Coffee and Bliss

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Chapter 14: Harris' Mood Swing

“Sweety Cup—” Arche’s hyper voice was cut off.

“Nong, just take your lover already.” Tristan’s voice raised.

Arche must forget that he and Tristan were with them. He shyly nodded. “P’Tristan! Sorry, I forgot you’re here. Hello P’Harris.” He waii at them

Tristan just ignored him and turned to him instead. “Let’s go home, yeah? I think we couldn’t go outside for dinner now. Let’s just pick Mia and I will cook for you.”

He saw how Riley, Arche, and the students looked shocked because of what they heard. But they were more shocked when he...“Shia! I rather die hungry than tasting your awful food!”. . . said that and smacked Tristan, again.

“What? You said you’re hungry. So you must be tired to cook.” Tristan pouted. He set his arms to his shoulder.

“No, thanks.” He snapped and said his goodbye to Riley and Arche.

He left Tristan there with a sad face. Before he had already left the department, he heard some curious questions.

“They’re living together?”

“They’re so cute!”

“Does our head hazer really have a boyfriend?”

“What will happen to the Med and Engineer Department now?”

‘Oh my!’ He smacked his forehead after realizing what he had done. Instead of walking, he ran—fast. He stopped a little and caught his breath when he noticed he was already far from the Engineering department.

“What has gotten to you, huh?” He winced to himself. He made the situation more complicated and awkward between them.


Tristan just followed his gaze to the pale man who was running away fast. He couldn’t be wrong when he really saw how flustered Harris was. He might feel hurt because of Harris’ reaction but he just found it totally cute.

He couldn’t help but smile. His dark aura that made his juniors always afraid of him became lighter and happy. He bit his lips after and turned to Arche and Riley who looked really stunned at what they heard and saw.

“You can go now, Nong. Date your boyfriend and let me work on mine. Have a good date!” He said and followed Harris.

He searched for him in their department thinking that Harris might be there. Not seeing him, he drove in his car and searched on the sidewalk. And he was surprised when he saw the pale man walking like a zombie. His bag was almost hanging a little on his shoulder, his hair was messy and he walked side to side.

He bit his bottom lips thinking how cute the man was. He followed him in his car then suddenly screeched as Harris just stopped on the sidewalk and made a bizarre move.

‘Did he just slumped his body on the ground and messed his hair?’

He looked at him for a minute. Still curious what happened, he opened his car and got off. He walked directly, slowly behind him.

“I should have avoided him! Fuck, why we keep bumping on each other?”

He raised his eyebrows. ‘Was he talking about me?’ He was chuckling silently. ‘What an idiot, of course, we’re roommates so he can’t do anything about it.’

“You want to avoid me for what reason?” He asked, leaning closer to Harris’ right ear. He sat with a squat position behind him and put his hands both on his shoulders. He felt him tense.


“Nope. I’m Mario Maurer.” He chuckled at his own joke.

“As if!” Harris snorted.

“At least, just pretend I am him—” Harris cut him off. He dodged on his stomach that made him growl in pain. His ass kissed the ground.

Harris stood up putting his hands on either side of his waist. He gazed his eyes on him below. “I can’t! Oh my, I can’t see even one percent of you becoming Mario Maurer. You’re too—”

Before Harris could say anything, he stood up and covered his mouth with his hand. His eyes dilated then glared. “Whatever. Now tell me, why are you planning on avoiding me?”

Harris’ pale skin becomes paler than usual. His eyes looked either of his sides, ears getting redder and redder that made him even curious. He tried to step forward but Harris snapped and made his ass kiss the ground for the second time.

“I better go. Stay away from me at least one ruler gap.”

Finally, Harris looked at him steadily. His eyes were telling something that made him confused. Before he could say anything, Harris stepped away quickly. He was left behind, still sitting on the ground with his mouth wide open, stunned by the pale man’s action and guilty because he appeared to scare him.

“What the fuck did I even do?” He asked himself. He looked at Harris walking—no, running away from him. ‘Who says women are more complicated than men?’

He stood up after a few minutes and got inside his car. He knew that Harris would not get in even if he insisted so instead, he followed him with his car. Deeply inhaling, he patiently drove slowly behind the pale man. He knew too that Harris knew he was behind but the man was really stubborn. They got to the dorm without making any contact. He let the pale man open the door.

He sat tiredly on the couch, body slumping on it—half laying down. He was startled when Harris’ door slammed hard. He sighed, creasing his forehead. ‘He’s fucking moody’

That was the time he remembered his niece. He hurriedly called Gia to check on Mia. “Hi, sorry for not coming to her on time. Got something on my way. Can you wait for me in a minute? Yeah, yeah sure. Thank you, Gia. Nope, just tired. Okay.”

Without changing his clothes, he got back in his car and drove to get Mia. His niece was already outside the shop with Gia beside her. She was wearing a cheerful smile, he wondered why.

“Hi Phi! What took you so long?” Mia asked with a pouting face. Gia gave him his niece’s bag. He smiled first at her before lowering his body to Mia.

“Phi just got into something. Anyway, let’s go?”

“She’s been asking me for about one hour where you were. She even thought that you didn’t want her anymore. What a silly girl,” Gia said. He chuckled because of his niece’s thoughts.

“Thank you, Gia. We better get going. I’ll see you at work!” Gia nodded.

“Is mommy already home? I really miss my mommy, Phi.” Mia suddenly remarked.

Both he and Gia widened their eyes. Him, not knowing what to answer because of the sudden question and even the word mommy. And Gia with a curious stare at him. He clicked his tongue.

“Y-Your mommy was already home, little bun.”

Gia raised her eyebrow. “Your sister came back?”

“Not her, P’Gia. My mommy is so handsome with pale skin. His lips are plum and he’s smaller than Phi. I’ll come here with my mommy, can I?”

He scratched his nape. He really didn’t know what to say. It was too awkward, especially how Mia described Harris. He looked at Gia and she was glaring at him.

Then Gia smiled at Mia and patted her hair. “Of course, baby. You can bring your mommy here and let him taste how good my coffee was . . .” she said. “And I’m really, really curious about your mommy. I want to know him.” She added, emphasizing the word ‘him’.

“I’ll explain when I come back to work. For now, I really need to go home. Thank you again, Gia.” Gia just shrugged and rolled her eyes.


When they came back to the dorm, nothing could be heard inside. It was lifeless. Dull. Just like before he met Harris.

“Mommy, we’re home! Where are you, mommy?” Mia shouted right before they entered. Harris didn’t answer back. He wondered if he was still inside his room.

“Mommy?” Mia asked again, knocking on his door. When Harris didn’t answer again, Mia opened the door when she found out it wasn’t locked.

He sneaked in the room to look for Harris but he wasn’t inside. Mia turned to him with wide, teary eyes.

“Mommy? Mommy, I’m home! Where are you, mommy?” Mia shouted continuously around the dorm.

‘Fuck! Where are you, Harris?’ He asked himself when Mia started to sob. She dropped onto her knees, crying. He cursed himself because if Harris really left, it was all his fault.

“Phi, mommy left us?”

Before he could answer, their dorm’s door opened, revealing the pale man with an ice cream bucket and plastics of something in his hands. Harris smiled at Mia but faded in a second when he saw her crying. He dropped the food on the center table and came faster to his niece.

“What happened to her?” Harris asked him, accusingly.

“Your fault!” He barked out even if he knew it wasn’t really his fault.


“I mean, she was looking for you and didn’t find you here. She got scared that you left…” He explained with a baffling expression and looked at his food. “Not knowing you just bought an ice cream.”

Harris’ face flushed. He rolled his eyes at him and turned to Mia.

“Mommy, I thought you left us.”

“Sorry, little girl. Mommy was just hungry so I went outside to buy. I won’t leave unless there’s a reason for me to do that.” He said, assuring Mia with his hands gently caressing her back.

He knew that Harris’ last remark was for him as the pale man was looking at him when saying that.

‘What did I do again?’

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