The Alpha's Luna

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A beautiful wolf and a handsome alpha , both unbelieving of the idea of a mate. Will the fall for each other or drive each other crazy?.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Hi guys. Welcome to my first ever story. Here is a list of all important characters and their names.
Alpha- Liam
Luna- Amelia
Amelia's wolf - Olivia
Amelia's dad- Jeremy
Amelia's mom- Ava
Amelia's sister- Isabella
Amelia's brother - Aiden
Liam's wolf - Dylan
Liam's Beta - Charlie
Liam's Omega - Finley
Liam's dad - Dallas
Liam's mom - Rebecca
Liam's 1st brother - Caspian
Liam's 2nd brother - Brody

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