Coffee and Bliss

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Chapter 4: Looking For a Roommate

“So, what will happen?” He asked the landlady. They mismatched the names of the dorm’s owner. Two of them who inquired for a room had the same name. They mistook him for the first one who got the room.

“Sorry to say this but the real owner will move here two days after.” The landlady had an apologetic face. Of course, she had to be. Because he didn’t know where to sleep when he packed up his room.

“You’re saying that I need to look for another dorm, Phi?” He asked with eyes wide open.

“Yes, Nong. Sorry again. But don’t worry because there are many dorms available in other places.”

They signed out the contract after. He frowned. He went back to his dorm and called his Mae to inform her what happened.

And by what the landlady said never happened. Because he couldn’t find an available dorm. He was been looking for two days in a row. He sighed and sat on the chair outside the coffee shop he saw. He slightly brushed his hair because of annoyance.


Tristan chuckled when the pale boy showed an irritated face because of him. His first day became lively after seeing him again. It never crossed his mind that they would actually meet after the incident in the mall. And a small part of him is happy when he found out that they went to the same university. He could annoy him easily.

“You’re weird. What’s the catch?” Roy asked, his best buddy.

“Already had sex on the first day of school?” Regan added.

“Shia! Why would I have sex right now? Not because you always have sex when you have free time means I can do that too.” He looked at his two buddies. Their face was flushed like a red tomato.

“Fuck you, Tristan.” Both of them shouted but with a smug look.

This explained why he didn’t creep out when the pale man used that word towards him. His two buddies were gays. And it was usual for them to talked about their sex life with him.

“I just found something very interesting.” He said after a while of silence. Roy and Regan looked at him suspiciously.

He arched his eyebrows. “What?”

“Something or someone?”

He shrugged. “Just interesting. Come on, we still have next class.”

The first day of school had already passed. Their class for the second subject would start at 10 a.m so they decided to hang outside. They were bickering about something when someone caught his attention. He stopped all of a sudden that made the two behind him bumped on his back.

“Shia! What the hell is wrong, buddy?” Regan asked while Roy blew on his forehead.

‘Third time’s a charm, huh?’ He asked himself.

He walked faster towards the paled-skin man sitting on the bench of one store; without waiting for his friends who were shouting behind. He squatted down in front of him, the pale man’s head was lowered down the table not minding his presence. He poked his head but he didn’t respond.

“Hey dude, want to cut my balls now?” He poked and poked him all over again, wanting his attention. His friends were just watching them beside them.

“Shia! Fuck off! What do you want?” The man suddenly blurted out?

He jolted on his seat because of the sudden burst. And realized after that the pale man wasn’t in good condition. He seemed frustrated and lost.

“Amh, why do you look like that?” He asked. He was wondering why the pale man was sitting almost lifeless outside the shop where the sun rays directly touched his skin.

“Why do you care? Fuck off, okay?” The man lowered his head again.

He looked at his friends. They were shocked too like him. He signed them to go inside first and they nodded.

He was staring at the man in front for minutes. When he noticed that the man really shut off his presence, he went inside the shop.

He bought a clubhouse sandwich and one of the best-seller coffee in the shop. He placed the two items beside the man’s head. He waited for minutes again before he poked him on his arm.

“What now!?” He glared at him that made him gulp. Fuck! He’s really mad.

“I-Uh, have a drink?” He couldn’t find the right words.

The pale man glanced at the food then looked at him again. “I don-”

He cut off his words. “Just eat. I won’t bother you, promise.” He then showed his pinky finger to seal his promise. Just like what Mia always did.

“Are you serious?” He glared at him again. He scratched his back head and smiled shyly.

“Amh, yes. Just eat.” The pale man looked back at him and the food all over again.

He couldn’t help but to sigh and pick the sandwich. He shoved it to the pale man’s mouth when he was about to say something.

“Fuckyoudickhead!” He couldn’t understand what the pale man said because his mouth was full. He silently laughed and received a smack to his head after.

“Shia! I just want to ask for water! I don’t usually eat sandwiches with coffee.” The pale man said.

‘Wow! He really has a grumpy attitude and picky.’ He shrugged and went inside again to look for water. And he didn’t even know why he followed the pale man’s request. Usually, he would snap back and just tell him to buy for himself. His friends inside were looking at him with their weird looks.

He put the cup of water with a straw on the table. Silent fell between them. The pale man ate without looking at him even for a second. He raised his eyebrows when he noticed how gentle and classy the man ate. He was amused when the man put aside the straw, wiped the lid off the cup with his handkerchief before drinking it.

“Hey, you can use the straw you know?” He sarcastically suggested.

“It’s not clean for me.” He just said with a flat tone.

“Wow. What a hygienic pale man.” He stretched his arms then folded them on his chest. He was captivated by the sight in front of him. The pale man was really interesting in his own way.

The pale man stared at him after finishing the food. “What? Did you realize just now that you ate the food that came from me?” He asked in awe.

“No. I just realized that you’re really annoying. And don’t even dream that I will thank you. I don’t know you and I just ate food from a stranger.”

Wide-mouthed, he looked at the pale man with amusement. His own words backfired on him. He was really interesting. He stood up instantly when the man stood up and started to walk away. He grabbed the man’s wrist quickly.

“You don’t have to thank me but can I know why you’re sulking?”

‘Fuck! Is it more usual when I ask his name first?’

The pale man looked at him with his face saying like ‘Are you seriously asking me that?’ He shrugged, not letting go of his wrist. He just waited for him to speak. The man might have noticed that he was not giving up so he sighed and answered.

“I need a dorm. And it’s fucking hard to find one. I’ve been homeless for fucking two days.” His flat tone came out of his mouth again.

“Huh? Then where did you sleep days ago?” He was bothered. Knowing that their place was not really safe enough for everyone outside.

“I had a dorm on the first day of school. But found out that it was mistakenly handled by me. The real owner came so I am finding a new one. Wait, why do I have to explain this to you?” The pale man scratched his head and rolled his eyes.

He bit his lips harder because he might laugh after a second. “Maybe because you just got lucky to see me now?”

The pale man frowned. “Meaning?”

“I need a roommate to lessen my payment. Hm, do you want to?”

The pale man gasped. He hesitantly looked at him. “You’re not kidding, right?”

He picked his phone and showed the man that he was really looking for a roommate. “So, what do you think?”

“F-Fine. When can I take a look at it?”

“You can look-”

“Nevermind. I don’t need to be picky now. Can I move later after class?”

The pale man’s answer took him aback but then he nodded. His situation might be really tough. They exchanged their Line’s ID and he told the man to just beep him up if his class ended.

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