicked his forehead.

The students, even Riley, gasped again as if they couldn’t believe what he had done. “The terror head hazer just got a smack from him. Who’s that? Our head hazer didn’t even complain.”

Rolling his eyes with their whispering, he turned around to his friend who looked like he would really pass out at any minute. “Riley, let’s go. Just see your Arche fast and go home.” He said, crossing his arms on his chest.

Tristan poked his arm and arched his eyebrows with questioning eyes. “Oh, you’re looking for my junior?” Tristan turned his gaze to Riley.

He frowned when his friend stepped backward and really got pale. “Yes, Phi.” He stuttered and looked away quickly.

‘Why the fuck they’re so afraid with his dorm mate?’ He asked in his mind. He could feel that it was not all about the quarrel between their departments. It was more than that.

“Just find your lover so we can go home already. I’m too tired and hungry.” He scratched his stomach and frowned.

Tristan’s eyes widened. He quickly gestured for one student to come near him.

“Tell Nong Arche to come here as soon as possible.” The student ran faster.

“Why?” He asked. He never understood the tan man.

“You said you’re hungry and tired. So just let your friend see his lover then we can go home.”

Riley looked at him with his curious eyes. He just shrugged as he also didn’t expect that. Then after a minute, Arche jogged near them. He kissed Riley and that made him roll his eyes again.

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