Coffee and Bliss

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Chapter 15: How Straight Kiss

After assuring that Chen was finally okay, Harris tucked her in bed before slipping into his room. His mind was still fixated on what happened, what he had said, why he bent out his unexplainable feelings for Tristan. He knew for sure that Tristan got confused by his action. But even him couldn’t understand what’s running through his mind.

His mind wandered at the first time they met. Both of them are being arrogant with each other. Then they became roommates. Him being called mommy by Tristan’s niece. And when things get awkward between them.

‘Did I grow feelings on him?’

But no way! Tristan was a guy. A guy having the same thing he had between his legs.

‘Love has no gender. If you felt it, you felt it.’ He remembered what his grandma said to him.

Then a sudden realization occurred on him. His eyes went wider, his body was shaking, heartbeats racing. He clenched his chest when his heart beat faster when Tristan’s face showed in his mind once again.

“No way!” He snorted. Throwing his face on the pillow, punching it at the same time.

‘Yes, way. There’s nothing wrong with risking for love. If you don’t take a risk, then you won’t find real love. Go for it, fight for it. We only live once.’ He could hear his grandma on his mind, scolding him.

“Arg! Why me?” He said, prolonging the word ‘me’.

‘Because it was fated to you. Trust yourself. Su su na!’ The voice inside himself cheered him up.

After an hour, he found himself searching for some information about Tristan online. Well, there was really nothing, just his basic information. But what caught his attention was the article in their school newspaper. It stated that Tristan was the head hazer of their department, had a strong personality, had a little patience on everything, and was feared by many students in their university. It also claimed that Tristan didn’t care much about others except his two buddies. The article was just made for entertainment in their university but he could say that they were really true except the last one. Tristan cared.

“But why is his action towards me different? He acted like a child in front of me!” He screamed in his mind. He chuckled when he remembered how childish Tristan was. Why the hell that article didn’t know about that?

He was about to log out when their online campus paper posted a new article. He almost lost his breath reading it.


That was the fucking headline he just read. Below the caption was their photo. Mia was smiling widely between them, her hands were holding both of theirs. It was the time when Mia begged him to buy burgers outside. And what was more surprising was that Tristan was smiling too, looking at him like he was kind of starstruck.

His head spun around. He instantly felt a headache seeing the article. His heart was like running for its beat. He shoved his head again into the pillow. After deciding what to do, he got up and headed to the door. He almost stumbled back when he opened the door, Tristan was there. Looked like he was about to knock. He was catching his breath heavily. ‘Did he read the article too?’

The tension between them passed through to every corner of the room. He was eyeing Tristan with surprise and Tristan looking at him with an unexplainable emotion on his face. They both stared at each other, not looking away. He gulped, noticing how awkward the situation they were in.

He cleared his throat and looked away first. “What are you doing here?” He tried to sound calm.

Tristan scratched his nape. He noticed how flushed his face was. “Ahm, well . . . want to have a coffee with me?” Tristan said, flashing a smug smile.

He raised his eyebrows. ‘Really, coffee?’

“Thanks but I decline. I can’t sleep when I drink coffee at night.” Harris wondered why with the sudden offer.

He made a mistake when he looked straight at his eyes. Tristan’s captivating eyes were like digging in his soul. All the things said in the article flashed in his mind while looking at him. His heart beats unusually again. ‘Do I really have feelings for him?’

He didn’t know what had gotten to him, he only wanted to answer his question. He quickly pushed his body towards Tristan, smashing his lips at him. He could feel how Tristan tensed. At first, he only needed to answer his question. The peck kiss turned to a real, heated kiss when he moved his lips on him. He clenched his fist on the tan man’s shirt, pushing him more on his body.

He could taste mint and sweet on Tristan’s lips. He had soft lips that he wanted to devour. In a second, Tristan kissed him back, his lips crashing on him forcefully asserting dominance. It took a minute when Tristan pushed backward. He groaned with the sudden disappearance of heat nibbling on his lips.

He was looking up to Tristan who was staring at him with disbelief and . . . lust?

Before he could do anything more, Tristan brushed his hair. Then he looked down again. His eyes were saying something he couldn’t decipher. They just stared at each other not saying anything, might be feeling the sexual tension. He bit his lips, he had flushed cheeks and dreamy eyes. He unconsciously licked his lips and Tristan gulped.

“I’ll have a coffee—”

“Let’s have a coff—”

Both were stunned. Tristan scratched his nape and grin. “Okay. Coffee, I guess?” He asked, stuttering.

He barely heard him but nodded with shame. ‘I make out with my dorm mate, for Pete’s sake!’

Not asking each other what the fuck just had happened, they both headed to the kitchen. He initiated to make coffee. He could feel the following gaze of Tristan. He almost spilled the coffee when he turned around and saw how near Tristan was. The tan man was staring at him, he looked like he wanted to eat him alive.

He gulped one more time. “L-Let me just put this to the table,” he said. But Tristan picked the cups of coffee and put them on the counter behind them.

“What?” He cursed himself with his stuttered voice.

He yelped when Tristan pushed him on the counter and leaned forward to his face. Their nose touching each other together with their foreheads. His mouth went wider as Tristan slowly smashed his lips on him . . . again. With too much force, his lips feel like ripping apart. He groaned a little with that. After a second, he was kissing him back with the same force, fighting for dominance. But Tristan didn’t let him, his hands caressed his cheeks and pinched them that made his lips open. Hot tongue wandered inside his mouth, like looking for something there.

He pulled away for a second to gasp for air. He looked upon Tristan, and like him, he was gasping for air too. He was about to pull away for real but Tristan caught his nape quickly and ruffled his hair with another hand. Soft, sweet, and gentle lips were pulling out his breath once again.

“Wait! I’m not gay!” He snapped, smacking his chest.

“Neither am I. And I don’t care.” Tristan answered and pulled him once more in a heated session.

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