Coffee and Bliss

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Chapter 8: Body Heat

A hot hand captured him. Like he was caught in action, he cleared his throat and immediately removed his hand on the pale man’s lips. His heart was tapping loudly.

Raising his eyebrow, Harris clicked his tongue. “What are you doing?” He asked with a fierce voice.

He looked away. “What? Nothing! Get up, I reheat the soup for you. Eat it then take your meds again.” He looked at him again when Harris didn’t respond.

Harris was looking at him suspiciously. “You didn’t put anything on it, aren’t you?”

He gasped. “I fed you last night and you’re still alive until now.”

“Just be thankful because I care for you,” he said. Pouting. ‘Phew! He thought he was thinking about what he was doing earlier.’

Tristan could see the small smile formed on Harris’ lips. “Well, you became kind all of a sudden.” Harris got up slowly.

“I just don’t like Mia catching a fever too. So you need to be well as soon as possible.” He reasoned out.

He knitted his eyebrows when Harris opened up his mouth.

“What?” He asked, confused.

Harris smirked. He opened his mouth more widely then gestured to feed him. He couldn’t believe the pale man’s mood changed every minute. He sighed deeply, picking up the soup. ‘What the hell!’

Harris looked for a more comfortable position. The cover on his body was removed, revealing his naked chest. ‘When did he take off his shirt?’ He asked himself. He looked away instantly. He didn’t know why it became hot inside the room all of the sudden.

“Feed me!” It was more like a command than a request.

He glared at him. How dare this pale man to order around him? But he had no choice because Harris smacked his head and demanded again to feed him.

“Ahhh, hmm.”

He almost jumped off the bed when he heard Harris’ sexy moan. He then licked the excess liquid on his lower lips. Fuck! He looked sexier because of his flushed cheeks and attractive eyes.

“Shia! Do you really need to moan?” He snapped.

“Why? I just like how the hot soup touched my stomach.” Harris retorted.


Harris silently laughed seeing how startled Tristan was. He teased him more after seeing how flushed he was while changing his clothes earlier. He wanted to know what the tan man was thinking. But his action answered him right away. Tristan was not comfortable doing and seeing things like this with a man. And because of his stubbornness, he purposely teased him.

“Fuck! So good.” He moaned again, softly. He knew the fact that he might pay for this later on. But seeing Tristan’s uncomfortable reaction, he silently laughed and his invisible tail was wagging.

“Y—You can feed yourself now. Just call me if you need something.” Tristan stuttered. He put back the soup on the tray and was about to get up when he grabbed his wrist tightly.

“I’m still weak. I can’t move properly. Mind changing my shirt and trunks?” He saw how the tan man tensed. He looked back and forth to his arm and the door. Tristan really looked like he wanted to run fast outside the room.

When he still didn’t respond. He tugged the hem of his shirt. “Na? Na? Na? I feel sweaty now. I need to change, P’Tristan.”

With that, Tristan looked right away at him with narrowed eyes. “Did you just call me P’?” He nodded.

“Na?” He asked again with his puppy eyes.

“Shia!” Tristan cursed lightly but he still heard it. He smiled a little because he knew he won. Tristan slowly moved up his shirt and successfully removed it without shaking his hands. But when he touched the lace of his trunks, he saw how Tristan tensed. Their eyes met. Him with playfulness and Tristan’s as a lost soul.

He smacked his hand lightly. “Phi, remove it quickly. I want to freshen up!”

Tristan with trembling hands slowly lowered down his trunks. His hair down there was almost peeking when a loud knock interrupted them. Tristan lightly jumped off. Perhaps silently thanking the one outside the room.

“Phi, can you read one story for me? I’m bored.” Mia asked outside his room.

He clicked his tongue. He almost lost his sense after teasing the tan man. He tugged Tristan’s sleeve and gestured to him to go outside. “I think I can change on my own now. Just go to Mia.”

Tristan looked at him with a frowned face. “F-Fine. Take your meds first before you sleep.”

Before fully going outside, Tristan stared at him like he was asking what just happened. But even though he didn’t know the answer, he shrugged his shoulders and turned his back on him.

He blew a long-deep sigh when he heard the door slammed. He laid on his back and stared at the ceiling, thinking what came into his mind for teasing Tristan like that. It was out of his style. He might be cocky and playful but not like that. He literally smacked his head.

Being around more with Tristan made himself carried away. His boldness was coming out and acting strangely around his roommate. He was just supposed to study hard and focused on his goal, nothing more. But Tristan happened, his plan changed a little.


It was already late night when Harris woke up feeling heavy. His head was throbbing the hell out of him. He wanted to stop the pain but it didn’t. He looked around his room, the aircon was on lower temperature but he still felt cold. He even put the thick blanket all over his body but still no use.

He groaned loudly. “Shia! So cold.”

He looked for a comfortable position. But nothing changed, coldness was still lingering on his shaking body. He got off the bed and found his way outside. He was tripping all over the floor because of his still weak body.

The pain on his head lingered more so he stopped walking, realizing he was in front of Tristan’s room. He lightly tip-toed inside when he saw that it wasn’t locked. He peeked inside, seeing the tan man covered with a blanket. Without hesitation, he slipped slowly on Tristan’s bed not wanting to wake him up. He almost lost his breath then dipped his cold body under the blanket too.

Warm feeling hugged him after. He noticed that the heat was coming from the tan man’s skin. He could feel it more because he’s freaking half-naked. But he still chose to feel the warmness. Unconsciously, he wrapped his arm on Tristan’s waist and leaned closer to his chest with his head on the crook of the neck of him. Good thing, he didn’t wake him up. He let himself drowned to a peaceful sleep.

He suddenly woke up when he felt cold again. He moved his hand to find the warmth he had earlier. But he couldn’t find it so he opened his eyes. The source of heat was on the edge of the bed. He didn’t mind pulling him closer and wrapped his hand again to him.

“W-What are you doing here?” He heard Tristan asked with a shaky voice.

He just moaned. He badly needed sleep. But the source of heat moved away again.

“If you didn’t fucking move closer here, I will cut your balls!” Then he tugged Tristan’s arms and the tan man fell on his side. He hugged him more tightly and shifted his body to a better position. Which is on top of him.


“Phi, he’s okay now?”

“He’s still hot. Go outside, for now, little bun.”

He heard voices then they went away. He felt a warm thing on his forehead. He opened his eyes and met a dark-brown eye.

“Good thing you’re awake now. Your fever lessened yesterday but now it goes high again.”

He looked around, he was still in Tristan’s room. “Hm, why am I here?”

Tristan looked at him with wide eyes. “Shia! You didn’t remember?”

He pretended not to remember what he did last night. Because he didn’t know what to say. “Hm.”

“N-Nevermind. I’ll just make a call. Suit yourself here. Eat your foods then take the meds.” Tristan hurriedly walked outside.

The room was so dark, black things all over. He then saw a blueprint on the table. ‘Oh, he‘s really in the Engineering student’s room.’

The smell of the room was just like Tristan’s, strong but he liked it. He ate the food and took the meds. He could move properly now but still chose to lay down on the bed—feeling its softness. Totally manly. He tossed away his shirt and let the warm cover hugged his naked chest.

He barely caught a fever and when he did, it was only either he was stressed or thinking too much. And because of his grandma’s loss, he thought too much to the point that he lost his appetite.

“Grandma, I miss you.” He whispered nowhere. He hugged the pillow tightly. Tears were evident on his face.

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