Too Young But I Love You

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"Its true i'm 17 but we can still do it". Mimi laid under the bed naked, waiting for him to make a move. Ibrahim wanted a wife to impregnate but was greatly disappointed because she turned out to be so young but beautiful. Having no choice, he married her as a result of his young son who was dying and needed a transplant as soon as possible. Lets see how she is able to fulfill his wish for a son and other secrets unfold. Note: Names of people and places in this novel are Local.

Romance / Mystery
Hannah Lee
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Chapter 1

Authors Note: Please the names and places used in this book are local. You might not be familiar with them. Thank you.

Stopping for a brief moment, he threw her clothes at her.

“Put them on. I’m not exactly okay with you sleeping naked under the sheet”. An elderly woman in his huge family had advised her to be naked under the sheets before his return but clearly, it wasn’t a good idea.

The little girl in his bed caused his blood to boil. Whatever it is, he’s got to get it over with therefore stopping her in her attempt to put her clothes back on.

“Let’s get this over with” She stops, staring him in his eye. His bluntness was something he hasn’t seen in guys her age and wondered if guys his age were always this straightforward. Something she admitted, got to her.

He undresses in front of her. Taking off his briefs with one move and climbs in bed next to her. He felt the tension that hovered around them. For one, touching her was extremely difficult for him for he loved another. After all the numerous promises he’s made, he seems to have broken all of them by choosing to marry this young girl.

With his head on his folded hands, he released a long sigh. Biceps moving in the act. Her long stare on his masculine toned body caused him to wonder if it was her first time seeing a man’s stature.

He forgoes the thought while staring at the ceiling. Their bedroom was huge. With large curtains draped on all four angles. She almost felt like a princess after being married to this man. He was a bit older than her brother who is soon to be 25.

After a long silence, she felt the need to break it.

“You don’t love me do you?” The question caused him to shift uncomfortably whiles still staring at the ceiling.

“Then what do you want in this marriage... What do you wish to achieve if you’re not going to love me”

After a long pulse, he replied.

“What about you?.... Did you think I will love someone so naive?” His words again stung her

She believed that he will like her if he saw her but it’s all been dreams.

“My been seventeen has nothing to do with my experience or maturity” She swallowed long and hard.

He was quiet. Not feeling the need to reply her.

“I want a son” the words came out as a shock to her. She knew northerners took great pride in sons than daughters but his case was quite different.

“You already have a son don’t you?” That caused him to turn to his side and face her. Staring into that big brown eyes of hers, he talked looking at her long and hard.

“I leave no room for questioning. I was sure your dad had mentioned it to you but it seems I was wrong”

There’s got to be something her family left out. But whatever it was, he wasn’t ready to let it out. It was their wedding night but a huge gap hangs between them as her thoughts went back to two weeks before their wedding.

“I am for another” he stops touching her, astonished by her abrupt words. It struck him as he’s been dating her since their studies together in Jhs before moving to Shs of what was left of their love.

“I’m getting married” she looks anywhere but his face. As much as he wished it to be a joke, her facial expression told him otherwise.

“Mimi? You don’t mean it” turning away from him, she sat in one of the old chairs that were packed in the room. Confused out of her mind.

She was brought back to the present by his touch. It moved

“You seem absent-minded when I want us to be done with it” Whispering into her ears, he pulled down the sheets. Her skin was pure and smooth, waiting to be touched. Not faxed a bit by it, he opens up her little thighs and in a second, pushed two fingers inside of her. She winced in pain at his sudden movement, causing him to pull out. She rubbed at her folds gently to stop the pain. Again, he did it a second time which resulted in the same reaction from her.

“What I’m I missing here?” He looked at her.

His eyes widen at the sudden realization.

“You’re a virgin?” She sat upright, almost embarrassed when she shouldn’t be. He’s come to realize how fast girls her age took pleasure in sex when he felt it was overrated. But this bomb of not being touched by a man was fascinating.

She covered her legs up. He had two options, to go ahead with it or stay back down. He heaved a long sign and slept back on their huge bed.

He didn’t want to go through that long process of having to tear her apart or to give her pleasure. Meanwhile, the only way for her to conceive was sex. He was going to be gentle with her this time so she wouldn’t feel much pain.

Moving towards her, he pulled back down the sheets without taking eyes off her belly button where the waist beads laid. Pulling it down, he kissed her belly button making her moan in pleasure.

His beard, brushing gently on her tummy in the act. He had to take his time with her if she wanted a pain free sex. Kissing that same spot again, he stroked his shaft consistently to get an erection to be able to penetrate.

Her instinct had her up to touch him but his sharp glare had her back down. In a few minutes, he was long and hard enough to go inside her. Spreading her legs apart once again, he pushed just the tip inside.

Seeing his shaft for the first time caused panic in her as he was huge down there. Now, she was scared. Feeling her agitation, he gently kissed her forehead which was wet with sweat, and proceeded to go inside her. Somehow he got an understanding of why he had paid so much dowry on her.

His friends had convinced him to go ahead with it when he saw no reason to pay that much. In his heart, he felt that she deserved it.

With his mind occupied, he moved his lower body in and out of her as she winced in pain with each movement. He did that till he felt the walls breaking off. Satisfied, he slipped in more easily, taking his huge shaft into her now wet seam. Her soft moans from pleasure filled his ears.

His breathing and grunts became heavy as he buried his head into her neck. He hated that he enjoyed every bit of it and hated that he gave her that intense pleasure. He slipped out of her after releasing his load into her and laid next to her panting heavily.

She realized all her attempt to touch him during sex was fruitless. He avoided her eyes and kept his handsome face hidden from her. It was as if he was disgusted with touching her and looking into her eyes.

One thing she liked was when he did stroke her tummy with his big warm hands. It seems to her, this was how far he will go to have what he wanted that was a son. For whatever reason.


He was already in a top and khaki shorts in the morning which fitted him perfectly. Taking leave from his job as a construction manager, he’s decided to spend it either with his friends or by himself despite the main reason he took that leave for.

The fair-skinned girl was curled up in a deep sleep on the bed. Her skin was exposed for him to see. For his eyes to feast on. But he could only shake his head in disbelief for getting married to a girl who was not yet 18.

He could blame anyone in his family but he knows better than anyone who decided to marry. Nevertheless, he will never have chosen a girl this young.

He almost told her why he took that course of action to marry her yesterday but decided against it.

“Good morning sir, you called for me” A maid greeted him when he stepped out of their bedroom.

The rooms lined up to the left. Four of them and two upstairs. He chose the downstairs bedroom mainly because he didn’t want her complaining about taking the stairs and thought it might be a hindrance for her to conceive.

“Take down the bed-sheet in my room. My wife is in there asleep. If she wakes up, do that. And take care of her needs till I come back. I will be at the coffee shop just down there”

“Alright, sir” the young lady nods.

He wanted the bed-sheet which was already stained with blood gone before he came back. Getting into his black sedan, he pulled away from his large compound, unto the road. His thoughts were revisited last night.

The pleasure was intense that he didn’t want to pull out of her. Her breast, lips, and slender body called out to him for touch but fought against it. Pulling out, it left her empty, wanting more. Left her thirsty for a cuddle and his touch. Women wanted more than just sex and he knew that.

That was the reason he sought to ignore that need of her and turned his back to her. When the bed deprived him of sleep, he retreated to the bathroom opposite the big wall frame in their large room.

After washing himself, he stepped out with the towel, draped over his lower body. Mimi had dozed off right before he stepped back into their room and had taken that opportunity to sleep in the next room.

The sex was good but that’s what it will be and nothing else. She’s just a silly girl to him.

‘Who is making your dick hard’ an inner voice said. Shit.. what was he even thinking. How can he think about this when he’s on a short journey to clear his mind. Having reached the coffee shop, he spotted his three friends.

All huge and tall like him. With bulging biceps. He slips in one chair next to them as a lady waiter attended to him. The place was huge with a garden. Close to the building next to the garden is a magnificent building with beautifully carved traditional chairs and tables.

Outside was quite simple and homey. The four men sat outside, sipping coffee in their cups. Talking and laughing at whatever they found worthy to talk about. Besides Ibrahim Mensa, the two, Prince and Godwin, worked in construction firms.

They’d met way back in school and became friends even after school. For Felix, he’d met him when he drove over to the site to purchase a land with his three-year-old son strapped in the back of the car. His son reminded him of his. They had talked about fatherhood and soon became good friends.

Somewhere along the conversation, Prince brought up a conversation about his newly wedded wife. His face was clouded with shame and anger that he felt he might punch something.

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