Coffee and Bliss

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Chapter 16: I'm Not Gay!

“Hey, did you see the latest porn on the” Roy asked while browsing on his phone.

“All you know is porn! At least try to study. Look at Tristan for example. He’s so busy studying for our quiz!” Regan said, pointing to him who was too busy in his notebook.

Tristan just smirked and shook his head. They were video chatting as Roy kept on begging to tutor him for their upcoming quiz. But all he did is to ask and talk about porn. Regan nearly gave up on their friend and Tristan didn’t mind him at all because he was really busy.

“Ai’Tristan, can you help me with our quiz? Let me have your paper tomorrow, na?” Roy pleaded.

“Fuck! Ask for your husband instead!”

“Husband? He’s more like a wif—”

“Don’t disturb him.” Regan cut him off immediately.

Tristan grinned. He was not really studying after all. He was too engrossed sketching Harris’ face. After what happened to them on the sidewalk, he seriously thought hard about what he had done to make Harris angry that much up to what happened to the kitchen. He ended up doing doodles of the pale man’s name and sketching his face all over again until his friends called him.

He was a straight guy, that was a big fact. But when Harris happened, his gay part inside was coming out slowly. When he talked about or saw Harris, all he thought was to do some sappy things with him. Especially when he put more focus on the pale man’s lips. It was so luscious that he wanted to devour it too hard. That made no sense to him because he knew that he liked girls for so long. Big boobies, curvy body, and front hole. And the pale man didn’t have all of them. Just a hard chest, muscles, hard thing between his legs and ass hole like him.

‘Wait! Did I just admit that I like that stubborn pale man?’ He scratched his hair. “Shia, Tristan! What happened to big boobies?”

Then he remembered his friends, they were straight men when they became friends. Were. Because they were proud gays now. And their parents approved them even when they came home together holding hands.

‘Am I gay too?’

“Ai’Tristan will surely get an A+ for his dedication.” Roy snapped him back to reality.

“Okay, let me just teach you, Ai’idiot!” Regan commented and stuck out his tongue. Roy growled because of annoyance.

“You’re just calling me Ai when you need something from me,” He said after realizing that he was calling him Ai instead of Phi. He grabbed his ballpen and pointed it to Roy.

“Naaah! Just let us end this call and I’ll help him out. Bye!” Before he could answer back, the two shut off their camera and ended the call.

He leaned on his chair, spinning his ballpen on his fingers, zoning out. All he did was only to tease Harris but it came out into real things for him now. He scratched his nape, closing his notebook and standing up. He gave himself a cheer before going out and made his way in front of Harris’ room.

Shaking his hands, he sighed deeply and blew an air harder. He was too nervous. He wanted to end his miseries, wanting to have an answer for his complicated feelings. He was about to knock but the door opened first before he could. There was Harris, standing in front of him. Then he remembered what happened in the kitchen earlier. He didn’t know how they stopped and both ran to their room.

Harris’ sudden appearance in front of him made him anxious and almost back out. He didn’t know but he thought they were staring already for minutes. No one wanted to look away either. Especially him. The silence and unexplainable tension between them broke by Harris, asking him what he wanted. ‘Wait, why am I here again?’

Harris’ lips while asking brought him to heaven again. Thinking how sweet and soft those lips were. But he still managed to answer ignoring the fact that he wanted to shove the pale man into his bed and had a feast with his inviting lips like what he already did.

“Earth to Tristan?” Harris waved on his face.

“What happened earli–”

“We’re gonna continue it now.”

With that, he flashed his famous smirk and shoved Harris on his room’s door. He locked the pale man on his arms once again and licked his earlobe. His lips went farther to his jaw, kissing its line down to the base of his neck. Like a hungry child, he sucked the pale man’s neck. Nibbling, sucking, licking, kissing it gently. He was finding his soft spot. Harris moaned that he could clearly hear because it was too loud and sexy to hear.

Sucking his neck more, he pulled away after and asked. “You like it?” He teased him.

Harris put his hands on his chest. He smirked because the pale man was surely confused either to push or pull him more. “P-Tristan, this is wrong. I–I am not gay!” He said between moaning.

“I told you, I am not either and I don’t care.” He placed his right hand on the pale man’s waist, pulling him more closely. He can feel the joined heat coming from their bodies.

“Shia! Let . . . go! I’m not into a man—”

“Ngggh! P-Tristan!”

Harris’ voice halted when he suddenly grabbed his crotch, at first it was like just holding and feeling it. But after a minute, he was massaging it, feeling how it went bigger and harder than its usual size. He let his lower self do the work instead. He grinned and thrust up and down, slow to fast to Harris’ bulge. It continued for a minute until he felt something weird run down from his stomach to his crotch.

“Ah! I can’t ta—Just let me come, dickhead!”

He still received a smack between their make-out session. Because he just dry-humped him for too long not making him come.


Tristan woke up earlier than usual. He wanted to make breakfast before Harris woke up. He still felt guilty and sorry because of what happened last night.

Harris kicked him out of the room when suddenly in the middle of their make-out session, his phone rang and it was a call from Gia. He stopped what he was doing and answered it, Gia was having a breakdown and asking for advice. He asked Harris if they could continue after the call but the pale man just kicked him out and slammed the door to his face.

He stumbled while walking to the kitchen. Making sure that Harris wouldn’t wake up so he could do whatever he wanted. But Mia startled him. “Phi, why are you so early, and why are you walking like that?”

He shyly scratched his nape. “Well, I’m gonna make some breakfast for your P’Harris. I did something to him and want to make a peace offering.”

Mia cringed. “By cooking? Are you sure of that, Phi?”

“Of course! Well, not. It’s just that I wanted to try. Remember on your birthday, I tried to cook spaghetti though it didn’t end well but still taste fine?”

“Fine Phi. So let me help you, na?” Her eyes pleaded.

“Yeah sure. Just try to be quiet.”

He almost cried when he saw the kitchen after minutes. Messy table and sink, burned pieces of bread and ham on the plate that for sure didn’t taste any good. The kitchen was disastrous.

Mia kissed his cheeks every time to cheer him up.

“Are you trying to burn down the dorm? And what’s with this leftover food?”

That voice behind startled him. And Harris’ words made him feel useless and stupid. It was just basic cooking but he couldn’t even make one. He couldn’t do anything better even if he tried. That made his eyes clouded with tears. He remembered Harris said that men could cry too. So he let his tears fall on his cheeks.

Harris looked at him with a shocked face. “W–Why are you crying?” He asked. His question made him cry louder.

“P’Harris, my Phi woke up early to make you breakfast. And the food wasn’t leftover. It’s just that P’ couldn’t cook well.” Mia answered Harris’ question instead.

He heard his quick steps and tensed when he felt a hug from behind. His heart thumped fast, feeling Harris’ body hovering over him. It soothed him. “What are you doing?” He asked.

“This is me saying sorry and thanking you for your effort to make me breakfast. Sorry, na?” Harris lightly rubbed his left cheek to his back. His arms tightened around him.

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