Princess Zara

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Princess Zara

Many years ago in a small town called cans-burry there lived a beautiful young girl her name was ZARA. She was a beautiful girl she had long chestnut wavy brown hair that danced in the wind and flowed elegantly. She had threatening Icey blue eyes that were sharp like cat eyes. Zara had fair skin and freckles her skin glowed in the night sky and they shimmer in the day. She was a beauty some say she was a witch that had spelled herself to look pretty. The town she lived in was poor and all the buildings were made out of stone and everybody gathered around a huge well on a hillside to get fresh water but Zara’s house in particular was a strange one it had old white paint peeling of of the front ivy grew at its sides it had two large steps that were half broken leading to the door. Before it was a dead garden with crusty old autumn leaves scattered along the pale green grass and only one bare tree where a broken black bird feeder just managed to hang. Along the path from Zara’s house was a long road the road to the well and of course there were some decent houses far from there little village was a kingdom a king and a queen ruled they worshiped that king as it was the only close kingdom they could obey. Zara had a younger brother named Romeo he was seven years old at the time as Zara was for teen Romeo had short curly chestnut brown hair and pale skin like his sister he had pale green sharp eyes his skin also shimmer in the day. Romeo was a happy little boy Zara found him annoying he was adventurous and sweet but a little bit spoiled he was always optimistic too. Zara was different she was scarred for life one she was as happy as Romeo but when her father died when she was seven she never smiled again she was miserable her father died when Romeo was born so Romeo never had any memory of his father. So they just lived with there mother named rufina who had a Bob hairstyle with the same chestnut brown hair and glowing skin she had the same icey blue cat eyes as Zara. One day when Zara was eighteen and Romeo was eleven and there mother was forty one there was a ceremony in the kingdom they travelled from cans-burry all the way to glassory hedge witch was the kingdoms name. Little did Zara know this day would change her life forever. “Zara we shan’t be late for the king’s ceremony”. Zara’s mother said. “No mother we shan’t thou will not be late but thou does not want to go”. Complained Zara. “Zara come on you shan’t be late I want to see the queen they say she is charming and l want to see the princess too l bet you want to see the king and prince.” Romeo shouted. “Thou is discussing I don’t care about king Henry or prince James and princess Margret and queen Elizabeth doesn’t care to see thou”. Zara replied. Now now children we shall leave and you shan’t bicker. Ruthina said. Do we travel by horse or carriage. Zara sulked. Do we look rich to you horse. Ruthina shouted. Many horses trotted along the long path to Glassory hedge for seven hours intill they reached the castle. The castle was huge and very old it was founded in 100 BCE it was made of grey stone and it had a long brown rickety bridge, under the bridge was a huge grey lake where there were ducks and swans each named after kings and queens of the past before the bridge was land greenfields the grass was rich and healthy the castle had cannons at the top and soldiers to watch the lands, Zara thought it was all to much she would have rather been back at home reading books and sulking all day instead of hearing the king make a speech about something. Wow this shall be our home it’s fantastic. Romeo said. Thou shan’t sulk Zara! Ruthina said. Welcome to my kingdom today l shall announce some very important news my son the prince is scheduled to marry and I will be picking eligible bachelorettes from this kingdom and beyond to assist him at the throne! The king announced. Zara you can do it! Romeo said. No l shan’t. Zara said. Oh come on darling it will bring you great joy and how you’ll be queen and have royal children. Ruthina said. I said l shan’t let’s eat and go! Zara shouted. Hello Zara how is thou today? Asked Hillary. Hillary was Zara’s best friend they had been friends since they were five Hillary had long straight dark brown hair and big round purple ish dark blue eyes and pale skin she was kind and caring and always even though Zara never showed it cheered Zara up she lived with her younger sister Anne and her father and step mother her mother moved to the kingdom so she rides her horse to see her real mother sometimes . I’m not doing amazing. Zara said. Really why? Hillary asked. Well my mother and brother want me to marry the prince. Zara replied. Well l think you shall see this as a privilege not everyday a family thinks there daughter is beautiful enough to even consider marriage to the Prince I should know father thinks Anne is more suitable I shall see her try. Hillary said. That made Zara laugh inside. Greetings young lady. The prince said. Greetings my prince. Zara said. How would you like to come to my dinner at a chance to be me my bride. No thank you my grace. Zara replied. Well, you are a funny one aren’t you. The price said. Zara pulled a face when he was walking away. The prince was very handsome he had blonde golden lokes and light brown eyes he had a very cheeky smirk he had fair skin and cherry red lips he moved slowly and carelessly witch was arrogant to Zara. I shall announce thee who shall asist the prince at a chance to become his wife meridith housewitter, Diana Crawford, Hillary st Clair, Sophia Harris and Kate Harold. Oh dear l cannot believe l was chosen to asist the price. Hillary said. Very well Hillary you’ll have to dress the part. Zara said. I know but just imagine if the prince and I get married I’ll be queen of the seven kingdoms it would be charming. Hillary said. Your children would be prince and princess of the seven kingdoms. Zara shouted. Later that day Zara was wondering around the fields and she got lost in the Hallow garden when she saw Meridith Housewitter one of the picked bachelorettes to marry the prince she was looking in the queens room she picked up the queens ring the ring was big and shiny she looked at it and bit her bottom lip then put it back in it’s box then she looked in the queens wardrobe and reached into a box where there was a piece of paper then she read it and looked shocked after that she slipped it into her pocket and left Zara wondered what was on that piece of paper. Zara l have been looking for you, you know we shall leave. Ruthina said. Everybody except the chosen bachelorettes rode back on their horses to cans -burry. Zara. Romeo said. What does thou want? Asked Zara. Will you help me get water from the well? Romeo asked. Alright little fellow. Zara said. (The seven kingdoms ruled by the king were...Glassory Hedge, Cans-burry,Hallow fields, Narrowlaey, Wood sail, Katero sabele and Deeovon Valley) Zara and Romeo went along the pebble stone path with their silver buckets in hands the journey was long and quiet. We’re here get in line. Zara said. When we get there what do we do? Romeo asked. We get the bucket and dunk it in the water and carry it back home. Zara replied. Hello Zara. Anne said. Anne St Clair what a surprise. Zara said. I’de still think that you would be happy Hillary got to have dinner with the prince and not me. Anne said. Nonsense Anne l know we have had some disagreements but your like a sister to me. Zara laughed. Anne was Hillary’s wicked witty younger sister she had long wavy dark brown hair like Hillary’s she had dark blue purplish eyes and pale skin. Zara wasn’t Anne’s biggest fan she didn’t like how cocky Anne was Anne always knew what to say to make Hillary upset for days on ends she didn’t like how Anne always talked about how pretty she was and how special she was even Hillary’s dad and step mom favoured Anne they thought she was more pretty then Hillary the only person that loved Hillary more then Anne was there mother and the fact Anne hated Hillary for getting picked to have dinner with the prince was appalling to Zara. Zara also hated Anne for telling her once to grow up and stop mourning her father’s death. Are you still angry at me to telling you to stop mourning your fathers death and grow up well forgive me for speaking the truth. Anne laughed then she smiled and shook her head slowly. You are full of it you idiot thou is so stupid you think that everybody simply admirers you, nobody is going to admire you for telling them to grow up not everyone likes you they think you as stupid little brat Hillary is a kind beautiful girl who wants everything to be good and well you and the other hand would rather stare at yourself in a mirror then do anything for anyone and that is why you have no friends. Romeo said at once. As l would listen to as stupid little boy I hope there is no water left for thou. Anne laughed. Come on Romeo let’s get the water and go. Zara said. So Zara and Romeo went on home the next day....Zara it’s me Hillary. Hillary shouted. Hallo Hillary did you get chosen? Zara asked. No I was set aside but it was nice to know the prince thought l was worthy to marry him for a little while. Hillary sighed Hillary really wanted love that was all she ever longed for. But l have news Princess Margret is with child. Hillary said. She’s pregnant good for her. Zara replied. Yes her husband is so kind prince Samuel anyway she is looking for two hand maidens to obey her through her pregnancy and you can live in the palace. Hillary said. Your not asking me to do it are you. Zara asked. Well maybe you and me could it wouldn’t be half bad living in the palace and we would be back in nine months and l could get away from that family of mine. Hillary said. Speaking of which your sister came yesterday about her usual attitude but Romeo was very brave and did right. Zara replied. I’m glad someone did right about her and l already asked the prince if we could be her hand maidens and he said yes we have to get going now we shan’t be late. Hillary said. Well l will come if i must and do you know by any chance who the prince shall marry. Zara asked. Why yes he will marry Meridith Housewitter. Hillary replied. When shall his Coronation be. Zara asked. Tomorrow afternoon. Hillary replied. Goodbye Romeo! Zara said. Goodbye see you in nine months! Romeo said. Goodbye mother. Zara said. Goodbye darling. Ruthina said. Zara and Hillary rode along way on their horses all the way up to Glassory Hedge past Lilly green garden past all the long hills and greenfields they finally reached the big bridge to the grand castle of Glassory Hedge. Hello sir we are to be princess Margaret’s new hand maidens. Hillary said. Ah yes right this way. The guard said. The entrance to the castle was amazing it had old golden statues and shiny marble flooring out on the outer rooms there were cars which back in those times only the very very rich had cars the ceiling was platted in gold and elegant the stair case was red velvet and soft with golden railings the hallway was big and wide with old paintings on the walls there were many rooms and a grand piano in a room which outlooked the many fields and the village ahead. Finally they reached the princess’s room it was huge and the carpet was rich and stainless it was full off red roses and jewels rubies diamond necklaces and many elegant ball gowns and a big bed with a canopy over it above her bed was a very well painted picture of the princess. Greetings your majesty my grace princess’s fine just call me Margaret. Princess margret said. Margret had long wavy golden blonde hair and pale brown eyes just like the prince she had fair skin sand was a very kind young lady she never demanded anything from anyone she just lived freely and let people do what they pleased she had pink cherry lips but she always wore gloss she walked elegantly and not in any type of bad way. Princess l mean Margret how what a pleasure it is to meet your Grace. Zara said. You too, now l think you know that I am going to have a baby I will announce it at the prince’s coronation l think you know who he is to marry correct....correct.....ok then we’ll make your self at home. We will. Zara said. Very well then say them to their chambers. Princess margret said. Right this way madam. The guard said. The room was huge it had two beautiful patterned beds and soft cream carpets it had some nice robes hanging from the closet it had a whole bathroom for the girls. This is amazing. Hillary said. I know...hello my lady’s. the prince said. Hello my Grace. Zara replied. DARLING darling ht hem how what a pleasure to meet you all here. Meridith Housewitter said. Hello Meridith. Hillary said. It’s lady Meridith and soon it will will be queen Meridith of the seven kingdoms. Meridith Housewitter said. Ok lady Meridith which of the seven kingdoms are you from. Zara asked. Hallow fields! Which is why I will be making Hallow fields near the capital l will be making it relevant. Meridith Housewitter said. But cans-burry is the near capital. Zara said. Well that old place should be furthest from the capital. Meridith Housewitter said. Alright then what’s in thous pocket? Zara asked. None of thous business. Meridith Housewitter said. Later that night in the prince’s bedroom. Can you wait intill we get married in the morning it will be great then in the afternoon you will become king that is fantastic. Meridith Housewitter said. Yes are you excited to Become queen? The prince asked. Yes why yes i am. Meridith said. Well being queen isn’t everything you know. The prince said. Yes my king I love you. Meridith said. I love you too. The prince said. Perfect Meredith whispered. The next the prince is getting married. Hillary said. I don’t care about that I’m tired. Zara replied. But people from all over the seven kingdoms are coming here to see it and we get to sit front row. Hillary said. Oh my goodness! The princess shouted. What is it my lady? Zara asked. The baby I have a bump! The princess said. That is fantastic. Zara said. But we have to get to the wedding now! Princess said. What would you like your hair like my lady? Zara asked. In a neat bun with my diamond clips please. The princess said. Which dress? Hillary said. The pink one. The princess replied. Good morning lady Meredith. Hillary said. How can we help you. I neeed someone to dress me for my big day you don’t mind do you Margret. Meridith said. Not at all. The princess said. Good, this is my wedding dress and I need my corset. Meridith said. One...two..three PULL! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh that corset is so tight. Meridith said. Aww Meridith you are to take my place as queen you look fabulous in that.corset l must say i shall brush you hair. Queen Elizabeth said. Yes I am very happy to have been granted this honour to ever queen I shall protect the seven kingdoms for you my queen. Meridith said. I think we can start calling you queen my grace. Queen Elizabeth said. We Need to fit the dress my Grace. Zara said. Go on then. Meridith said. Oh my darling you look absolutely astonishing. The queen said. The dress on Meridith looked beautiful the dress was white and long it had real diamonds sowed into the dress and the fur looked grand and elegant the pattern all along the dress was silver and beautiful. Meridith had long wavy ginger hair and dark green eyes she had fair skin and a sassy attitude she also had red lips from the dark red lipstick she wore every single day she had the same white pearls on her neck every single day and she had this smile that was a little bit to cheeky for Zara. Time to go I’m getting married today chaw! Meredith said. Girls you are free to get ready and go. Princess Margret said. Come on let’s be quick i shan’t miss this royal wedding especially when l have good seats! Hillary said. *sigh*. I don’t feel so good I’ll just stay back. Zara’s said. Thinking about your father. Hillary asked. Yes l suppose so l miss him he loved telling me about the royal family and the castle he promised that one day we would come here together even if he had to break in himself why can’t l just get over it it’s ruining your life please go. Zara said. No, never l will always be here for you it’s perfectly fine to grieve and you are my bestie I will stay with you. Hillary said. You know what this is not fair on you Hillary we should go come on we might just make it on time. Zara said. Are you sure? Hillary asked. Yes hurry. Zara said. Zara and Hillary quickly put their dresses on and rushed outside for the wedding ceremony . Oh look there’s Anne let’s stay away from thou. Hillary said. Agreed. Zara whispered. Dearly beloved l gather you here today in holy matrimony to marry this woman and this man now, James Henry Samual Eddie Gulious Prince of the Ševen kingdoms do you take Meredith Laura Smith Housewitter to be your lawfully wedded wife through sickness and through health through rich and through poor through sad and through happy....I Meredith Laura Smith Housewitter do you take James Henry Samuel Eddie Gulious Prince of the ševen kingdoms to be your lawfully wedded husband through sickness and through health through rich and through poor through sad and through happy...I may now kiss the bride...mwwwwaaahhh....I now pronounce you husband and wife. I love you! Meredith .said. frow the bouquet. The prince said. Anne caught the bouquet. Later there was a dinner hosted by the husband and wife Zara and Hillary were serving the food. Now you are my daughter in law a princess. Queen Elizabeth said. Thank you my grace it is quite an honour to be apart of this family my it has been wonderful. Meredith said. And now it is time for the prince and the Porto make a speech! The guard said. Well it is an honour to be princess and be apart of this family I love this opportunity and this new reality.

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