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Chapter 17: Head Hazer's Husband

Tristan felt more energetic along the way to school. He was looking for his friends on the way to their class but while walking, most of the students he passed by were looking at him like he had done something. He ignored them the time he saw Roy and Regan sitting on their usual spot. With a wide smile and happy face which was not used to be him in school, he greeted the two. But they just opened and closed their mouths. His eyebrows knitted out of curiosity. They appeared shocked, guilty, and happy.

“Eh, what’s with you two?” He asked the time he sat in front of them. He put his bag on the table and searched for his notebook.

“Eh, Tristan? Why are you so happy this morning?” Roy asked.

Without looking at him, he shrugged but smiled again after a while. “Because of my moon!”

The two widened their eyes at him. They shook their heads, waving their hands while looking behind him. He found it odd, their unusual actions. He looked behind him and jumped off a little when he saw many students, especially girls, were looking right at him. They would stare then whisper to each other. He turned around to his friend with a confusing look. He hit them with his notebook when they just put an imaginary zipper on their mouth.

“Are they talking to me? Why?” He looked once more to the students behind, still gazing at him.

“You did not open your Instagram, am I right?” Regan was the one who asked now. He was biting his lips like not wanting to spill the reasons behind it.

He nodded. He grabbed his phone and was about to look online but Roy and Regan stopped him. “Shia! Stop messing with me. Just tell me what’s this all about.” He barked at them.

“Actually, amh... Look at this,” Roy said.

The two looked at each other first before giving him his cellphone. He almost dropped it when he read a post about him with a photo attached above. Crap! It was all about him, his niece, and Harris. They had a picture together and claimed they were husbands and had a daughter. He felt his blood come up to his cheeks. He felt drained.

“I know you’re maintaining you–”

“Did Harris see this? Fuck! I need to find him, for sure he’s mad out of hell right now!” He snorted.

He was afraid that Harris would see that first. He knew that the pale man would not go and throw his anger with the one who wrote this but it surely affected him. For the time they had been together at the dorm, he learned that Harris loved his personal space. He didn’t want anyone invading his privacy.

And he was not only afraid about that but also the fact that many students were talking about him right now might start a ruckus. Just like what happened to the girl who was shipped at him, his fans club started to throw bad words and bully her. ‘What if they do it again with Harris?’ His heart stumbled with great fear.

“Tristan, we’re thinking about your reputation because this time, they made rumors about you with a man. A man! And not just that, but he’s a Med student so you know what will happen. And now, you’re only worried about that guy?” Regan snapped at him, raising his brow.

“I need to find him. I won’t forgive myself and who started these rumors if something happened to Harris.” He put back his notebook on his bag and stood up. He might be late for their class but he couldn’t waste any minute to find him.

“Do me a favor for now. Help me find him. Call me, na?” He pleaded, patting the shoulder of his friends.

“But Tristan, there’s more! Didn’t you read it?” Regan shouted at him because he was already running away. He just ignored him.

He ran as fast as he could to Harris’ department. He tripped sometimes or stumbled with other students while finding the pale man. All he thought was to see him and ask if he was okay. He couldn’t let Harris cry again. It almost broke his heart when he saw him crying over his grandma’s death.

“You’re Riley, right? Where is Harris?” He asked one of Harris’ friends when he saw him walking in the hallway.

Riley nodded with wide eyes and a shocked face. “Umh, Harris? He’s running to the AC toilet right after you got here. I was about to go—”

He didn’t wait for him to finish. He ran quickly to the said privy. He knocked the cubicles one by one.

“Damn. Why are you knocking? There are many vacant cubicles!”

His eyes twinkled when he heard the pale man’s voice. He kept on knocking till Harris opened one cubicle. The pale man literally jumped backward when his eyes landed on him. He smirked and moved his eyebrows up and down.

“What are you doing?” Harris asked.

But he ignored his question as he focused on staring at his face. He forgot what he needed to do. He was engrossed again by the view in front of him. Harris’ white long sleeve shirt had two buttons opened. He had messy hair, slightly open lips and his hands were on his unbuckled jeans.

A chuckle slipped on his mouth seeing how flustered and shocked the pale man was. Harris never failed to amaze him in every way. Before he was just challenged how far this guy can be stubborn but when he started to know everything about him, he became more interested to the point that he wanted to own him.

“I’m asking you what you’re doing here.” It was more a statement than a question. Harris pushed him and gestured to turn around. He unconsciously obliged and grinned when he heard the sound of a zipper. After all what happened, the pale man was still shy in front of him even in small things.

“I saw the article. Just want to make sure if you’re okay. That was my fault and I am sorry,” he said. He became anxious again.

He was still back facing so he couldn’t see the pale man’s reaction.

He didn’t know what was going on inside Harris’ mind, what he was thinking, or his reaction towards the issue. It was not a big deal for him because being the head hazer, he dealt more than that. But for Harris, it must not. He was never sure what to do anymore if Harris broke down again like the last time.

“Oh, about that...Can you at least go outside first? It’s really suffocating here.” He felt a light tap on his shoulder. When he turned around, Harris was not looking at him but instead, he was looking at his phone.

“Ah yeah, right.”

He opened the door. His hands were shaking. He needed to relax first as he felt like he was about to faint. He was facing the mirror when he saw Harris went outside the cubicle and leaned on the wall, looking straight at him. His hands were in his pocket, right legs crossed lightly on his left legs. He gulped on the nice figure behind him, Harris’ shirt was still unbuttoned.

He raised his eyebrow when Harris walked towards him, not looking away at his eyes in the mirror. He almost tripped on his ground when Harris didn’t care about his personal space. He leaned forward, almost his chest touching his back. But what more surprised him was that Harris caged him through his body and the sink, both hands either on his waist. His breath faltered when Harris looked at him again at the mirror with a smirk on his face.

“Take your responsibility. I just got a husband and child all of a sudden. In that case, what really am I, the daddy or the mommy?”

He was taken aback by his bold action towards the issue. And he didn’t look alarmed or bothered, he had that sexy grin and mischievous smile on his lips. ‘What’s going on?’

He cleared his throat before asking the question circling in his mind. “You’re not bothered at all, I can see that. Why?” He was too curious to have the answer.

Harris shook his head lightly. He could feel now the heat coming from both of them.

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