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Coffee and Bliss

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Chapter 3: New Friends

One week has passed and Harris’ first day at the university has come. After mourning for his grandma's death, he was still not okay but trying to be strong. He sent his Mae a video of tribute for his grandma.

After fixing his things he walked outside. Good thing, his dorm is near to his university so no need for a ride. He chose to go early because he still needs to familiarize himself with the place and was thinking of touring himself inside the university. He came at exactly 6 a.m at the school though his first subject will start at 7 a.m.

Amazement was written on his face when he stopped by the school's fountain. It really fascinated him. He stood there like a mannequin—his eyes fixed on it. And that was the time when someone behind him cleared his throat.

The man lifted lightly his side lips and grinned. He had thick brows, piercings on his left ear, wearing a black shirt and dark blue vest that blended on his tanned skin. He wore tight jeans and rubber shoes that made him look like a gangster. He bet he was not a student there or that was only what he thought? Because he noticed a lace on his neck indicating his identification as a student there. He suddenly came back to his senses and scowled as he realized that he just scanned the man—a man. For Pete's sake! Why did he even check out a man?

"Done scanning me?" The man's voice gave a small shiver on his body. Why was that?

To hide his embarrassment he glared at him. "Excuse me, I'm not!" Then he rolled his eyes.

"Oh, I thought you're thinking how to chop my balls too," the man said and lifted his right brow.

Then realization hit him. He didn't notice first that the man in front of him was the man who had the guts to get on his nerves weeks ago.

He growled. "Fuck off!" Why the hell they met again? Was fate playing with him?

The tan man made a shape 'O' on his mouth then smirked. "You're always thinking to fuck me. You really want to get on my pants, pale boy huh?"

He nearly fell back when the man in front winked at him. He flushed and stomped his feet like a child who just lost the game. Just like when he doesn’t have any more rebuttals, he sighed deeply and . . . "Whatever." He ended their conversation with that. He walked away fast not minding where he was heading.

"Shia! Where the hell am I? Fuck that retard man!" He cursed silently when he noticed that it's almost seven and he didn't know where he was.

There were groups of students with dark blue jackets all over the place. Just like what the tan man was wearing. Some of them were talking, some were looking at him weirdly like saying 'Why the hell you're here. Go away!' He slowly stepped backward and ran. He searched for his department and good thing he found it before his class even started.

"Hey man, same department?" He faced aside and saw a tall man beside him. He noticed the black marks on their schedule hanging on their hands. Same department, same mark color. He nodded and received a tap on his shoulder.

"Good choice. I'm Chris and this is Riley." Chris pointed to another man behind them, he was small and pale as him.

“I’m Harris,” he simply answered. He made sure to put on a smile so he could at least make friends here.

"We have the same class. Mind if we go inside together?" Chris asked.

"Sure. Thanks for the approach by the way," he answered. They went to their class together. They almost jumped after entering the room and heard a shout inside coming from the girls. They’re giggling while looking at them.

"They're so handsome!"

He scratched his nape. And they already got attention from their class. The three of them shyly sat. They managed to focus on the lesson despite the eyes looking at them. And yes, they already had a lesson for their first day. What a good start.


He, Chris, and Riley searched for vacant seats for their lunch. Meds’ cafeteria seemed crowded because it was the first day. Luckily, they found a table for them.

"Really, Harris?" Chris blurted out after seeing the unusual gesture of him towards his drinks and food.

He just chuckled. "Just a habit of mine." He said when he put away the straw of his bottled water.

He usually drank bottled water or if it was with a straw he would put it out because he thought it was more hygienic than the other. And when it came to eating foods, he ate on plates with a fork and spoon, not in styrofoam or whatsoever.

He saw how Chris and Riley were really amazed by him. They followed their gazes on what he was doing to his food.

"Why took Med?" Riley suddenly asked.

He finds Riley more feminine than his real gender because he acted like one. His gestures were more like a shy woman.

"My late grandma has a disease. I promised myself that I will study medicine to cure her..." He paused as his voice cracked. "But she already passed away weeks ago. Well, I will continue to become a great doctor." He bowed his head, feeling embarrassed by his sudden breakdown.

Riley and Chris gave him an apologetic face when he looked at them. He waved his hands telling them that it was okay. "You guys, why did you take this course?"

Riley stopped eating. "Chris dragged me here." He answered casually.

"Huh? And you're okay with that?" Chris growled to his opinion.

"Hey! I dragged him here because he doesn't have a specific course to take. And I know he can cope up with Med." He said defensively and received a hit to his stomach from Riley.

He found out that Riley and Chris were best friends since birth. That explains why they bickered with each other and ended up being clingy eventually. Since their first class, they always had time to argue.

"Is it better if you do what you really love?" He asked again.

"I will love this eventually, no worries," Riley answered. But he saw something else in his eyes.

After having their lunch they decided to look around their department. They were talking about something when his phone rang. It was from an unregistered number.

"Hello, Nong Harris? This is your Landlady. I called to inform you that we need you here at your dorm later. We made a mistake regarding the dorm's conditions. I am so sorry. Be here when your class ended." He frowned after the call of his dorm's landlady.

"What was that?" Chris asked.

"Said that they had a mistake regarding my dorm's condition. By the way, let's go to our next class." He wiped away the bad feelings of the call.
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