Coffee and Bliss

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Chapter 20: Pǒm rák kun

“I’m sorry.” Two words but he said it with sincerity. Positioning himself between Harris’ legs, he leaned his forehead to him and closed his eyes.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me. All I know is that I need to confess to you something because if I didn’t, I might lose my damn mind.” He tiredly said, as if begging to be understood by the other.

He opened his eyes and Harris’ almost lifeless eyes shot right through him.

Harris lifted his hands, barely touching his back. He tapped it gently like assuring him that he would hear whatever he wanted to say.

“Sorry is not enough. Saying sorry then give a reason after is stupid. But hear me out. I’d been a jerk for not understanding my own feelings fast. I thought I was just being touchy and nothing else. I didn’t know…” He stopped when his voice cracked.

“that it’s the feeling of being in love. I learned about it late—”

“You’re in love?” Harris cut his words.

He leaned backward. He shyly scratched his nape. “Y-Yes. I’m in love with you.” He bit his lips after.

Harris stared at him like he had grown another head. After a long silence, his eyes were filled with tears. He threw his hands around his nape and moved him closer.

He was confused for a while but Harris’ action instead told everything.

Harris slammed his lips to him. He didn’t move, he was just touching and feeling the warmth that enveloped quickly on his whole body.

‘I don’t care about anything he wants to say. All that matters is that I know now that Tristan is in love with me. That’s just what I want.’

Harris pulled out, looking at him with a smile that appeared on his gloomy face earlier.

“W-Why did you cry? And kiss—” He asked, wanting Harris to say his reason aloud.

“Pǒm rák kun.”

“What? You love me?” He felt like his heart stopped for a while. When he looked into Harris’ eyes, he saw sincerity.

Instead of answering back, Harris pulled him closer again. He bent more for him. Harris’ kiss was gentle and made himself just feel his lips against him at first.

Harris’ kiss became aggressive that made him gasp and clasped his hands on the pale man’s hair, wanting support like it was the only best option to hold on. Harris’ warm mouth was making its way to parted his lips. It sent mixed emotions that he didn’t feel after a long time. The sensation was too much. His lips were shaking as of excitement. Before Harris could dive deeper in his mouth, he was already kissing him back. More than the intensity he was giving to him.

He gasped at his mouth. There was a bizarre sensation tingling on his stomach. Gentle, then a peck, becoming deeper after, licking his lips harder again till he tasted the best feelings he didn’t know that the man was capable of giving him.

“If you want me to stop, just tell me.” He murmured.

He felt Harris smiled in their kiss.

“I will count one to three okay? If you didn’t tell me to stop till three, you know this will be going to be a long, long day,” He said, trying to give the pale man a chance. He pulled away a bit and gazed at him.

“One…” Harris slightly lifted the crook of his lips.

“Two…” Harris teased him.

“Two and a half…“ Harris leaned forward and licked his upper lip.

“Two and one fourth…” Harris parted his lips and swirled his tongue inside, touching his teeth.

“Two and—”

“Just kiss me. I know you don’t want to end this too.” Harris hissed.

“Too? So you really want to do this?”

“Shut up and fuck me.” Harris groaned, then smacked his head.

“I thought it’s shut up and kiss me?” He teased him. Knowing their real score, happiness filled his heart.

Harris glared at him and smacked his head once again.

“What do you want?” He asked in his most sensual voice. His hands gripped both on the pale man’s shoulder.

“Kiss…” Harris bit his lips. “Grind. Thrust. Sex.”

Harris’ scream filled the four corners of the room when he pulled away, lifting him into his arms, and threw him into the bed. He was excited as he knew that what would happen now would be forever in his memory.

He placed himself between Harris’ legs and the pale man instantly entangled around his waist, making him pull closer to feel his warmth. He looked at him with assuring eyes. Harris bit his lips, gesturing to him that he was alright.

Harris’ hands roamed into his neck. “I know this is a little bit faster for both of us. But . . .” He paused.

He watched Harris with an amused face and he didn’t know why. “But what?” He asked after, leaning a little bit closer and suck-teasing the pale man’s lower lips.

“But can we turn off the light?” Harris’ face flushed, then looked away.

A sudden laugh came out from him. He rolled over and laid on his back at the bed, still laughing. Harris glared, slapping his arm lightly.

“Sorry. I thought you’re gonna say something like ‘Dude, this was too fast. At least we should know more about ourselves first.’ Fuck, Harris! You’re really full of surprises.” He told him while wiping his eyes as tears clouded them due to happiness.

“Laugh all you want. I’m going outside!” Harris hissed, moving his body on the bed.

He narrowed his eyes and instantly grabbed his arms. Harris landed on his chest. “Sorry, sorry. So where are we?”

Harris rolled his eyes and before he could say anything else, he moved his way back to what they were doing. He quickly pushed him under his body.

“Top or bottom?” He asked, grinning.

Harris tapped his cheeks. “I don’t mind it. Just come on! Can we please continue this fucking fuck that I’ve been waiting to do since I realized that I fell in love with a dickhead like you?” He angrily snapped at him.

He gave Harris a wink before he moved his lips on him. He forced him to open his mouth and when he did, his tongue explored inside like it was looking for a treasure.

Harris fought for dominance, he pushed him a little. And it was his time to devour his lips. The pale man sometimes sucked his lower lip, biting it then sucking his tongue.

While he let Harris do the work on their kiss, his hands explored his body. Touching him everywhere. The pale man arched his back when his hand found its way to his waist and pinched it. He then massaged it and lately, moving up his hand to his one nipple. Pinching and massaging. He moaned because of that. The heat between them was increasing and it was burning his mind. He couldn’t think properly anymore when his other hand slowly ran below Harris and his middle finger found its way down to his waistband, like teasing him.

Harris grind and thrust, making him moan loudly. He left his lips and arched his head with his mouth widely opened. Feeling the pleasure circling on his stomach. He could feel his own hard member poking and twitching, same with Harris.

He glanced at Harris, grinning like a child. He shook his head on either side and clicked his tongue. But he didn’t say anything. Instead, he tilted his head lightly and sucked the base of his throat that earned a moan from the pale man.

Harris moved his lips to his jaw, to his cheek then stopped to his lips. He gave him a peck kiss. He lifted his head and looked at him with loving eyes.


“I love you,” Harris said, and all of the sudden, tears streamed down his cheeks.

“I love you,” he replied, pecking at the pale man’s lips. His heart was beating fast.

[Dallas: Thank you for reading my book. I hope it gives you life lessons and feels. If you found the book okay and nice, kindly give it a review. Thank you, wanderers!❣]

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